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Readers Respond: Reiki Attunement Testimonies

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Reiki I

I had my first 2 attunements a day ago. The first was interesting, nothing too out of the ordinary, but my second was a very interesting experience. I wasn't really expecting anything, but halfway through the attunement it felt as if a circular tube of vibrating light was inside and outside of me, starting from my head then following down my body to my feet. Immediately, my feet felt like they were implanted to the floor. It gave me a little adrenaline, considering I wasn't expecting anything to happen. A few moments later it happened again. Shortly, we were finished, and I had to take a moment to absorb how I felt. Since then, I have felt completely different. Still figuring out how I feel about it.
—Guest emily

What do I do now!!

Hi I had my ist degree attunement yesterday and ever since I've felt different. During the attunement I saw balls of light and dark balls moving around me. My forehead become really hot and my feet were burning. I've received Reiki treatments from my Reiki Master a few times so I'm used to some of the energies. I have been practicing on my girlfriend but I feel she is a huge sceptic and it is hard to get energy through to her as I feel she doesn't accept it. My self healing seems to be coming along but I need to increase my focus as I'm only healing for five minute periods at a time. Is this normal? (Answer from your guide: It is normal, just know that normal is different for each person. Reiki is smart and will flow at the appropriate level as needed, always. Congrats on your attunement!)
—Guest Scott

Shocking experience !!!

After attunement of Reiki II, my hand & body was feeling flow of current. At night when I tried to switch on the light, I bring my hand near the switch I got shock, though my hand was 6" away from switch. This was a surprising experience for me.

1 and 2 - Worlds apart!

Hi My Reiki 1 was a very gentle peaceful affair which I enjoyed greatly. I felt quite 'spaced out' for a few hours but after that I was fine. The 2nd attunement was a whole different ball game. 15 mins before it began I felt an enormous presence behind me and a lot of activity round my Crown Chakra, I felt this was my Guide preparing me. The attunement itself was delightful. I had done a lot of preparation for it and the energy flowed in smoothly enough. The after effects have been somewhat dramatic. The cleansing process has just about floored me at times! It feels like the dissolution of my ego and the emergence of the spiritual self. It is a roller coaster ride I'm still on. My whole life has changed. I am drawn to study Shamanism with a force that is almost too much. I KNOW my 3rd eye is opening wider than ever. My emotions are all over the place - up one minute down the next - I'm looking forward to getting to the end of this process! It's great though!

An unbelieveable experience!

I did massage on my 1st wife with 3 bulging disks, almost daily for 15 yrs. Then I got hurt with a broken back. Yrs later, I met a woman who agreed to trade massages. We met through mysterious circumstance & the experience with her was astounding! Words can only partially describe it! In our 1st session, I asked if I could bring "light" to help the massage; she agreed. B worked down from head to left hip, easing cramped muscles from my spondylolthesis & 4 bulging disks. When she reached across, touching both my hips... SUDDENLY WE WERE FLOATING THROUGH THE CEILING!!! No separation, we were totally entwined! I was her & she was me, no edge to our bodies! Sonic booms sounded & the building shook! Startled, I opened my eyes, immediately slamming back to my body in a hard thud! I met B's gaze; her look: satisfied lover, deeply in love; a long moment connected to ALL! Found out B's a Reiki Master, plus my Sister-Teacher, said she'd taught me Reiki, only didn't tell me! AMAZING, LIFE!

Nothing ... but

I received my first Reiki attunement when I was 18 or 19. All the others in the group were much older than I was. The reiki teacher was a guru-type man. I was more than sceptic, even thought about leaving. Then: the first attunement. I felt nothing. I was between angry and amused. Then I had to laugh, just couldn't keep it in. Oh, those looks they gave me. And coming home that night, nothing was right. I was nervous, and very angry. The next day was very different. The teacher asked if we had experienced any abnormal emotional reactions. I shared my story and others did so, too. That cleared the atmosphere for a very intense day of practice. I had expected more spectacular changes, though. I remained sceptic until I met my teacher, Judith, years later. After three weeks of daily study and practice she gave me the attunements II and III. There were no lights and sounds but a feeling of warmth and connectedness with the 'source' that has truly changed my life.
—Guest whitelighthealer

My Attunement Experience

I had a freind who was a Reiki Master and I had asked her if I could receive Reiki attunements from her and she agreed. I didn't realize how and when she was going to go about doing this. One night I was dreaming that I saw a stone well. Out of the well, one by one, I saw each Reiki symbol. Each had a specific color. I woke up to run to the bathroom. I was violently throwing up. I instantly remembered the dream and knew it had something to do with my releasing. I showed up to work a couple of days later and talked to my friend, who I also worked with at the time, and asked if she had remotely attuned me. She said yes, as if she already knew what I was about to say. She said she had attuned me to Master level!!! No wonder I was sick for two days!! I do not recommend receiving attunements in this manner. I didn't think I was officially attuned until I started doing Reiki and was blown away by the results. I try to use it in my life daily.

Terminally Ill

I attune terminally ill for free and have found that my spirtually grows each time, the attunements help them cross over peacefully for they have opened up to the source flow.
—Guest Shirley

Attunement the natural way

I can't say that there was much of a difference after my Reiki I and II attunements. The changes may have been so subtle that my conscious mind did not acknowledge them. I had already incorporated what seems to be Reiki in my bodywork sessions. As I am a very spiritual-centered person, I think that I already had the "attunement", that must have occurred naturally. My body and mind are wonderful energy conduits and I honestly think I could have spared myself the many $'s that I spent on attunements. I think Reiki is legitimate, but has been capitalized on - even if by ignorant souls who think you have to pay for the right to process the energy that we all have access to, naturally.
—Guest carly

Level 1-2- and 3 Attunement... WOAH.

I'll share here quickly my experiences: I had a Reiki master attune me for level 1 2 and 3 in one sitting. I don't recommend this, but based on my meditation and previous experience, it was felt that I was ready. Anyway - The level 1, 2 and 3 were AMAZING. It was like we were in a colosseum filled with ascended masters, like they were observing and saying welcome. Amazing energy, flow and I was healing directly after almost immediately. Incredible stuff. But here's the scary part for me... I didn't know about the cleansing. It basically makes you physically expel toxins. Well, after the 3 attunements, (less than an hour) I started to vomit (expelling no less) but this happened enough that I started to vomit blood. I went to the hospital - they said my blood was perfect, heart rate, blood pressure were all normal. They don't know why I got sick at all. It's the day after, and I'm perfectly fine, just a little sleepy. I couldn't believe how powerful it was though.
—Guest Dave

1st Reiki attunement

I had my Reiki 1 attunement on Tues, I experienced a lot of white light and what can be described as static electricity(in fact as I type, I have that tingling feeling in my hands and neck etc.). But, I'm very doubtful of myself and need to practice. I've done a practice session on my bf(he doesn't believe in it so was prob half-hearted), but he didn't feel anything which makes me more doubtful. I do feel better though, not ego wise, but happily detached(in my own bubble at times). If anyone has any advice on how to "feel" the energies more, I'd love to hear from you, it is great hearing all the stories, good luck everyone.
—Guest Tron

Received attunements all my life

I have received attunements all my life I did not know what they were. When I touch the earth and go into Nature to think or relax I receive the same type of information and feelings I did not know how to understand it. Now I do. I asked for an attunement but nothing happened. I attune my self. I have all the attunements I need from the Earth and the Etheric, I like to use the basic Symbols because I think Usui imprinted with Gaia. I use the symbols I see. No training is needed. Just the desire, touch the Earth, meditate or pray, relax, every hour, she will cycle for you changing the levels and each wave is different, giving renewal and new abilities.
—Guest Jame

level one and level two

During my first attunement, I heard , loud and clear, a cchhhhhh sound in my ears! it was like it was in surround sound all around me! I can describe the sound perfectly: take a glass jar, and pour sand into it and at the same time press your ear up to the jar! that was exactly how it sounded the first time. During the second attunement, it happened again but this time it was much much louder! I remember sitting there thinking, ok, I'm not losing my mind, I actually hear this! It was so loud and clear, this time it sounded like a gas lighter (a cigar lighter), when you press its button to light a cigarette or cigar you hear a loud "cccchhhhhhhhh" sound, this is what I heard, clearly, with both ears! and I was the only one who heard it, I asked the others in the class about it and they didn't have the same effect. I will never forget that!
—Guest G.U

My first Reiki attunement

I received my first attunement long distance through dvd. While watching the dvd and focusing on a crystal, I began to see the face of someone in the crystal and felt thin wispy strands of smoke extending from the crystal to me. During the attunement, I felt immensely sleepy and it was a struggle to keep my eyes open. After it was done, I rested a bit as I still felt sleepy. Within the following weeks I noticed small changes in my lifestyle to facilitiate my role now as a Reiki healer. I felt the need to take care of myself better, eat organically, meditate and sleep more. I am grateful to be part of the Reiki community and am satisfied with my choice of doing it long distance.
—Guest Alexandra T.

Almost too much to handle

My first & only attunement happened during an intensely emotional time. I happen to have been falling madly in love at the time. The first few months after, I was almost wracked with energy sometimes! I got shocked a lot, my body pulsated uncomfortably, people could feel the electrical vibrations around me. Once, when upset, hot violent energy exploded out of my crown chakra while a Reiki Master was doing work on me. He kinda blasted outta his chair & recovered to say in the years nothing had ever happened to him like that. I was so surprised, terrified, & embarrassed! For years, I had meditated, sometimes I had nearly burned with the heat in my hands. I thought that was a sign of needing attunement. I'm glad I did it, but it was a wild ride. It was some months before it calmed. I thought being an empath was hard before, I was reeducated! I could practically communicate with microbes then! Twas a good lesson to learn and change my life. I'm not a regular practicer, but I use it :)
—Guest char
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