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Readers Respond: Palm Reading Tips and Experiences

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From the article: Basics of Palmistry
Share Post: Have you ever had your palms read by a professional palm reader? Did you have them read just for fun, or were you hoping to get helpful advice? What was it like? Were you happy with the results? Would you recommend others getting their palms read? Any tips? Share Your Experience


I'm about to get married and my fiance told me that everytime he got his palm read, he was told he'd be married twice. I'm so freaked out.
—Guest RR

True or False?

I just had a palm reading and I'm still trying to figure out if what I just heard was true or false, I will admit though, I started crying.
—Guest KiSsESs

Lines Change with Time

Human palm lines changes with age as he or she meets new challenges success or failures and fake lines become deeper. Reading palm is like self assessment to understand dynamics or adventures of life which necessitate sharpen saw.
—Guest Naveed Anjum

Your partner name in your palm

Hi guys, Did you know that your partners names in your palm? Trust me, it is the truth and located in two places. try to find it in the sun line or the fate line. I found it for many people and they go nuts.
—Guest aiman

I tried myself

Few years back I got really fascinated by how you can predict future and about others just from looking at their hands. So I started studying about palmistry. Read several books about it. Made some analysis on my own too. After some time I started reading hands, mostly my friends, family etc. It was real fun, making predictions on others future. But then as time passed some of these predictions actually started coming true. I was really happy at first, but slowly this happiness turned into fear, as I started remembering, some of things I never told people (because they were about their bad luck, ill health, other misfortunes). Some of these fears actually turned into reality. I got totally freaked out, and decided to stop reading hands at once.
—Guest Water

Scared to Get Palms Read

Hi I would like to tell my story... A friend and I where on a vacation when driving we passed a palm reader sign I was very scared cause I never like to go to them to find anything about my future. So my friend stops and calls the number on the sign. It took the palm reader like 20 mins to get there and she asked us to come in to her home. First she read my friends but then after she told her about her future she read mine. She begin by telling me that I was very religious and scared that if I got my palm read that I believe God would be upset with me. She explain that God gave her the gift and that she believed God sent me to her for a reason (yah right) and she was right I am a Christian have been for over 8 years. She then proceeds to tell me about my job and how I was going to get a raise (has not happen yet). But then she started telling me about love and how it’s what my heart most desires (true).
—Guest WHY NOT

in awe

A very close friend is a palm reader....she told me I will have 3 children...I have one right now at 22....one marrige...live to be 83....will have many career changes...and around the age of 50 will have an accident or some life change that is signifigant that will change my lifes path..freaky
—Guest heather

Love Line

I have one well formed love line about 3/4th distance from my heart line to the base of the little finger and a faint line near about the half way mark. Till date I have had only my wife (arranged marriage)as my partner and the only love. There has not been anybody else in my life to date (39 yrs). My friend has only one well formed line. He too has a wife ( arranged marriage), before he has had many small time relationships with his college mates, Now he has had many women as his partner and is almost having an affair with another women. If the love lines are indeed true I should be living his life and he mine. Maybe those are some other lines.
—Guest Rajesh

Palms Read Twice - Different Results

I had my palm read with my then boyfriend at two different places: Reverend Zombie's House of Voodoo and a small shop on Bourbon that was a souvenir shop I think. I cannot remember the name any more :( But the reading at the small shop was insanely accurate- things concerning our relationship, kids, etc. but the guy at the voodoo shop had everything wrong.
—Guest dixie

I do believe too!

I had my palm/tarot read in New Orleans at a nice shop called Yesteryears on Bourbon Street and the guy was dead on. He knew such personal things about me I almost cried! Gave good advice too.
—Guest Kristen


I have documented 48,600 palms. My accuracy rate = 90-95%. Author of 3 books on palmistry, known as the Soul Mate Specialist. Every palm I read is unique and I love meeting new people from all walks of life. Not too many can say they love their work and are able to work in the field they love too.
—Guest Myrna Lou Goldbaum

Triangular lines

Hi I seem to be missing a line in my palm I think it's my heart line but I have a triangle in my palm made with the lines. Everybody's hand I check are very similar but mine are so different. Why is this ?
—Guest Hand palm

Who knew?

Both my parents have 2 child lines and they only had me and my sister.
—Guest 8

I truly believe

I had my palm and tarrot card reading in Jackson Square and everything the reader told has come true but I would love to locate him again and learn more. He had an IT job during the day.
—Guest Guest Lupe

I don't know if it's Palm Reading

I am able to feel ailments though hands, feet and ankles. Through these areas I am able to pinpoint specific areas of pain and relieve the pain but the pain relief only lasts approx. 48 hours, however, I can tell them where they can tell their doctor what to look for proper healing. Sometimes I am able to heal altogether if it is a pain that does not require further treatment.

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Palm Reading Tips and Experiences

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