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Readers Respond: Circle-of-Healing-Light Prayer Requests

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not sure what this is

my ex wife is in desperate need of cash, she has to wait 45 days or longer to get paid (thats not right) she is exhausted she is in a difference state with my hard head son please pray that GOD intervens in her life that GOD restore,repair,rebuild,renew and redeem her soul and her life Richard Sr
—Guest Richard

Prayer for healing

Please pray for my cousin who is in the hospital. He is a year old. His temperature is high and experiencing difficulty breathing.
—Guest Linda

Please pray for Rosario

She is still unconscious , caused by stroke....please help us pray for her to gain consciousness and wake up soon.
—Guest dada

healing prayer for sister

Please say a healing prayer for my sister. She has some growth of something in her brain. Thank you.
—Guest Margaret

Heal Jayce

God I pray that you heal Jayce J. He's currently in the ICU because he was born premature and have to have surgery.. Lord he is going through a lot and I pray that you let him live and serve you as he get older.. Look over the parents of Jayce.. Give them strength and faith... Heal Jayce from all sickness... Touch his little body.. Mend his body together ..... Touch him right now in Jesus name... Amen!!!!
—Guest Ramona

requesting a lot of healing

I am looking for prayers to help my stepmom Sandy b to heal and come off ventilator. Her heart surgery went wel but her lungs did not fair too well. I am hoping the prayers off otgers will help create a miracle for her. She needs to be able to breathe on her own but my pprayers are not enough. Please help send as much love and prayerfor her to recover. Thank you
—Guest julie


Hello, I ask for a prayer a healing one, for me and my boys. We have been going through some rough times with getting sick, feeling depressed, anxiety and just feeling sick, I want them US to get better, so we can follow you dear Lord.. I want to teach my boys ( Jorge & Roberto C.) your way, Help me feel better, heal me, like I ask for you to heal and help and protect them, so they can see you are GREAT. Thank you Dorine
—Guest Castill2430

Prayers for my brother

Please pray to God, Jesus, the Archangel Raphael for complete and total healing from his lung affliction. Please pray that it is treatable and he will survive this and become a better, stronger person with a deeper appreciation of all of God's gifts.

we need a prayer...

hello... i would appreciate if a prayer is said in honour of myself liv and my partner of the past few years, ray. for the past 12 months we have been facing many challenges, obstacles & difficulties. i pray for us to re-capture the love, joy & happiness that was once apart of our daily lives. i pray that we re-unite heart..soul..body & mind. ...& to those that pray for us...it is my prayer that god watches over you & your kin.... blessing you as well
—Guest liv


I am requesting prayer for myself, friend, my son Aaron. I am having lots of pain, swelling in my left knee. The pain travels up to my hip. The muscles are also tight behind knee, I can't flex without having severe pain. For my friend Decola (Cookie) Visitation, she has moments of sweating, weight loss, pain in her back, can't keep food down. Seem several drs and they can't find anything wrong with her. Her husband says someone is working roots on her. Cause the same thing happened to him. For Aaron, is lost and needs prayer in the worst way. People are always trying to hurt him and he is always in trouble. He dropped out of school due to a girls father and brother coming in the school to hurt him because he was involved with his daughter. They made threats on his life. The school is pressing charges and they go to court on Dec 12th at 8:30. The girls parents wanted to press statutory rape charges on Aaron since he is now 17 and the girl Kimberly is 14. She wont stay away from him.
—Guest Rochelle

Request for Absent Healing

Subject: Absent Healing This, I am writing to you, is to update you on the latest condition of Sanjay V. who is suffering from advance stage of retro thyroid cancer. He is presently in a extremely critical state and is admitted in the Surgical ICU at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, New Delhi India. Cancer in his body is growing rapidly in haphazard and uncontrolled manner. His face, hands and body are swollen, blood pressure is being sustained through drugs. His breathing problem continues and is currently put on ventilator. He continues with a hearing problem with 50% to 75% hearing loss.We earnestly request for your help. Thanking you, Subhash Saxena
—Guest Sanjay Verma

needing healing and hope

My dad, Leo, has been battling pancreatic cancer for over 2 months. Hes fighting but he is weak and tired. He needs strength and healing. He has a loving family and he is the heart of it. We need him and he wants to stay with us. Please pray that he is the exception to the rule so that he may serve as an example to others who have been given an expiration date to fight and have faith.
—Guest Amy

My dad

I ask a pray for my sick dad that is in the hospital
—Guest Carmela

Prayer to prevent infection

I ask for prayers to keep the infection away from my broken leg. I had surgery to repair leg and possibly have a infection in the incision. I started aggressive antibiotics to remove the possible infection. I ask that you pray for my healing and recovery.
—Guest Charles Chuck Davison

healing prayers for pimples

i have pimples on my face so can i have healing prayers for pimples and their marks. Thank you

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