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Readers Respond: Ways to Use Rose Quartz Crystals for Healing

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Share Post: Have you used rose quartz for healing or spiritual purposes? Did this heart-healing stone teach you a valuable lesson or give you comfort? Please share your personal experiences of using rose quartz for healing.

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Rose Quartz effect or coincidence?

My daughter bought me a piece of rose quartz as a present, I think she just chose it as it was pink. I put it on my kitchen windowsill. I had split with her father at the end of last year and it has been an extremely bad break up and I have spent the last 3 months feeling extremely anxious and unable to cope. Since Easter and the quartz is on the windowsill everything seems to be much calmer and although the relationship is over it feels manageable and I am not so anxious all the time. It may just be time but I heard it had a calming effect and I do for some reason get the urge to hold it sometimes perhaps it does have some calming or positive powers. It looks lovely too and makes me think of my daughter.
—Guest Keesha Khan

Heal the pain

My husband's friend is going through a very very hard emotional time with his wife. I am sending my rose quartz with a blessing to him, to place under his pillow in hopes to ease his emotional load. I hope it helps, I have used other minerals but this is my first use of rose quartz.. - witch dr. K
—Guest Dr. K

Rose Quartz Bracelet

I wear a RQ bracelet on my left hand next to my watch. We wear wedding rings on our left finger cuz of its association with our heart. When our wedding rings are removed due to divorce/separation, I figured that a RQ bracelet on my left wrist would generate the same benefit. My friend keeps a rose quartz stone in her bra close to her heart.
—Guest Sandy

Rose quartz

I bought myself a rose quartz started to love myself instant vibrations from rose quartz, sense of healing and love and calmness and forgiveness. It reminds me I also used to have another one .. 7 years ago which I misplaced ...I remember I used to keep in my with me in my pocket before I really understood the qualities of crystals and the concept was for me to take it out with me was for good luck although I read was a love stone and conceived, no I wasn't trying...Glad I'm taking the time to learn about crystals more now!
—Guest Jem

rose quartz ?

I have had my heart shaped crystal for 3 weeks. It was bought by my sister, given to my 2, 6 year old children to give to me......nothing... no change...I carry it my pocket always.
—Guest Twin

Inspired to see if it will help me!!!

I am going thru a divorce, my home is in foreclosure my little one is having a hard time dealing with all the new changes, as I am. I did some research the other night on something else and Rose Quartz kept popping up. After reading all of this it inspired me to purchase a pendant in shape of a point. My heart is in agony. I am frighten of where I will end up. I hope this helps me like I am reading. Does anyone know how to cleanse it before u put it on? I hope to return with some inspiring story just like you all have given me. Thanks
—Guest Angela G

Great complexion

I been having my rose quartz mala beads for almost a week. It says it's also good for your complexion. I noticed the top of my feet and hands clearing and smoothing out. I'm 26 yrs old. They say to infuse the water with rose quartz and wash your face.
—Guest Katt


Hi! Ok, so I was reading through all these comments, and I saw from a few of you say something about 'holding it close to your heart.' So, I thought, 'Alright, let me try this for a second.' So, I held my rose quartz necklace to my heart- I JUST got it today and I alread love it- and as soon as I did I felt this little pulse into my palm where the stone was! I was like, "Whoa!", and I held there a little longer. I thought at first it was my heartbeat through the stone, but after holding it there for awhile, it didn't come again.... I think it might have been the stone... almost like the stone is a little heart... Crazy as it may sound... But I'll tell you one thing. This stone really is something.. I feel utterly calm wearing it right now... :)
—Guest Hawky

Best thing that happened since I got it

My sister just gave me the rose quartz yesterday. That same day I did some research and I was told to put it under my pillow. I dreamed my friend was giving birth but I didn't know I was pregnant and I gave birth to a happy baby boy that looked 7 months old. He was so chubby, giggly and happy. Every one was happy. My boyfriend was sad but I gave him our baby and he was so happy. The baby was just laughing and laughing and it looked like him. I'm sixteen. I know for sure I can't have a baby but in the dream I was bit older. I was sooo happy in my dream and then I woke up.
—Guest melissa


Whenever I hold the rose quartz a great peace washes over me. It's like a sudden sense of balance and harmony uplifts me. No matter what, love remains the same!!!!
—Guest James

Dream of Rose Quartz...

I had a dream the other night of a map of the world and there was a piece of rose quartz stuck onto it (somewhere in Europe I think), I took the quartz off the map with my left hand and put it into my right palm and it started to burn, gently at first and then it got quite painful so I took it off, it felt almost like it was fusing with my skin. When I looked at the underside of the rose quartz where it had been in contact with my skin it looked like melted metal but there wasn't any mark on my palm.....anyone have any idea what this might mean? It's probably nothing but it's one of those dreams I just can't shake off! :/
—Guest LucyFur

It really works :P

A few days ago I got a rose quartz necklace and last night I had a bad dream while I was wearing the necklace and I thought it would of made me sleep better but it made me wake up in the night then when I went back to sleep the next dream was about love, peace, calmness and healing. I guess it does work. :P
—Guest Not To Be Known...

Rose Quartz Bracelets & Earrings

Hello, I was looking for some new jewellery about 4 years ago on the internet and found lovely heart bracelet in baby pink colour, it was so lovely with chunky hearts, I could not resist them and kept waiting for the time I win them - AND I DID :) the bracelet is very pretty then was another bracelet slightly different look with the separation of the chunky baby pink hearts, and I really wanted them - AND I WON them, and a third - AND I WON them, and one pair of earrings with the same baby pink chunky hearts - AND I WON them, I was so excited when I got them in the post and it is so nice to wear them, makes you feel warm. When my father passed away I was given one pair of earrings from a lady and it was the same stone, this was so surprising. Last Christmas my brother gave me a necklace with the same stone letting me know he has spoken to a person who knows a lot about stones and sell them and told him that that is my stone not even knowing me :) I really like my lovely ROSE QUARTZ
—Guest Ildi

Hearing quartz

In response to Steve's comment: I just had the experience of "hearing" a large clear quartz crystal this morning and it freaked me out! i had to Google it and I found your comment so i don't feel like a weirdo now! It's an interesting sound, I can't really pinpoint how i am audibly receiving such a frequency. It feels like it may be somewhere in the inner ear or deeper. I'd love to hear an in-depth scientific breakdown of the phenomenon. I just spent two hours reading about the piezoelectric properties of certain crystal structures like quartz and its many physical properties involving cross-propegating sound, light, and electric way my crystaleardes is just fascinating!! Man, who needs fiction when the facts are so cool anyway?
—Guest rachel

Control, Cleanliness

My rose quartz was given to me on my 12th birthday and I'm still 12 but when I put the necklace on I could control my emotions more. Remember to wash your rose quartz every week in mineral water for 2 hours... just leave it in mineral water for 2 hours.
—Guest jameelah khanom

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