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Readers Respond: Palm Reading Tips and Experiences

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From the article: Basics of Palmistry
Share Post: Have you ever had your palms read by a professional palm reader? Did you have them read just for fun, or were you hoping to get helpful advice? What was it like? Were you happy with the results? Would you recommend others getting their palms read? Any tips?

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Palm Reading. Rookie Palm Reader

My co-worker once told me she was some sort of psychic and she could read people's palms and see your future. At first I didn't believe her, but when she read my friend's hand in front of my eyes, and saw my friend shocked of the things she was saying, I decided to give it a try. She told I was going to go to college, and I was going to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and also nervous about the change. At that time, I was actually thinking about college, because I've received a lot of scholarships and I feel I have to do good in college. She also told me about my future profession. She told me she saw sick children, at first I thought she meant my own children but then I realized that I want to become a nurse practitioner and I had been thinking of specializing in kids, almost like a pediatrician. I was shocked and amazed by everything she told me. It seemed so accurate and true. Now I really feel that Palm reading can be true. Btw. She's just 16 years old.
—Guest eli


I'm about to get married and my fiance told me that everytime he got his palm read, he was told he'd be married twice. I'm so freaked out.
—Guest RR

Palms Read Twice - Different Results

I had my palm read with my then boyfriend at two different places: Reverend Zombie's House of Voodoo and a small shop on Bourbon that was a souvenir shop I think. I cannot remember the name any more :( But the reading at the small shop was insanely accurate- things concerning our relationship, kids, etc. but the guy at the voodoo shop had everything wrong.
—Guest dixie

I do believe too!

I had my palm/tarot read in New Orleans at a nice shop called Yesteryears on Bourbon Street and the guy was dead on. He knew such personal things about me I almost cried! Gave good advice too.
—Guest Kristen


I have documented 48,600 palms. My accuracy rate = 90-95%. Author of 3 books on palmistry, known as the Soul Mate Specialist. Every palm I read is unique and I love meeting new people from all walks of life. Not too many can say they love their work and are able to work in the field they love too.
—Guest Myrna Lou Goldbaum

Triangular lines

Hi I seem to be missing a line in my palm I think it's my heart line but I have a triangle in my palm made with the lines. Everybody's hand I check are very similar but mine are so different. Why is this ?
—Guest Hand palm

Who knew?

Both my parents have 2 child lines and they only had me and my sister.
—Guest 8

I truly believe

I had my palm and tarrot card reading in Jackson Square and everything the reader told has come true but I would love to locate him again and learn more. He had an IT job during the day.
—Guest Guest Lupe

I don't know if it's Palm Reading

I am able to feel ailments though hands, feet and ankles. Through these areas I am able to pinpoint specific areas of pain and relieve the pain but the pain relief only lasts approx. 48 hours, however, I can tell them where they can tell their doctor what to look for proper healing. Sometimes I am able to heal altogether if it is a pain that does not require further treatment.


My fame line is up to heart line, my fate line is broken on heart line but doesn't touch life line, but is near to it.
—Guest bipin


What's even cooler is having your palm read with your friends, and seeing that each person's reading is unique and suits them almost too well - it's pretty freaky
—Guest Me

Who knew?

I was working in a small bar in 1974. I was recently separated and had two children. Fella came in and told me he would trade me a palm reading for a beer. OK. He noted my marital status and told me I had three children. I told him "no, I have two," He said he saw three children. He said at that time he didn't see another marriage but he DID definitely see another child. I dismissed this as sort of silly. In June 1976 my third child was born. I was still married to the same spouse but there definitely was another child!
—Guest guest patty

I'm still curious

Years and years ago I had my palm read at a party. The reader said I would have three children. I've had two and am torn about another for many reasons. Maybe I need another reading!
—Guest catherine

I Definitely Believe

I lived in New Orleans for four years, and became quite close to many of the palm readers/tarot readers of Jackson Square. One in particular, who has become my "uncle," is head of one of the "Houses" of readers. He has studied both the science and the art of palmistry (and tarot), and is extremely accurate in his readings. I have gone to him about every major situation in my life, and he's always been spot on. I learned a bit from him and, while I'm not nearly as talented as he is, I can do a respectable job myself.

Just for a hoot!

I had my palms read on a whim so I went in without having any expectations. Still, I was really surprised at the accuracy given about my personal quirks. I was allowed to ask questions but I couldn't think what to ask. If I ever try it again I'll try to be better prepared.
—Guest Becci
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