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Readers Respond: Past Life Memories

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From the article: Past Life Memories
Share Post: It can be surprising to discover that you once lived as a nun, a monk, or a prostitute. Have you ever experienced past life recall? Please share your past life memory. Who were you? Also, how did you remember your previous lifetime, through a dream, hypnosis, meditation, revealed by a psychic, or some other way? Share Your Past Life

My Dreams

I've had a dream since I was lil of me but different. I looked the same but paler skin and golden hair. I was on a huge castle and had a big room with a beautiful bed but I was so sad I seen my dad & mom they where king & queen. They looked upset I would only be happy when I believe to be a servant boy would come see me no remember climbing out my window & running away with him into the woods & never looking back. I felt finally happy. My second dream is of me llterally floating in the air in the woods. I was really sparkly, felt so full of love & peace & watching somebody. Another dream of me in a lil cabin with nothing, a white man came in ans raped & beat me. In this dream I believe I was African American & I tried to run. I always wake up at those point, what is the purpose of these recurring dreams? Another time I was inside a belly watching a man be cruicified and then riding off to some different land on a horse. My mom kept me hidden. I didn't have hardly any friends till I got older which was a man who called me the princess of pure blood which I still don't get but his face was a blurr. Not sure what that dream means other can I be born over & over again. I see thing happen in my dreams still till this day before they happen.
—Guest ericka

Atlantis when it was not so perfect...

I was there. Well-born, scapegoated at an early age for the crime of another, tossed out. The scientists, not unlike those of today, were not engaged in humane and noble research, but were trifling with nature. Thus we had technology gone mad, mass immorality, irreligion, and pathetic chimeras which later revolted. Really, little has changed between then and now (then being 11,000 years ago approximately.) Certainly human nature has not altered, nor the human brain. When I read descriptions by others who claim to have lived then in Atlan, I wonder how there can be such a discrepancy in what we recall. Atlan was meant to be perfect, and in the beginning was, nearly.. but then as now, the human element destroyed this near-perfection. Was it truly the Garden of Eden of the Bible? Perhaps. All I know is that the experience is with me every day of my life- has been since I was very small- and has colored my every move and thought. I am always an outsider. Yet I would go back in a heartbeat.

I Dream in Spanish

I have many memories of places or things that I have never seen or been to in this life. Some of the most frequent or common, are that I know how to do things like make butter, cream and flour, can cook amazing things from scratch, properly know how to use tools from centuries ago and what to do and how to tell when the wheat or cotton is ready, even tobacco. other memories are stranger, like being a grain of sand, or a plant in a forest. and other humans through different time periods. an apprentice in an art studio, a maid to a daughter of henry VIII, a woman with a glorious garden and flowing silk and satin clothes. a friend to Edgar Allan Poe. I dream in Spanish and can speak it fluently though no one in my family is Hispanic and I have never had a class on it. i understand and can read and write French and Portuguese though again, no lessons. i have memories of Titanic. i have recurring dreams of a pool with an escape I once used, even planes that don't exist.
—Guest fantascey

Here's one of mine

I have no proof of any kind and could be wrong by distortion but not by intentionally lying. It could be not even true. I have had various ideas and thoughts that feel more like past memories than daydreams but as I have no proof - in some cases it is the continuation of major personal interests, such as spiritual life. However, for some reason - maybe too young and impressionable in the 1970s?, but I got the idea or feeling that in my most recent previous life I was an American military casualty of the Viet Nam war, and did as a young adult male although I am female this time and don't mind it and tend to heterosexuality as well.
—Guest Miriam Pia

A beautiful room

I remember opening a large, opulent door. The door handle was gold, and like one of those old knockers you see in scary movies. But I felt no fear. I felt happy, in fact. I opened the door, and was in a magnificent room. The ceilings seemed to touch the skies! A grand, sweeping staircase was to my left. Through large windows, I could see beautiful green and a sun in its prime. I couldn't see myself completely, but I looked down at my shoes. They looked like those Mary Janes, and were a dark navy blue. Perhaps they were, expensive, perhaps they weren't. I could not tell. A feeling of utter joy came over me, and I felt truly happy. One word came to my mind: Tatiana. Maybe, my name is Tatiana.
—Guest Lyra

Sharing a Dream

I have always had a recurring dream. In it, the one constant is the appearance of the Devil. I am not afraid, as I have in the dream and in life great faith. I dont like these dreams, and even don't like writing about it now but I've been wondering how do I know what being in the presence of it feels like? There is no question in the dream of who it is. It's a horrendous "feeling." But isn't it strange that some how I know what it feels like to be in that presence. I just can't imagine because other than the dreams, I have never felt like that in my life. Just in the dreams. I wonder what past life I might be remembering? Thoughts welcomed. I am no interested in hearing from anyone who claims to associate with it either. God be with you.

Maybe drown in the ocean

I have a strange strong connection with the ocean, I'm obsessed with it but terrified at the same time... I've always dreamed about drowning while being at the ocean. I visited the ocean not long ago and couldn't bring myself to actually swim in it, even though tons of people was there... Even though I feel scared of the ocean it still feels like home to me! :)
—Guest Mrc

I was a wolf

A few years ago (I am now 12), I had a vision of a red wolf in an autumn clearing. In the vision I was staring at something-at what I don't remember- and the vision ended. Probably a year ago I had a vision of the same wolf in the clearing, but this time I was lying down. I love wolves with all my heart and have studied much about them. After this vision ended I felt very lonely and suddenly I understood that I was a lone wolf-perhaps a disperser that had died before finding a mate. When I was six I used to love snakes (I have had two pet corn snakes). I still do, though not as much as I love wolves. I am Wiccan and respect nature, I also believe that in a past life way before my previous past life as a wolf, I used to be a deer. Many of my friends call me a wolf and envy me because of my (according to my teacher) 'incredible' wolf drawings. I know this sounds weird but when I am alone or am at complete peice with nature I howl. Blessed Be, Sophie
—Guest Sophie

Past leads to present

I had dreams from my childhood About Where I Stayed, where I've been and how I passed on. Being a poet requires a lot of reading because of that I hate it now in this life because my memory and inner feeling tells me I was reading when the bus I was traveling in got in an accident. It's been long though since the memories,but recently,it haunts me daily almost. I feel like there is something that I need to confront and perhaps my life will be fine. Weird feeling this way at 41.
—Guest Lerato

Little boy

I remember things and I used to think they were from my childhood, but when I would ask my family about them they would tell me that never happened. But anyways I remember being about 5 and i had 3 brother(doesn't make sense since I only have 1 brother and 1 sister) and they would always rub food all over my face. Now that I think about it I felt like a little boy. I think I died from something to do with my head.
—Guest Mary

My past

I was just a young girl, only 7 at the time. I was with my family, a smiling mother and father, but a rather grumpy sister. Oh well, I still smiled. I jumped when I heard my sister whimper slightly. My eyes widened when I looked out the window, we were spinning off of the road, the car crashed hard into another, killing us all. It started as a simple. Ugh tamer when I was 5, but as I get older, everything is pieced together.
—Guest Haley

I was Italian

According to my parents, at a very young age with a very limited vocabulary, I pointed to a picture of a painting of a landscape and said "That's Italy." Sure enough, they read the caption and it was a painting of an Italian beach. They said that it is unlikely that I had ever even been exposed to the word "Italy" before. Very cool. Either I was Italian, or a baby genius!
—Guest Elsa

Rich Brit

I was a rich British child in an upstairs room looking out the window scared because outside people were everywhere screaming and men on horses wearing red coats were carrying torches and guns. I remember my parents finally rushing into the room packing very quickly telling me goodbye and leaving me with our maid. The roads were cobblestone and we were on the coast of somewhere. I remember being born in 1889 and I believe it was in Britain. Funny thing is I was born this life in 1989.
—Guest trae

60s girl

When I was 12 in 1997 I saw an add for a reunion special of the Monkees. I had no idea who they were. So I watched the special and I kept having a feeling like I knew them. Then at the end of the show they did a medley of there hits and kept having flash backs to their show in the 60s. I kept having the strangest deja vu like I knew the before or loved them before. So I started obsessing with them. Then last year I met a Monkees fan through Facebook that was into spirituality that told me I'm in the same soul group with 3 of the Monkees and I traveled to cali in my past life. I partied with Peter and Micky but got way into drugs and overdosed in the early 70s..
—Guest Sleepyjean67

I died in a parking lot of a landmark

Since I was a kid, I still remember my last vision of me dying, hanging in my car's door. I died in gun shots, there are 2 gunman riding on a motorcycle who stopped beside my car while I'm fixing some papers (I don't know what kind of papers are those) and then when I open the door of my car and before I came out the 2 gunman shot me and left me hanging in my car. The last thing I saw is that i was looking at the clock of the municipal building till my vision gets blurry to dark. And till I visited Manila City Hall, the city hall's clock is exactly the same with my last vision. And since I love cars I remember the car model where I died. It is a white Mercedes Benz W123 Sedan.
—Guest Kent

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Past Life Memories

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