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Readers Respond: Ways to Use Rose Quartz Crystals for Healing

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Share Post: Have you used rose quartz for healing or spiritual purposes? Did this heart-healing stone teach you a valuable lesson or give you comfort? Please share your personal experiences of using rose quartz for healing. Share Uses of Rose Quartz

healing energy

My daughter gave me a rose quartz crystal necklace 12 years ago when my son died. She and I had worked with other crystals. But she knew that the Rose would help me with my grief. I have been wearing it almost every day ever since. I always wear it when I do healing work or Reiki on others. It promotes a feeling of compassion, comfort and healing. I love wearing this and feel somewhat disconnected without it.

Peaceful Heart

Two weeks ago my life partner of 17 years admitted to having an on and off sexual friendship with someone he has known for 40 years. There were times I feared he was seeing someone else but too afraid to confront him. Two weeks ago I could no longer hide from this. We talked all night and he became very honest. He is the love of my life and says I'm his, yet we let ourselves grow distant instead of closer. Too much was taken for granted. This was truly a wake up call. Why we seem to grow more quickly from pain i don't know. I've been afraid to trust him with my heart again but not trusting him is very hard to live with. Yesterday I searched through all of my jewelry and formerly used crystals. I found a beautiful piece of rose quartz. It's the perfect size and shape to enclose in my palm. I held it in my left hand all evening and again we were able to talk. I woke up today with a peaceful heart and believe I can trust him with my heart again. The only difference today is this rose quartz.
—Guest Francesca

Blessing from the Universe

I'm a person who suppresses hurt... before I never used to even cry, but now am overly emotional, crying at anything and everything.I got hurt in love since school days many times and have suppressed it over the years. I have been with this guy for a year now. Initially I felt he was my soulmate but with time I realised there is too much of me that he doesn't understand, so now I have got the courage to break up and he's making it equally hard on me. I was reading about opening my heart chakra and almost magically came upon rose quartz and in the same instance found a pendant online and I ordered it.. Have been wearing it for 2 days now, sleeping like a maniac suddenly and getting dreams.. I feel I'm getting healed slowly slowly. I feel like it is a blessing from the universe because now I have to focus on myself...
—Guest Indianchica

Found in garden

I was tilling my garden and the tiller turned up a stone that caught my eye. I cleaned it up an identified it on the internet . It is rose quartz. The stone is three an one half in tall, two and one half in wide and one and one half front to back. I milled a flat spot with my diamond saw. Is now on display on my computer table.
—Guest Ron

Rose Quartz Meditation

I wear rose quartz regularly and have also begun to use rose oil. When I give Reiki treatments, I use different colored stones according to their chakras. I do place rose quartz over the heart. If I'm feeling a bit down, I do a rose quartz meditation. I hold a rose quartz in my left hand and close my eyes. I imagine I'm travelling up beyond the sky and universe until I reach a huge rose quartz above my head shining pink light over me. I imagine the light surrounding my entire body and especially shining vibrantly from my heart. When I'm done, I bring myself back down and ground. I find it extremely powerful and very calming!

Heals the heart

I was in a toxic relationship that had many traumatic events throught out. Even after I managed to break things off, my self esteem was non existant, and I didn't feel as if anyone could enjoy my company because I didn't even enjoy my own company! I was constantly crying and remembering the traumatic events of that relationship. I didn't believe in love anymore or that I was worth loving. I bought my rose quartz 2 weeks ago and I have to say its been doing wonders on healing my heart! I'm more calm and peaceful, I find myself loving who I am more and more every day! Memories that were painful to recall before are easy to brush off. Rose Quartz- you are a blessing!
—Guest Kayla

heals past wounds

I sleep on my Rose Quartz along with the Amethyst stone. It really helps to help past wounds.
—Guest Betty Jean

Gifting a Heart Healing Stone

I have resently purchased a rose quartz for my best friend. He is going through a rough time and when I read in a book that this helps with 'healing of the heart' I thought about him right away. I'm praying that this aids him and helps him over come what he is going through.
—Guest annabell

Eases Feelings of Loneliness

My mother gave me a rose quartz pendant carved into the shape of a rose. Whenever she's not at home and I miss her, or I miss my girlfriend who lives in another country, I wear it around my neck and feel calmer almost immediately, sometimes if it's bad I hold it in my left palm and close to my chest and it helps a lot.
—Guest bec


I went on a three month trip recently and my boyfriend of 4 years who I thought I was going to marry, called me on my birthday to tell me he had a new girlfriend. For the past 6 months I have been in agony and had researched crystals to help aid in healing this pain. I'm very skeptical of this type of stuff but today after I had programmed my rose quartz to help me move on and open my heart to new love, I signed online and saw that my ex was online. It pained me to see him on there without talking to me and I just sat and stared at his name. After awhile I grabbed my crystal and held it up to the screen. Immediately, as soon as it touched, his name disappeared and at the exact same time a text appeared from a guy I just started talking to. I will continue to take good care of the crystal as it takes good care of me! I feel at ease in it's presence and can't wait to research crystals more!
—Guest Alli

Why Does Rose Quartz Color Fade?

I love wearing rose quartz stones but I'm puzzled by the following phenomenon. Why do my rose quartz stones (bracelets, pendants) fade in color to pale white after wearing them for long and continuous periods? Is it a loss of power? Is this due to a successful effect it is having on my body? Can anyone provide an answer from their experience?
—Guest Madeleine LUCIEN-BRUN


I keep it in my left hand and my injury on my hand somehow healed.
—Guest Savanna

Rose Quatz Always

I have always wore a rose quartz bracelet on my left wrist and a rose quartz ring on my left index finger but at a point of time I sort of neglected these items. The bracelet looks like it is at breaking point so I took it off completely. Shortly after I had an argument with my boyfriend and we broke off. I still love him and want him back...
—Guest Rohanna

Gaining self and healing broken heart

I've been using rose quartz for quite sometime now. I have self love now and it heals a broken heart when you hold rose quartz in your left hand the healing begins. Your heart starts to heal.
—Guest juan

rose quartz

I love this stone. It makes me feel so calm and loved, even though I'm truly "alone"..O feel good
—Guest nana

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Ways to Use Rose Quartz Crystals for Healing

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