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Readers Respond: Past Life Memories

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From the article: Past Life Memories
Share Post: It can be surprising to discover that you once lived as a nun, a monk, or a prostitute. Have you ever experienced past life recall? Please share your past life memory. Who were you? Also, how did you remember your previous lifetime, through a dream, hypnosis, meditation, revealed by a psychic, or some other way? Share Your Past Life

army man/war

My son gets scared of loud planes and noises. Says he thinks he was an army man who died.
—Guest tracy dent

The River

I have had this dream since I was a kid and it always scared the hell out of me. It's day time but the clouds over head 'boil' like molten lead. Everything is shadowed except for the copious small fires burning in what looks like an even layer of garbage that extends to the horizon. In front of me is a black sand beach on a river that is also filled with garbage, wood, paper but also grotesquely burned people. On the beach a nurse, in the old style thirties uniform, kneels above something on the sand. I move in closer to see and realize that it's the horribly burned and charred body of a child, no more than six or seven years old. The nurse is weeping and holding the remains and about then in the dream as I float above the scene I realize that I'm the child. Slowly I rise up into the smoky air and the dream fades to black.

More than one

I have experienced a few past dreams/day dreams. Which I have discovered to be past lives. First one. I know this dream so well. Every crook and cranny. I was a young girl. Around five to seven. I was in a small wooden house. I was huddled in a corner on a old bed. I held someone in my arms. He was my age. I believe he was my brother. He had brown hair I had red. A women came. She laugh so evilly it was sadistic. I shook in fear. She left I did not see her face. The second she left the house was set ablaze. I know she was my mother. Me and the boy cried. We died in the fire. But it did not end there. We were soon walking amongst a crowd. I looked at the box in front of the crowd. Mine and my brothers dead bodies in a coffin. We were dead. We lived in the forest. In England. I place that since I was little my heart has longed to go or should I say return to.
—Guest Flamenigtivy

My Dreams

I've had a dream since I was lil of me but different. I looked the same but paler skin and golden hair. I was on a huge castle and had a big room with a beautiful bed but I was so sad I seen my dad & mom they where king & queen. They looked upset I would only be happy when I believe to be a servant boy would come see me no remember climbing out my window & running away with him into the woods & never looking back. I felt finally happy. My second dream is of me llterally floating in the air in the woods. I was really sparkly, felt so full of love & peace & watching somebody. Another dream of me in a lil cabin with nothing, a white man came in ans raped & beat me. In this dream I believe I was African American & I tried to run. I always wake up at those point, what is the purpose of these recurring dreams? Another time I was inside a belly watching a man be cruicified and then riding off to some different land on a horse. My mom kept me hidden. I didn't have hardly any friends till I got older which was a man who called me the princess of pure blood which I still don't get but his face was a blurr. Not sure what that dream means other can I be born over & over again. I see thing happen in my dreams still till this day before they happen.
—Guest ericka

A Soldier, a scribe and a monk

I know of three of my past lives and I know I have more, I was doing my daily meditation and I saw a Soldier come up to me in my mind and he smiled and said "I am you and you are me, your warrior soul comes from me." I walked for what seemed for a long while and found out I was a Polish soldier in Warsaw 1944. We walked and talked and I saw another man writing on paparus and he said to me "Your writing comes from me, I was a Scribe as you are a writer." Again we walked a bit and my part found out he was from the 19th dynasty of Egypt . We walked and I kept learning a bit about myself and we came across a monk and he said "You are not ready to walk with me, only when you have cast out the vengeance will we talk."
—Guest James


I was a young women in the early 1900 or late 1800. I first had this dream when I was between the age of 2 and 4. I could see the young women What she look like, she was about 20- 25 yrs of age, white slender built with London brown hair. I knew when I first had the dream this women was me. I remember walking on the board walk with a bathing suit on. the bathing suit looked liked it was a bathing suits from the early 1900 or earlier. I was with some people. I believe we were related. I could see myself walking across the boardwalk and then being in the water. I don't know what happened after that. The water scared me. I had this dream a few more times when I was little. I knew the woman was me.
—Guest Alex

One Past Life I Remember

One past life I remember having dreams about since childhood took place around the 1800's; I was a young girl traveling by wagon train West. I'd gone with some other girls to gather berries once when we'd stopped and we'd gotten separated. I remember falling somewhere and striking my head; I'd awoken with no memory of who or where I was, just that I'd awoken in a tipi, an older couple sitting around me, watching me. Other times the dream's gone farther and I grew up among them, learned their language and married one of the men of the tribe. I remember the name I was called had something to do with wolves and my husband's had something to do with bears. I also remember that in the dream he always had the same scar on the left side of his chest, a deep scar like he'd been attacked by a bear. I remember some time later, seeing him get shot by a group of men, at this point in the dream I'm pregnant and instead of allowing the men to have their way with me, I pull out a knife and join him.

Priestess in Atlantean Temple

Recently went through past life regression work. The most interesting was a past life as an Epytian woman who was a priestess in an Atlantean temple. Her passion was helping people be honest with themselves and doing support work in communities (modern terms, age old tradition it seems). She died at an almost unheard of old age of 86 way back then. Interestingly, I'm a man in this life.
—Guest Jim

70s, Tudors and princesses

Ever since I was a kid I have been mesmerised by 1970s British culture. I have often had dreams where I was clearly in the 70s. I've remembered stuff from the 70s that I never knew before and found out about later. I am a believer in reincarnation, and while I believe I had a past life in the 70s I am yet to explore it clearly. I will attempt meditation and regression techniques and keep you posted. Wish me luck :) I also had a vivid dream as a child when I was in some kind of Tudor house as a servant, and a recent, extremely vivid vision where I was decapitated with an axe in the method employed by the Tudors and Elizabethans. I have no idea whether these are connected. When I was very young I used to turn to a page in a book about castles and said I used to live in that particular castle as a princess. I don't know if that was kiddish wishful thinking, but I did not know about reincarnation at the time.
—Guest anonymous

past links

When I was younger about 4-5 years old I went to a small village on the coast with my mother and family and there was a long lane near the beach. When I got close to it I told my mother about an old lady that used to live in a big house with a faded red door and massive windows and that the kind old lady used to make blueberry pie and give it to the children who went by and that was when my mum got ill ( in the past, not in this timeline ). She took us in and looked after us. After I had said this my mother inquired at the town if there ever been such a woman who lived there (this is after we all walked down to the house which was there just like I had said) and it was a town story of how 80 years ago there was a woman like that until she passed away and the boy she took, a family that moved away. I'm not sure what this means but I don't remember saying this or having any inkling of doing it because I am all grown up ?
—Guest dantejazzyjax

Could I Be Anne Frank?

I'm almost 21 years old, and I never brought this up to anyone. Until now. I read The Diary of Anne Frank when I was 12 years old, and recognized a lot of similarities between her and I. My descent is German, I was a dreamer like she was (I dreamt of being famous and is also a talented writer), and I often got into trouble in class for talking too much. My birthday is June 17th. Hers is June 12th. However, there are some scary realizations: When I was in fourth grade, my class was able to do a presentation on ANYTHING we wanted. Some people did pandas, others did famous people... I did the Holocaust. I grasped easily onto the German language, even though I never pursued it. My dreams are to visit the concentration camps, and this is completely out of nowhere. I lived with this fascination my entire life. I have even had vivid dreams of being in the camps. I don't know what to make of this, and I'm not sure if I want to make anything of it. Is this all just coincidence?
—Guest sassyabby

Firing Squad

When I was a naive 5-year-old I had a nightmare. It was pitch black and all I could see was the little bit of light issuing from shotguns aimed at me. At the time I did not know what this was, so I told everyone that it was characters from Western movies shooting at me. Now that I am older I know it was a firing squad.
—Guest yogisusan


I get a strong sense of comfort outdoors in the heat. I feel close to the ancient Egyptian artifacts at a museum and since my first visit I've been having odd dreams. I'm walking through this long hall lit by torches and a young man probably 16-18 is along side me. He wears a crown on his head, I do as well. I stop walking and he turns to me "We must reach the doors it is our time to relax" he says. I begin to back away but he looks at me and says "We'll never part no matter what Anubis decides I will forever be at your side for you are my queen and I your king." After that dream I received a necklace of the Ankh, could this be a part of my past life?
—Guest The unknown

Irish Lady

One thing i will never be able to rectify and I have given up doing so in this life. I could recall from the time I was a child, that I was an Irish Lady, not a princess but some one just under that title. I went to White Chapel New England and decided i liked my freedom from the castle. All my details of dreams matched those of Mary Kelly's. All except her death. In that life Mary Kelly was partly responsible for the capture and electrocution of Jack the Ripper, she did not die by his blade. Though, she narrowly avoided it. I can remember finding out that the law was not happy publishing a supposed whore's name in a newspaper so they lied in their logs and said I was murdered but never finished the job. A few days later all my peers and neighbors thought they were seeing a ghost (that's how dumb they were) and i had to repeatedly convince them I was still alive. I regret not going back home to Ireland, i never saw my father again. He was not happy with my leaving.

Atlantis Era Space Station

I have a very clear memories going back possibly thousands of years. One memory that stands out to me is a space station that existed during the time of Atlantis. A subway like elevator that could carry you to the moon and back. I was with my mother form this life, as a co-worker in that life. I was one of the first women to make it into space and we knew of other civilizations that were no where near as advanced as we were. Ancient Greece, to name one. I was very egotistical and lost my job eventually. My mother was able to recount that life with me. It seems to be a gift in our family. I recall a huge black out, major destruction and then suddenly the lights went back on again. I believe that was the near destruction of Atlantis that has been discussed. Unless there were two, but it was light weightless nothing for three days and then all was well again. Creepy, i know. Sorry, but it's one I remember. I have countless others that are way more pleasant.

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Past Life Memories

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