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Readers Respond: Life Lessons My Mother Taught Me

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Share Post: Our parents are our first teachers. Here is your opportunity to share with others the important lessons your mother taught you. What lesson did your mom instill in you that you are especially grateful for? Was it a tough lesson to learn? Are you teaching your children the same values you learned from your mother? Please share. Share Lessons from Mom

If you don't have something nice to say

Don't say anything at all ! Always treat people with Respect, even if you dislike them
—Guest cari

Exchange it with Love

My mom was not so loved by her step mom and wasn't able to go to college because her dad was hindered by her step mom to support her financially for that and all her siblings had finished their bachelor degrees. It gave me a bad impression then to her parents but she said never do same negative treatments to those who hurt you but showed it to them the love and care that they maybe able to realize later that what they did before was not the right thing and I could feel really they start to care my mom too as she was the one who was always there to help and offer wholeheartedly for their needs. I will never forget that.. don't plant grudges in your heart, but plant it with love.
—Guest trish

Think before You Talk

Think before you say it because what you might think is a compliment could be the total opposite.
—Guest Jenna

Ambition and Dedication

i was raised from a poor family. I have 5 siblings and my father can't afford to sustain our educational needs. We don't even have our own house. My father's salary is not enough to support all our needs. My mother told me that poverty is not a valid reason to stop pursuing with our dreams. She told me to believe in the power of my dreams and never surrender attaining my ambition in life. I bear all those words in my mind. now, I'm having my stable job while finishing my bachelors degree. I never quit.
—Guest sergio paulo maramara

What my mum taught me about bees

I know at least one thing that is not on Google. I learned this from my mum and it has helped me on many occasions. When attacked by African bees that seem determined to chase and sting you; just fall down and 'play dead'. They will leave you alone in a few seconds. After that you can resurrect and walk away intact.
—Guest jackson Musomba

Always say please and thank you

My mum beautiful lady in our country and she is popular and everybody knows.
—Guest ak

My mom taught me

Independence - From quite an early age, I learned how to cook and help out with chores. This was a valuable lesson which has made me appreciate my home and my material goods. Mom also encouraged me to work for what I wanted - I had a part-time job from age 11. This has taught me to earn what I get. Mom taught me how to read - This is the most important and wonderful gift I have ever recieved. I love reading and books have fired my imagination and been a valuable part of my learning for many years. Thank you mom - you have no idea how grateful I am!

Life Lessons from Mom

Always say please and thank you and maintain integrity in all things - speech, work ethic, and everything else.
—Guest Bea

Lessons from MOM

A self taught master gardener, Mom taught me to respect & honor all of earth's foliage & inhabitants, & to be gentle, selective & true to myself.
—Guest Dotti

Mother taught me to believe in myself

My mother taught me to believe in myself completely and to be free to tell her my problems.

How to Punish Kids

I know it sounds like a weird topic but my mother always taught me never to punish my kids in a way that punished me too. Extended groundings? I'll have to stay in with them. Make sure that they are disciplined but that it fits the "crime" and that they are the ones paying for it.
—Guest Robin

Gifts from Mom and Grandmothers

The old saying "the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world" leaves a lasting gift to our worlds. I'll spare the stories and get to the heart of the matter. As different as they all were they taught us this: You don't need money to be happy; Prayer is key and eternal; All creatures great and small; Before there was "new-age" we learned old age arts/medicinals/healing alternatives, music, herbals, natures gifts, and lo and behold, they are returning. I don't have the certification. I am tickled to have the hands on and love that went into those years of teaching and learning. Family, friends, love and patience first. A penny saved is a penny earned. Never start a fight, but nip it in the bud if ya' have to; Flowers make a room and a heart brighter; Humor, honesty, drive and perseverance of a soul is important. Take time to feel life and nature.(this is the old fashion way of meditation). There is always room for one more at the table. God Bless em' all
—Guest Guest Elaine

My great grandmother

Not many people remember much about their great grandmothers but mine lived until I was in college so my memories are vivid and strong. She was a strong woman of devotion to family and to GOD. She had raised through many a hardship 7 children. Her wisdom was wise and given with love. She gathered items from her garden and fruit from the trees (canned them of course), in handmade dresses and aprons and bonnets, which were made on her tredle sewing machine. She made quilts with loving stitches. She mended hurts with peroxide, iodine and band-aids. She mended hearts that were broken, with love and understanding, along with lots of compassion and hugs and kisses. Her advice was ALWAYS right, how did she come upon such wisdom? Its been 36 years since she went to heaven. I know she is there, she never missed a day without prayer and BIBLE reading. All the lessons she taught, all the hurts she mended, all the love she gave, for all the great cooking, she will never ever be forgotten.

Family First

My Mother was born in Italy. As a small girl of 12 she and her sister walked miles to get to work. Yes, she was only 12, her sister not much older. They carried their lunch which was whatever was left over from the night before. Sometimes that wasn't much. She and her sister shared what little there was. She came to America to meet my Dad when she was 36. She traveled with my 2 brothers and myself. Not knowing one word of English and never even setting foot out of her little town she somehow managed to get us here safely. She never did have much in her lifetime. My Dad seemed to have one accident after another. My sister was born at a time when things were at their worst but for all of us she was a blessing. My Mother always taught us to respect and be kind to each other. She said that when all else failed we could always count on each other. We are all older now and are still very close and supportive of each other. We have taught our own children the same thing. Family first!
—Guest Ann

Faith, Music, and Strength

My mother taught me how to pray. She was always playing the stereo and she would go with me to the record store to pick put the latest singles. So now I have music as my stress reliever. She taught me how to be strong and independent. She encouraged me to go to college and to be financially independent. I developed my fashion sense from her as well. So, thank you mom for doing your best for me. Love you always and forever.
—Guest Judy

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Life Lessons My Mother Taught Me

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