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Readers Respond: The Nitty Gritty About Soul Agreements

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From the article: What Are Soul Agreements?
Share Post: Do you feel you were engaged in a soul agreement with another person prior to your incarnation? What types of obligations or responsibilities does your spiritual contract detail? How has your soul agreement worked out for you? Have you and the other person or persons who partnered with you in the agreement been able to stay in step with the original plan? Do tell! Share Your Soul Agreement

I fell in Love with a walk in

I fell in love with a walk in, and now the original soul is back and I'm devastated. I feel like I lost the love of my life and my best friend. Can a walk in come back in a different body? I love and miss him sooooo much!!!
—Guest Mal

Never Sign a Contract When Full of Love

I must have been absent the day heaven passed out the soul contracts. Either that or I must have been full of love or high as a kite. Why? First I had core damage and soul loss as a child from being generously bullied by family members. Then my mother attempted suicide. Later in life I had suffered from severe depression for years, deep emotional heartache/despair plus 20 years of shrinks, head medications, side-effect medications, self esteem only further destroyed. When medicated once till my eyeballs rolled behind my head! Of course I had spent months in lock-up wards, two days in prison for the criminally insane until the Air Force knew I was there, then shock treatments, isolation rooms, even got to wear a straight-jacket once. Now 30 years go by and both my children have unexpectedly passed away, had to push away all my friends and family, still been seeing, hearing, and deeply tormented by what I believe are demons.
—Guest Soul Man

Doomed Love and Heartache

I ve dated a universe of men and I met a local man whom I found myself strangely attracted to beyond. It was spiritual, ethereal, physically intense. Sadly it was too crazy he couldn't commit. I found out he wouldn't couldn't stop sleeping w his ex gf of 5 years nor any girlfriend ever. I can always feel his spirits and thoughts w me beyond my control. Strange to encounter much grief and heartache. No gain just feeling like I missed out on a soulmate lover.
—Guest allison

Requesting a Walk In/Soul Exchange

I have been praying to God for a soul exchange for several years. I cannot function. I have too many challenges I set myself up with in my contract before I was born and now I regret it. Since it's too many challenges, I'm losing energy and sleeping a lot and not doing anything. I would not commit suicide because I don't want to face any repercussions in the afterlife. All I can do is pray for a walk-in because I don't want to be here anymore. It's too personal. It hurts if I explain. Please pray for me so the universe can send me a loving and advanced soul to take over my place and my "job". That's what I want/need for Christmas. Thank you.
—Guest Sheri

Abusive Relationship Soul Agreement?

I wonder to myself if the abusive relationship I was an for 7 years was a soul agreement. I just recently left him, but couldn't stop being drawn to him for the past 7 years. It seems to have stopped recently. Like a spell was broken. The seven years of bad luck was broken. He was drawn to me too. He chased me like crazy and then abused me when I stayed with him. I left many times but always went back as if I was being pulled. It was mainly emotionally and mentally abusive. I have never been in a relationship like that before. Usually I left relationships easily. This one was different. He has a lot of anger towards me. I have stayed away and will continue to stay away. If anyone has any similar stories or can put some clarity on this. Please let me know. Thank you.
—Guest CMD

Tough Love Soul Agreements

Why on earth would a soul of mine want to go through what I am going through now with my family. Just to learn about rejection, abandonment, hatered and etc. Maybe my soul did a swap, because I was in a really deep depression, and had many surgeries. My family hates me and wants me dead, and I do not know why. Why would your family want you dead. I haven't done anything so bad to deserve such hatered. I pray to God, for my sins and past sins. I pray for my family to some how see the light. I guess, I have to wait and in the mean time, I am being tested. Also being hated and I cannot do a thing against them, or to protect myself. No one will help me, or even stand by me as a charter witness. Only God is there, but in the mean time, I am so depressed and crying over this mess.
—Guest Hex

A child soul

I believe I am under the influence of a walk in soul. I am that walk in soul. I am not sure about the soul before but I suspect I came because the early life was filled with such terror and abuse at the hands of my father. I was abused and my mom and sister were physically (and otherwise) abused. We were poor throughout my childhood with my mom dying at the age of 41 after a five-year fight with cancer. I don't remember most of my childhood, only constant moving and fear and a life on eggshells. I think the pain immobilized me after my mom's death and I was just so numb I wouldn't speak. I think that's when the current soul came in, but it is also in pain and I am 50 years old now. It's a bit confusing but comforting at the same time. It feels I am healing, finally, so maybe my child soul will return?

Incorporate the Lesson into Your Life

As someone who has gone through some painful experiences, I know you only realize their value once you're on the other side of the pain. Incorporate the lesson into your life and you won't have to repeat it.
—Guest Clara

I believed

I still believe of you as an angel just after you telling me this some time ago. I held you with all of my heart and soul which gave way and leaves me with such a loss of life. I will keep my thoughts of the honest words you offered and shared always. Truth and honesty always ring a bell with me and sharing with you this was my deepest passion to finally find this in you. I have always in my life been thrown way. In you I was captured with your delight and the positive thoughts you offered. I found in seeing your soul and heart you gave so much and so afraid of you being who you are in truth the walls begin to fall and you closed your heart. Time is a waiting game and in time something of true worth is worth the wait. I never looked for any expectations nor did I hold you to them but in all seeing this end result my heart is broken and shattered. I could never reach out again for I had the best. Yes we did get past the Hello.
—Guest Hollywoodrags

Having the time of my life

Soul and minds that meet. I met a gal this year that has taken me to a much higher level I could never imagine ever being there. I will confess to this in so many ways that with her inspiration and her feelings for me that two hearts and souls have met. I found myself falling for her with so much feeling and love, my thoughts of just how in the world I ended up doing this is a wonderful gift from above. We both are of the same horoscope sign and our birthdays are just one day difference. I feel that with feeling and the love I felt for her, I hope that there would be a plan someday. In closing if you ever find that one soul that is so very close to your heart and gut and both work as this is a wonderful feeling, grab this you only ( I believe) have this one time and when that door is open walk though it and never look back or be afraid. I'm walking on clouds and it's your fault and I thank you for allowing me to love you in my full circle way.
—Guest Hollywoodrags55

Evidence is all around us.

Not only are there episodes in my own life where it seems my path has altered by of pre-life contracts, I see the same in others. Following such a contract changes the quality of surrounding events, it is noticeable, and may be worth following for the unexpected lessons you get. But be warned, learning is painful; and from my present perspective, fulfilling all contracts is not a good idea. At time avenues seem to be closed off and others opened in ways and on a scale which is inconsistent with mundane probability. I have a simple rule here, take notice and co-operate if the way you are directed deserves your consent: notice what your soul agreed to and what your conscious ego thinks will likely be different. If it does not deserve consent it is an unwarranted breach of the rule of Free-Will, and this also happens.

Soul Agreements

Although I have believed in these since I was a small one I only truly realised the "gifts" behind the traumatic relationships I have experienced with family and lovers. I was born a rebel and was basically thrown out of my family fold 15 years ago. That was a huge struggle - rejection, betrayal, hate, revenge - so many emotions - depression, suicidal thoughts, alcoholism .... But, thanks to a wonderful Soul I met who was a past life regression therapist I was able to see these relationships from a Higher viewpoint. I wept for days when I realised how these very special people in my life advanced my Spiritual growth with their Human unkindness. I appreciated the sacrifices that they made on a Soul level and how much we have all hurt each other. I have discovered that the only way to heal anything is with LOVE. Forgive those who have hurt you and take responsibility for what you may have done. In the words of the Ho'oponono ... I love you - I'm sorry - please forgive me - thank you
—Guest sarfenda

I do believe

Back last year I met a great gal online and from there as she told me we have already gone passed the Hi. We have such a great relation even though a long distant one. There are choices for us in this life to make and in believing this I find myself with thoughts of her all the time. What's so wild with all of this is our birthdays are just one day apart and both in the same sign. We see and think of the same things which are very deep and in knowing we both see changes coming. With this in closing when your soul finds a connection in this world so loving grab a hold of it and embrace this. Life is way too short and learn as much as you can. I'd never in this lifetime find another so close and to feel the same things even though with distance we have some sort of a love that will never match to anything else. I will say to her is a huge loving thank you for getting passed the Hi and thank you for allowing me to trust again and I do in you!!
—Guest Hollywoodrags

Is this a soul connection?

I am 49 yrs and after a lot of heartbreaks and recoveries. I met a married man who is 64 yrs on a dating site, being a very particular person about making choices as such, I could not help but felt drawn to this guy, as days and weeks went we knew it was a soul yearning for us to meet like this. Is this wrong?..wish i knew. But feel a deep connection with him and he feels the same. Can somebody shed some light on this. I know its complicated.
—Guest Jane

The Lesson of Loss

I gave birth to 2 children. My husband & I tried for a long time & both pregnancies were very difficult. But we had two beautiful baby boys. The second day after birth as I was holding & talking to my youngest, these words came from my lips "So you're the one I'm going to lose." Just before his 21st birthday his heart stopped on his way to see a friend. It was instant and devastating. Less than 3 years later, his older brother was diagnosed with stage 4 oral cancer. He went through 1 surgery but it came back within 3 months and ravaged his body. He is now on Hospice at home. I grew emotionally & spiritually in leaps & bounds after losing my youngest son. This time, I have time to say good-bye & grow even more. I know that this is really a gift, as painful as it is. We cooperatively arranged these circumstances, and we all continue to grow. I have much more to do before it's my turn to leave. I have faith in the universe & know that it's all about love & compassion.
—Guest Lorraine

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The Nitty Gritty About Soul Agreements

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