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Are You Taking Advantage of Your Healing Hands

Hand Reflexology

DIY Reflexology - Try this 10-Step hand reflexology self treatment.

Healing Hands
Holistic Healing Spotlight10

Disgruntled Smudger

Apparently how smudging is to be done correctly can be argued... here are a variety of opinions.

Daily Affirmations

Daily affirmations to help you focus on the positive.

Can You Smudge Too Often?

Is smudging myself and my environment once a week okay or would that be a bit excessive?

Karma Class

Do you think you are caught in a bad-karmic loop regarding a relationship?

Purposeful Paths

My perspective on having a life purpose, also sharing details of how I discovered and am living my personal purpose here on the planet.

Once in a Blue Moon

What makes the moon blue? Do you know why having one is a rare event?

Fall Back - Move Forward

The mood of Americans on both sides of the political arena following the re-election of President Obama for a second term.

Changing Self Critical Patterns

Learning how to start appreciating and seeing yourself for the loving soul your truly are.

Scent Assaults

Coping with common smells that make certain people ill can be an ongoing challenge.

Higher Self Meets Authentic Self

Importance of self awareness revealed in a dream.

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