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Readers Respond: Reiki Attunement Testimonies

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no go

I too feel nothing. I keep hoping each attunement will "take." I feel nothing when I treat myself. I feel like a worthless fraud when people find out I'm a master teacher and the Reiki doesn't work. I feel like everyone can see the light but me. Sigh.
—Guest cc

What sort of attuning I receive????

3o years ago I had a bad head injury. I was a living zombi. Then one of my neighbours invited me to the church where apparently there was a some sort of healing. I was fresh to this country and couldn't speak the language yet. There was a group of people there and when my turn came all of them placed hands on my head and started praying. I was skeptical, and went for this session only to please my friend. But when those hands reached my head some very powerful energy went trough me body, I felt like being super-charged, when all my unpleasant symptoms vanished in seconds. It lasted two days. I never went again. Then 4 years ago my neurologist not being able to find a reason for spasming condition affected my neck suggested Reiki. I had no idea what it was, but from the scarce information it appeared to be something dodgy. Very recently I look again to this idea on the Internet and for curiosity sake tried some hand position on myself. To my total amazment I felt a wind of warmth inside.
—Guest teresa


I received attunements for reiki 1 and reiki 2( mainly symbols) the same the day. But I did not feel anything different in fact did not feel any thing at all. Then I did not practice d/t to the hectic circumstances I just passed through. However I wanted to start practicing it now but not sure if I am still attuned or no Please help if any knows. Thank you.
—Guest Rima

Reiki 1 and 2 Attunement

When I was attuned to Reiki 1, I nearly fainted. I had gold colours going through my head, and I have never had so much heat going through my body. I could feel massive energy surging through me. After a while, it died down, and ever since the attunement, my life has changed and for the better. I have become closer to God and the Angels and I have helped cure some of my parent's ailments. When I had my Reiki 2 Attunement, I didn't feel much, and I didn't have the same energy going through me. I feel that Reiki has given me a new lease of life, it has made me more positive and by self healing I feel much better in myself. What I do get now and then, and I have it at the moment is a cool feeling on top of my head. Has anyone else experienced that. I am not ready to do my Reiki Masters yet but hopefully in a couple of year's time I will be ready.

Reiki II Attunement

I had my second Reiki attunement one week ago and I cannot believe what I am experiencing. I feel as though I am living in an altered dimension. I have had severe hot flashes, moments of dizziness, and and overwhelming sensation that I am "shedding" unnecessary emotional baggage. I was beginning to become afraid and wondering if perhaps I should call my Western doctor, but then I began to read! So many others have expressed similar sensations as I have, and I am so grateful that your experiences have been shared. I don't feel like I am dying anymore, instead I now understand that I am in the process of a very powerful healing process. Truly amazing!
—Guest elaina

Different experiences

I had I&II level Reiki attunement few Months back, together with my wife who is a heart patient. I did not have any special feeling except the feeling of flow of energy through my hands. My wife had a different experience of healing and she is better now. The experience varies from person to person, and as we progress further we will become part of the Universal life force.


I just had the 1st day of a 2 day reiki 1 class. We had 2 atunements. 1st one I felt surrounded by energy and saw faces during the process. 2nd atunements I experienced all the colors of the chakras. Beautiful vibrant colors. Will receive 2 more atunements during the 2nd half of level 1 class. Can't wait! Incredible experience.
—Guest Sassypoet

Reiki 1 & 2 attunement

During both attunements I never felt anything and a year later I still feel nothing when giving a session on myself or others. Does anyone else have this issue?
—Guest Lori

Attunement Reiki I

When I received my attunement for Reiki level I last fall I was blown away! My teacher used a gong and I could feel the vibrations flowing through me all the way down to my very soul. The feeling was very powerful and it made me so happy! I loved it! As soon as she was done I burst into tears and sobbed for several minutes. I wasn't thinking about anything sad in particular, that was just my body's response to a good attunement. I loved my level I training and will go back one day for the other levels. I have been practicing on myself and anyone that is interested. When my dog became sick last fall I even practiced Reiki on him! At first he would move away from it but now I think he is used to it. I can always tell where someone is hurting with my hands now, even if I haven't done any Reiki preparations. I am attuned to the energy.

reiki I II

I had 1 single attunement for Reiki I and another single attunement for reiki II. Though I felt nothing during attunements nor even after, but I Am able to heal others with minor pains. But self healing doesn't work quite well for me. Perhaps I'll have to work my energy further.
—Guest Alan

Nothing at all

I received Reiki I and II attunements last May (2011) and have given myself treatments on a regular basis. I've been suffering with abdominal pain, pelvic pain, stomach pain, lower back pain, and colon pain, and just like everything else I've tried, Reiki did nothing for me. I've since been told that we all have the ability to heal with our hands, so why did I have to pay money and go through a silly ceremony for something that doesn't seem to do anything, but that I supposedly already had the ability to do? I'm sorry, but it seems a bit of a scam to me. Good thing they don't charge $10,000 for Reiki Master Attunement anymore. That was obviously a huge scam!
—Guest Highly disappointed and feeling scammed

Re-experiencing worst times of my life

It has been an approximately 6 month journey of receiving my levels 1, 2, 3 attunements and it has been tumultuous. At first, I was bombarded my emotions and memories of the hardest times of my life. Once I began to accept these intrusions, they stopped overwhelming me. These memories calmed down eventually and became rather rare but lately, about 6 weeks after master attunement I now having primal terrors equal to those that I had as a small child-fear of death, fear of vein alone at night, etc... I try to have patience but I am really looking forward to when things get easier. I would really appreciate to know if anyone has experienced the same or if anyone has thoughts on the matter. Much love, Rena
—Guest Rena

Reiki self treatment experiences

I wanted to share my experiences with others that are new to Reiki like myself. I will admit that at times doing the Reiki self treatments every single day seemed more like a chore. I want to encourage people to stick with it as I am finding it gets easier and easier every day and less like a chore. My recent self tx have resulted in healings I didn't know were possible! I feel great. My personal advise is to not over think Reiki and just trust it and let it happen and that is when it seems to work strongly! Take care all!
—Guest LearningReiki


I had 4 attunements during my Reiki 1 and at the time saw a bright light behind what I can only assume is my third eye. I had my eyes closed throughout and saw colours, fluid, starting off mainly as patches of blue ebbing and flowing & then gradually joined with purples & greens. There was heat in one of my big toes. With each of the 4 attunements I felt the colours, light & heat become more vivid/stronger. The following day I was woken from a dream at 4am by a voice - it sounds wacky but it said 'Healer heal thyself'. For the next two hours I lay in bed with my eyes shut and saw many beautiful colours swirling, ebbing & flowing and the bright light again in the distance, also clusters of flourescent blue dots, I felt a huge, warm surge of energy. My toe is still warm & I have the impression it is a bit of an indicator. When I ask a question of God/the universe the heat increases as I ponder which I can only assume to be the right answer. No doubt that this has changed my life.
—Guest Peta

Reiki attunement and the animal kingdom

When i had my second attunement every animal and insect in the area wanted to get involved. LOL. The Reiki master was very surprised!
—Guest trinity

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Reiki Attunement Testimonies

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