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Readers Respond: Out of Body Experiences

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From the article: Out of Body Experiences
Share Post: Astral flight or out-of-body experiences can feel surreal, exhilarating, or even frightening. Have you had an OBE that you would care to share? Where did you go? What do you remember? What did it feel like? Was it a wild ride? Share Your OBE Story

Healing with light

This all happened last night, I was aware that I was floating, I was actually thinking to myself, holy shit, you're actually floating. I then was aware of these beings, they stood about 8 feet tall and had coats on that were just normal fabric, like a thick knitted material. These beings didn't have faces, there was just light, like if you were looking directly at a spot light, except you could stare right into it really easily. These beings were standing around me while I was levitating and sending light into my stomach and my chest. I had this completely overwhelming feeling of complete joy and bliss. I actually was thinking to myself, oh my god, this is what pure love feels like, you are actually being healed, this is what's going on. It all felt so familiar! I feel like this is something that happens all the time however this time I was allowed to experience it consciously.
—Guest Kellie


A few months ago some how I hit my head. When I hit my head I blacked out. I did not come to for a very long time. But right before I came to I felt like I was dreaming but after asking questions I have found out that what I "dreamed" about really happened. I did not have the feeling of flying but I was above my body watching what was happening. I don't know what this means.
—Guest bob

False Awakening or OBE?

I have had many lucid dreams and done plenty of research. I dreamt I was at a wedding with my mom. My husband was mad at me so I flew in the air saying you can't catch me. I "woke up" and my legs started floating. My children were next to me in bed as I floated to the ceiling. I looked down and could see them and my bedroom exactly how it is. I got frightened and screamed, and this time woke up for real very scared. A few days later I felt the familiar vibrations and humming of sleep paralysis. I looked down at my legs in my bedroom and they were floating in the air. I quickly wanted to wake up and did. I didn't sleep well after that wondering what is going on.
—Guest Jill

OBE it's REAL!!

Took far too much medication, not to end my life, just push the envelope.Chase the high and experience it like the first time. Memories are solid and I myself was in pure disbelief, telling myself every detail had a perfectly good scientific reason behind it. After all I am a science only kind of guy. This is all true - laying flat (apparently I passed out) on my bed I feel the urge to stand up and walk out of the room into the hall. The room is completely dark. I stand to my feet and walk to the door, reach for the handle, my hand passes through it. I stopped and became very confused and smiled "what an awesome dream" I turned to lay back down and saw myself laying on the bed. I lay on me (in me) and stand once again only to have my hand pass through the knob once again. Turning towards the bed I once again see myself laying on my tack in the bed. I lay down, confused yet very calm. I became determined to open that door, I continued this process about six times. I became determined. I concentrated and stood to my feet and walked towards the door and reached for the handle and this time I felt it in my hand and was able to open the door, I turned to the bed and I was no longer laying down. I was in another world for about three minutes. We remain after death, it's our body that leaves ... Our consciousness is infinite and we are all connected. "coexist"
—Guest Jw66

OBE or sleep paralysis

Im laying in bed one night asleep when all of a sudden I feel a tingling sensation come over my body starts at my head and moves thought my whole body then a loud ringing in my head starts. I then panic and try to roll over, move, or scream and I get nothing. Then I feel as though I am Falling off my bed but I can't catch myself. I then suddenly awake. But I awake like nothing has happened and I feel completely fine. This has happened to me a few times. I'm not sure if I'm trying to have an OBE or if it's just sleep paralysis.
—Guest Derrick Henry

Cannot Control or Stop OBE

I just woke up from yet another OBE. I'm so shaken. My nerves are a mess, and my body feels so tense. I'm scared. I usually realize I am dreaming, or am in a dream 1 out of 10 times. My OBE I have been having since I was 17. I am 21 now turning 22 and I still cannot control or stop these. It doesn't seem like there are many answers for what is happening, and I personally don't think its anything a scientist can tell me. This is something spiritual. I wish I knew what I am supposed to do with this gift. My sister said when I wake up in dreams, don't be in panic like usual. She told me to be calm, and try to wake up. It hasn't worked yet, because I start off calm, then begin to panic when I can't wake up. After about what seems like an hour (only really like 2 mins) I jolt awake, and very off balance. Anyway, next time I think I'll try asking to "return" to my body, not just "wake up." I don't know if anyone even cares about what I just wrote, but thanks for everyone else's stories. I guess I'm not alone.
—Guest ImGuessImNotAlone


The other night I was sleeping fine, having a dream. In my dream it was dark out, very dark. I was walking and I walked into a McDonalds near my house. As I walked in everyone was staring at me so I turned to look behind me and i saw a huge mist cloud coming towards the store. Everyone was wondering what it was so I opened the door and a little gas came in. I smelled it then I turned around and said it was gas and then I collapsed dead. In real life i felt my spirit lifting above my body then i woke up completely. I couldn't move for about 2 minutes and then I felt like needles were stabbing me all over my body. I died in my sleep and in life.
—Guest brittany

meeting a spirit in another realm

All my life, I've had those awakenings in the night, feeling I had fallen into my bed. I never thought much of it. I also had sleep paralysis a few times. That was scarey, I hope it never happens again. My most profound experience was after my fiancee Steve passed away. During my sleep, I found myself in another place. This was NOT just a dream. It was vivid. I was completely aware. My soul was with Steve's soul in another place. We floated in a red ambiance, there was no direction or gravity. We spoke mentally and embraced each other. We knew it would be out last time until my own life was over. There was sadness and joy. We held and loved each other. He and I were both completely aware that MY BODY was asleep and that it would soon awaken and my soul would have to return to my body. I was so thankful for the gift of being able to feel and see him. It was bittersweet. I awoke and cried knowing he was okay, but sad that our time was over. I have no doubt this was real! My soul was there.
—Guest Claire

astral travel

I had my first obe a few nights a go, it totally freaked me out but was also very exciting. All I recall I was falling asleep having the most vivid dream or obe I was standing next to myself watching my partner and myself sleep. I started to panic but couldn't wake, so I walked over to the other side of the room, looked in the mirror and went back over to myself and pulled the blankets back. Then I woke up, very promptly as if I had re-entered my body. It was so surreal, hope I may do it again as I don't think i would panic if it happened again.
—Guest indica sativa

Recent and past

Recently I had an OBE, I was in bed and my hand felt as if it was paralysed, I tried to move but slowly my entire body was motionless and I could not speak, but the next moment I was able to move, I sat up in bed and felt very at peace but suddenly I was back and my head was on the pillow, it wasn't my real body that had sat up. This freaked me out a little. I told my mother, who told me that when I was A child I used to talk about when I walked down the stairs in the mornings it felt as if I was floating down the stairs and no walking was involved. I can faintly remember this as it happened a lot. Mum told me that she and my uncle used to have the same visions, is that an OBE too?
—Guest Gaz.s

Accidental or unintended OBE

I was meditaing two nights ago and don't recall ever being so deep. One moment just chilling in my chair, listening to binaurals. Suddenly I just slammed into the seat in which I was seated. I was stunned,the only other time this ever occured once when I was a boy, but I was asleep then and it wasn't quite so violent. Could It be that I felt pursued, or was I just in a hurry to get back to my body. Perhaps I am yet to experience this in a more timely fastion or slowed down enough for me to comprehend. At any rate I have since not been able to achieve said. I am not trying to force it, at least i don't think so. :)
—Guest 20steve12

OBE experience or Dream not sure

I was laying in bed and left that the blanket that was covering was being pulled off of me in an upward motion. I thought my husband was doing this put I could not speak to say why. Then I quickly realized that he was not in the room and I started feeling my energy going up it was a strange sensation like I was floating upward but not as a whole I was floating upward in particles. I realized that I was leaving and I said to myself several times I am leaving, wow, I am leaving. I began to think about all of the people that I know still feeling the sensation part of me scared part of me feeling like it was a beautiful experience then I thought of my mom and said to myself wait I cannot leave, now this will kill her. The sensation stopped and I woke up although I did not feel like I was sleeping. I had a procedure done that afternoon where I did receive Novocaine and I have been fighting a kidney infection as well. I meditated that afternoon also.
—Guest Lisa

Does anyone know how to stop it

I keep having these OBE's ... sometimes when I take a nap in the afternoons, after I am sort of asleep, something starts pulling me out, it's a like a war. i get weird dreams too. Once I am totally back, my energy feels completely drained out. To do anything after I wake up is difficult. My blood pressure drops, although I had good healthy meals before I went to bed. its scary. Even if I force myself, I can't wake up during this state. I do meditations. and I have spoken to a few mystics, they all say, this is not anything to be worried about. After these incidents, iI have acne breakouts all over my face, especially forehead. Also pain in the eyes and headache. I spoke to one doctor, she says probably these incidents are triggering hormonal imbalance. No one is sure about how to stop it. I am tired of it. its no fun at all. Will appreciate if anyone can give me some clue over it.
—Guest JJ


I think I may have had an OBE a couple of nights ago, in the real world I had waved my daughter off on the Ferry to Shetland for her Uni Placement, then that night when in bed and not yet sleeping, I had a weird sensation that I (my body, not in a plane or such), was flying over the sea along the coast, heard a strange noise like when you sign out of Skype and suddenly soared upwards really quickly, then felt really freaked by it all and sat up in my bed, thinking what on earth has just happened to me! It felt so real and I remember it clearly.
—Guest Linda M

Agnostic believes in life after death

I was @35 yeo, I had severe spinal problems, Herniated discs, My doctor told me not to go on the hunting trip. FU Doc, I'm outtahere! Long srory short. I was laying on my back watching TV. (No booze or drugs) When I just flipped over and was looking at myself about 3 feet off the ground. My body looked like the high school science class illustration of the nervos system see thru page. I knew I was in trouble, but being me I said wtf, and started to roam around the cabin. I was flying at an altitude of four feet off the ground, looking at things I was familiar with to justify that I'm not dreaming. It was really cool flying around like it was natural. THEN !! It dawned on me that I'm either dead, or going to be if I don't get back into my body. So I figured It was time to find out if I was dead or not. So I flew back to my body and SLAMMED myself into it. Well I'm still here. I am still an agnostic, but I believe in life after death.
—Guest Nuckelhead

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Out of Body Experiences

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