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Readers Respond: Out of Body Experiences

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From the article: Out of Body Experiences
Share Post: Astral flight or out-of-body experiences can feel surreal, exhilarating, or even frightening. Have you had an OBE that you would care to share? Where did you go? What do you remember? What did it feel like? Was it a wild ride?

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Hell and back

5 times I have visited different parts of Hell, and can't wait to go back, see some more for the finer details, and some day write a book as spaced out as Alice in Wonderland
—Guest Kev


The other night I had a dream that i was in a all black room with one person. I was holding a dvd n my hand. She was an actor and in that dream it's like i knew everything about her through accessing her mind via mine. I had a dvd in my hand of the next movie she was in. Then about a month later today i just seen a new movie and it was the dvd i was holding. The weird part was is the first thing when I woke up i turned the tv on and there she was. Almost like someone was proving to me it's more then just us out here. Or here on earth.


When I was about 5-8 years old i would dream every night that i floated down 2 flights of stairs and wake up at the bottom by my basement door. I remember being frustrated that I had to walk all the way back up every time I went to bed. Then the older I got i would have dreams then wake up and i would still see things. They dissipated as I would wake up then finally all gone. It started out as a kid thing but the older I got the more i would see weird stuff like the head of a man or a ghost. Later on I would dream about my future. I swear to everyone I had seen things I can't explain and more profoundly I've been doing a ton of research and other people have had similar experiences. I've died a few times in my dreams as well and it's just like your energy goes everywhere and you get this great feeling of peace. I'm not worried about dying because I think I know what it's like. But I also died in real life when I was born, I was born almost 2 and a half months early. I also can sense things.

Barely Out of Body

It's happened multiple times. I sleep or nap, and I wake up but I'm not awake. I'm not floating but just barely out of myself. I know I'm still sleeping and I'm so "heavy." I try to slither off the bed to wake myself up and I know I'm making noise. I can see the bottom half of my face when I try to crawl back. I try slapping myself awake, I try rolling but I cant wake up. I finally wake up and I'm scared.
—Guest StressParalysis

OBE experience?

One afternoon I was feeling really tired and sleepy but I didn't want to take a nap and was trying hard not to fall asleep since I was watching my kids, they were 2 and 3 years old back then. I was lying in bed and suddenly I found myself standing next to my bed and saw myself sleeping, everything looked the same in my room, my kids were playing with blocks on the floor and the tv was on. I remember looking around, wondering what was happening, I could hear my kids talking, but they didn't notice me. I still don't know what that was, but I wasn't afraid, maybe I was so worried about falling asleep and not taking care of my kids that my "other self" came and watched over them.
—Guest nayely

My experience

I was sleeping one afternoon yesterday (catching up on sleep). Nothing different about it. Then all of a sudden it felt like my soul was being pulled out by the devil. I remember fighting the sensation of leaving my body. I fought the sensation so hard I woke up. Fast forward to today. I went to bed around the same time, and then it happens again. I tried to fight it but the force was too strong. I did a double backflip out of my body, and I could see myself. But I was no longer in my room. It was just a cloudy place and I can see a lot of women and shops. I go into one of the shops to buy a drink. Then when cashing out a pretty blonde woman grabs me from behind and I changed my mind about buying the drink. I remember feeling her eyes and her arms. Then I see another dark woman, and she too grabs and hugs me. I wish I could stay there forever. Lol and then I woke up.
—Guest Tan


This is the fourth time this happened to me but now I'm scared because this time I actually harmed myself. I was standing in a night club laughing having fun not drinking . When all of sudden I remember talking to the bartender and nothing else I just blackout ...apparently I hit my head on the bar as I fell down. The crazy thing I remember everything during my blackout I was talking to someone about me. I saw me. I saw the people standing around me trying to help me up. I told someone Omgosh she's on the floor get up girl what you doing. I said "Wait. is that me?" It was so weird I couldn't reply to the people around me in reality but I was conversating with the people in my alter state. We were watching it all. A man told me you could have died tonight you better get home. I then regained my consciousness and could walk, talk, and communicate to everyone. I was now outside the club, people asking "Are you drunk?" and trying to get me to respond. I start talking norma,l I'm fine, I don't drink.
—Guest Keyah

Ceiling image

Long ago, I was in bed. I was half asleep. I assume I was half asleep. I looked up to the ceiling and floating above me, was myself. It was a mirror image. I screamed and came to. The image of me above me was gone. I still don't know what happened. not a real obe, since if it were, you'd think it would have been where I was looking down at me and not looking up. Still ,no idea what happened that night. I still think about it and still wonder what I had experienced.
—Guest kirk

Watching myself sleep

This happened awhile ago but it's still stuck with me. I think about it a lot actually. One normal night I fell asleep. I don't remember how it happened but I woke in the corner of my room, I was kind of floating higher up in the left corner looking down at myself. It was almost like I was split in two. I could feel me sleeping on my bed, but I could feel me floating across the room. The next moment freaked me out.. I'm a extremely light sleeper, and I heard my closet door open. My sleeping body woke up but I was still floating, watching. A little girl came out of my closet and walked right up to my bed. I asked her what she wanted and she started yelling that she was murdered. I said I'm sorry I can't help you, then the next moment people are piling out of my closet surrounding my bed, and I'm still watching myself. Everyone was yelling and trying to grab me I was screaming trying to wake up, and then I did. And I was sitting up in my bed, in one person, alone in the dark. So strange.
—Guest Hunter

What was I seeing?

I remember that I had a lot OBE's and similar stuff happening to me as I was a child, but I never realized it. I just always wondered why it felt so real and had spoken to so many people there, but also been really scared at times! I wanted to be able to do this again, so I tried a few days and never really came further than this strange tingling sensation - I would wake up right after. Only the last time I did, things had gotten odd. I literally felt two hands grasp my wrists, trying to pull me from my body and a voice repeating my name over and over in a really creepy tune, then I opened my eyes and saw the weirdest thing right above me, it had huge snake-like eyes and scales all over it's face. I don't know what it was, but I was shocked and awoke back in reality with a jump... really freaked me kind of out, not sure if I should do this again, though I still am curious.
—Guest Lulu

weird obe

I was sleeping the night before school. My dad had recently passed away about 8 months prior. I awoke from my dream with a ringing of my father's voice. I looked around my room and it was dark but illuminated some how. My father's voice kept yelling for me so, so I got up and walked to the living room. It actually didn't even feel like I was walking but more as if I was being pulled without my feet even touching the ground. When I reached the leaving room there was no one but my father's voice came again from my room. So I quickly went back and when I got to my room I saw myself sleeping. I awoke quickly after that though. Weird dream
—Guest zach

Healing with light

This all happened last night, I was aware that I was floating, I was actually thinking to myself, holy shit, you're actually floating. I then was aware of these beings, they stood about 8 feet tall and had coats on that were just normal fabric, like a thick knitted material. These beings didn't have faces, there was just light, like if you were looking directly at a spot light, except you could stare right into it really easily. These beings were standing around me while I was levitating and sending light into my stomach and my chest. I had this completely overwhelming feeling of complete joy and bliss. I actually was thinking to myself, oh my god, this is what pure love feels like, you are actually being healed, this is what's going on. It all felt so familiar! I feel like this is something that happens all the time however this time I was allowed to experience it consciously.
—Guest Kellie


A few months ago some how I hit my head. When I hit my head I blacked out. I did not come to for a very long time. But right before I came to I felt like I was dreaming but after asking questions I have found out that what I "dreamed" about really happened. I did not have the feeling of flying but I was above my body watching what was happening. I don't know what this means.
—Guest bob

Watching Myself Sleep

Okay, so I had to get up early in the summer because I had to get up for school so I would always come home sleepy but I never take naps, but this one afternoon I came home sleepy, and I thought why not take a nap. I tried to get comfortable and just take a quick nap and I fell asleep. I felt as if I wasn't asleep but I knew O was so a little after I suddenly saw myself sleeping. I thought you know what the freak is going on here, like I'm in total shock and I'm completely terrified and I don't know what to do and so I'm just there a little above my body and as I'm watching myself sleep I see myself getting up for a phone call from my boyfriend and I'm wondering what is happening and as soon as I took the call in my dream he hangs up as soon as I picked up and then I saw myself go right back to sleep and then I woke up. I really don't know what this mean, someone please tell me..
—Guest kailee


I was sitting in my chair and the next thing I know, I was out of my body, floating up and looking down. I saw my body asleep and my friends talking to each other. I knew that I could not communicate with them and that I was in some kind of spiritual state or another dimension. I enjoyed the feeling of being totally free from the body but became scared that I could not return. I felt alone. I wanted to return to my body finally did. the time that passed was probably half an hour. Then I woke up in my body. It has never happened before or since. This OBE was 40 plus years ago, yet it seems like it was yesterday.
—Guest Frank

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