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Readers Respond: Out of Body Experiences

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From the article: Out of Body Experiences
Share Post: Astral flight or out-of-body experiences can feel surreal, exhilarating, or even frightening. Have you had an OBE that you would care to share? Where did you go? What do you remember? What did it feel like? Was it a wild ride? Share Your OBE Story

No visions or sight but floating

As long as I can remember I've had experiences while laying in bed trying to go to sleep. Almost always just before or maybe right after falling asleep I felt like I was floating, very realistically. Just floating as if I reached out I would feel the ceiling. I don't have the same experience as everyone else that has responded here, I have control over my body and know that if I move the experience will end. I never had a feeling of fear. But every time I open my eyes I find I'm still flat on my bed - nothing happened. But it's so real, I am convinced something has.
—Guest DC


Was taking a nap in kindergarten and dreamt I was standing over myself sleeping on the ground was really weird but even 17 years later at age 22 I remember it.
—Guest Greg

Spinning and then flying real fast

I thought I was asleep but, I started to spin real fast and had a feeling of being pulled and then I was flying real fast straight to nowhere, I could see a little window in the distance with a faint light, then I sat up and was in a panic mode. It felt so real.
—Guest Debbie


There have been intense things happening to me late, and from my research they were OBEs. The first time was about 7 months ago. I had laid down for bed and then I raise up very slow in the same position as I was laying. I knew I was awake and I was shocked but not very scared until I seen a small greenish light to the front left of me. I thought it was something bad and I was trying to say "no, please no put me down." But I was only thinking it since I couldn't talk. Then I "woke up" and looked at the clock and it had only been 20 minutes since I had laid down; and I felt totally refreshed. Since then, I had been having those feelings of floating at least once a week. Every time I start floating I get scared and my eyes won't open all the way. Almost like they were glued shut and I'm trying my hardest to open them. I can still see a little. They all start out the same- it feels like my head is throbbing with energy and feels really weightless. I awake when this happens and I know that I am going to be floating soon but at that point I am just so tired that I don't want to move. So then I start floating slowly or feel like I am being pulled by my feet off my bed. I always wake myself up because I always get a bad feeling and am scared. I never have seen my body, but I have seen a greenish light. But the reason why I am on this site now is because last night it happens again but this time I was being lifted a little faster and up to the celing and down and I enjoyed it and went with it until I was spun around to my side (since I was on my stomach) and all I could see was a person or figure telling at me but I couldnt hear him. Then first thing I thought it was, was an Asian man looking like he was a saint with the big tall hats but everything was black and white. He was yelling at me so much it was scary.
—Guest Hope

What Does This Mean!?

I had a dream that I was sitting in my bed scared in the dark so I got up and tried to turn the lights on and non of them worked it would just vibrate then I started to panic and I felt someone squeezing my ribs!! And I would pray and I felt myself getting stronger until they let me go then I woke up in my dream and told my boyfriend and he told me it's just a dream and he opened the blinds and I see the light and woke up! I've been having this dream often different things happen butI' always in the dark and the lights won't turn on!
—Guest Mariah

Evil Grin

It only happens when my room is pitch black, I feel like I have woken up and my room is a little lighter, I look at my fiancée and she has a devilish smile from ear to ear staring back at me and she won't take her eyes off me and I freak out and run for the light switch. Just before I get there I feel paralyzed, then start falling back. Just before I hit my head I sit bolt upright in bed sweating and out of breath. It happens about a dozen times a week. I'm scared to sleep, the scariest thing is once the smile starts there is a horrible deep malicious laugh following it.
—Guest chris

Not Sure But It Happened

I had this dream a couple years ago I believe I was around 20, I was renting out a house from a family friend. I lived there by myself and never really got spooked out about stuff. It was a normal night I came home from work showered, cooked dinner and went to lay down in my room. I went to sleep with alot on my mind this night I think I may have been asking my grandfather for guidance and feeling upset about his passing. But I went to sleep and had no dream, and it seemed as if I just appeared in a white space (not a room because I didnt feel like i could see any walls for one and for two it was too big to be a room I remember feeling like it was limitless in space) I was the only one that I could see or hear in this space, but i felt as if there were hundreds of thousands of others there. I began to walk and looked to my left and saw an older truck and seen my grandfather in his twenties and we started talking. I wake up and im sitting up on the edge of my bed looking at the window.
—Guest Alexander

Dream or OBE?

I can't figure out if my experience was a dream or an OBE. I'm leaving towards a dream because I have no recollection of getting pulled out if or out back into my physical body. Basically, I remember hovering over and looking down upon my body which was in my own bathtub underwater..eyes closed. I don't remember feeling any emotion. I just remember calmly thinking to myself, while looking down, "hmm... I must be dead." And that's it. I don't remember going back to my actual body or anything. Any information would be appreciated because it's bugging the crap out of me. I need to know what that was.
—Guest Jnc1223

Dead Air

For months as I was falling asleep a humming noise would start very similar to the sound of power conductors. As the sound became louder I'd be going through a wall - sometimes zipping through my house or the apartments attached to mine. Most of the time I'd fly out of my window, straight up into the stars. When this happens there's never any sound... I can see people talking & trees blowing around but can not hear any voices or feel the wind. I always come back to my body the way I left. Wonder what the point is of "astral travel"? Why does it happen so inconsistently?
—Guest Kimmyk

Scared of Sleeping

I was sleeping at my friends house and I started to fall asleep. But then I felt my heart pulsate through my whole body. I'm 16 years old and I don't have any heart conditions that I know of. It was hard for me to say anything! I was frozen and could see but my eyes where not open. The longer this goes on the more I can feel my heart beat. I hate the sensation it makes me feel like i don't have control of my body. Sometimes I am scared of sleeping and then not being to wake up again. If you know what is happening to me please help.
—Guest karolyn

Being Pulled

I have had near out of body experiences before where I will feel my heart beating really hard, like it's coming out my chest and that's when I would wake. I just went to sleep less than an hour ago and it started out as a normal dream but then I very briefly woke up and fell straight asleep. This is where I felt my chest go numb and was scared, I heard strange music and suddenly started to get pulled towards my window like I was really floating! I heard a strange creepy laugh and tried to scream but my voice was so quiet! My eyes felt glued shut although I could see what was going on. I then tried to open them as hard as I could and then got even more scared and woke up, now I'm to scared to sleep!!_ :(
—Guest courtney

What's happening to me?

I had woke up in the middle of night to get a drink of water from a water bottle next to my bed. As soon as I was preparing to lie back down I felt as if I was forcefully shoved into my pillow. The next thing I know I'm laying on a cold table in a white room completely paralyzed. I proceed to hear what sounds like someone behind me rummaging through what I believe to be surgical tools. When I try to move around to get a look at the character behind me I hear what I believe to be a woman on a balcony yelling "she's waking up. Do something she's waking up". My heart was racing and I knew that I was still asleep so I use every ounce of energy in my body to force myself to wake up from this terrifying obe or lucid dream. Once I wake up I sit up in my bed and I'm drenched in sweat terrified to go back to sleep for the rest of that night.
—Guest Emilee

Like I was Somewhere else

I recently started studying in a city far away from where I actually live. Some nights I'd get so lonely I wished I could find a way back home which could bring me back here as well. Yesterday, whilst doing research, I was intensely busy with my work, playing music in the background with a fan on behind me. I felt at home, which is where I wished I was, because I knew it wasn't my home, I started getting emotional and longed back home. This was when I realized I wasn't where I thought I was. Without looking around I realized that it seemed like my room, but something was different. I suddenly heard someone call my name and when I turned around I was back in my room where I was studying...
—Guest Ant-on-knee

Felt Like Fainting

I was just about to sleep, half a sleep when suddenly I was unable to move and when I looked over my shoulder I saw a child floating above me... facing at me. Then the child moved closer until it reached me.. I could not move nor do anything so I shouted at the top of my lungs, then all of a sudden I woke up. I don't even know if I totally woke up or had been up the whole time. After that it seems I fainted cause right after that, it was already morning.
—Guest shy

I don't understand what was going on.

I had a scary dream. I dreamt I was falling into deep sleep and someone had turned the lights off in the room. I felt like something statted pulling me out of ny body. I tried to turn the lights on, then I noticed I was dreaming because I couldn't get the light to turn on. I saw my sister sleeping and I tried screaming her name 3 times but no sound came out. I turned around and saw my body asleep and I screamed but still no sound.i started gasping for air and felt like I couldn't breathe anymore so I started making an effort on waking up. I got so freaked out. I can't go back to sleep.
—Guest syndi

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