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Readers Respond: Out of Body Experiences

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From the article: Out of Body Experiences
Share Post: Astral flight or out-of-body experiences can feel surreal, exhilarating, or even frightening. Have you had an OBE that you would care to share? Where did you go? What do you remember? What did it feel like? Was it a wild ride? Share Your OBE Story

Ceiling image

Long ago, I was in bed. I was half asleep. I assume I was half asleep. I looked up to the ceiling and floating above me, was myself. It was a mirror image. I screamed and came to. The image of me above me was gone. I still don't know what happened. not a real obe, since if it were, you'd think it would have been where I was looking down at me and not looking up. Still ,no idea what happened that night. I still think about it and still wonder what I had experienced.
—Guest kirk

Healing with light

This all happened last night, I was aware that I was floating, I was actually thinking to myself, holy shit, you're actually floating. I then was aware of these beings, they stood about 8 feet tall and had coats on that were just normal fabric, like a thick knitted material. These beings didn't have faces, there was just light, like if you were looking directly at a spot light, except you could stare right into it really easily. These beings were standing around me while I was levitating and sending light into my stomach and my chest. I had this completely overwhelming feeling of complete joy and bliss. I actually was thinking to myself, oh my god, this is what pure love feels like, you are actually being healed, this is what's going on. It all felt so familiar! I feel like this is something that happens all the time however this time I was allowed to experience it consciously.
—Guest Kellie


A few months ago some how I hit my head. When I hit my head I blacked out. I did not come to for a very long time. But right before I came to I felt like I was dreaming but after asking questions I have found out that what I "dreamed" about really happened. I did not have the feeling of flying but I was above my body watching what was happening. I don't know what this means.
—Guest bob

Watching Myself Sleep

Okay, so I had to get up early in the summer because I had to get up for school so I would always come home sleepy but I never take naps, but this one afternoon I came home sleepy, and I thought why not take a nap. I tried to get comfortable and just take a quick nap and I fell asleep. I felt as if I wasn't asleep but I knew O was so a little after I suddenly saw myself sleeping. I thought you know what the freak is going on here, like I'm in total shock and I'm completely terrified and I don't know what to do and so I'm just there a little above my body and as I'm watching myself sleep I see myself getting up for a phone call from my boyfriend and I'm wondering what is happening and as soon as I took the call in my dream he hangs up as soon as I picked up and then I saw myself go right back to sleep and then I woke up. I really don't know what this mean, someone please tell me..
—Guest kailee


I was sitting in my chair and the next thing I know, I was out of my body, floating up and looking down. I saw my body asleep and my friends talking to each other. I knew that I could not communicate with them and that I was in some kind of spiritual state or another dimension. I enjoyed the feeling of being totally free from the body but became scared that I could not return. I felt alone. I wanted to return to my body finally did. the time that passed was probably half an hour. Then I woke up in my body. It has never happened before or since. This OBE was 40 plus years ago, yet it seems like it was yesterday.
—Guest Frank

Unexplained Feeling

I had a dream where i was floating in my bedroom when all of a sudden I ended up on the roof of where my bathroom is and I could see my grandpa and sister but they couldn't see me. I would yell for help but it was like they could never hear me. I knew it was a dream because floating is impossible but what could all of that dream mean?
—Guest Apollo

Met a deceased person I never knew

Last night I think my soul left my body, while I was away I met Thomas Herrion, I was at an ocean resort or beach, he walked up to me and was talking, he said you know who I am right? I'm sorry I do not, he said I'm Thomas Herrion and I was going to play football for the 49rs. He then wrapped his arms around me, that is when my husband woke me up, he said I was icy cold and had no movement at all for 5 minutes as he tried wake me. Just as I came back he said tell Bob thanks for all the fan support of the team, Bob is my husband, I then decided to research the name and guess what? I found that the man I talked to was the same man whom had died in 2005. I never even heard of him before. The afterlife is the exact same as it is here in the physical only on a different level. He had no sadness but knew he was no longer living life on earth, but he was very much alive in the after world. What the heck? Very very strange.
—Guest Oceanbchbby

I can't forget it.

I was 10 or 11 years old that time and I catch a cold. It was at home and I was lying on a couch and my mother is beside me, taking care of me. Then I fell asleep. And then, for me, it's as if I woke up, I felt a weird sensation like a vibration or electric sensation--but its not stingy or anything--or something. And I felt I slowly floating from the couch while still lying until I reach the ceiling. I felt weird that time. And when I turn I saw myself lying on the couch and I still feel the weird sensation. When I realized that, I try my best to go back to myself that is on the couch. Then I woke up for real. I saw my mother beside me and she told me that I was pointing at the ceiling while I was asleep. And I was like, that was weird, right? And til now, I still feel that sensation whenever I remember that dream.
—Guest Cthugah

OBE experience

The portion of my dream in which I had just watched my ex turn into a massive black and purple tornado coming at me had just ended. I then thought I had woke up. I was standing by the door and the lights started flickering and began to shed a fluorescent yellow light on my room. It was sickening. I took a step towards my bed and a girl stepped out from behind my dresser. She had my build and my color of hair but her face was distorted and her clothes dirty; straight from a horror movie. She took a step towards me but not in an attacking way. Almost as if she were asking for help. I then I tried my hardest to wake up and she disappeared. My brain was convinced I was awake but i later realized I wasn't. Still dreaming, I went into my grandmothers room and can vividly remember looking down at her and trying to wake her up, grabbing for sheets and yelling "grandma". I was desperate to wake up. She opened her eyes and looked up and that's when I woke really woke up...shaking and crying.
—Guest Irie

City of Wilderness

My OBE was in BABYLON I flew to the top -man the city was like heaven - and met Hindu god. I touched it's face. Man, it was real thing and he said "Let me guide you" and he touched my head and my vision started to blur like crazy and I suddenly woke up somewhere in the bar. I was sleeping on the stairs seeing myself sitting but the thing is when I turned left and right my eyes were open and I self could see my out body. I walked to left and he looked to left... I flew up in the sky then to space and saw spaceship after that my vision distorted - I saw something my whole vision mathematical equations and woke up in my that body sitting on the stairs with my eyes barely open and could see my aura it was blue fire all around for few seconds I teleported to England white shire or new york and the body me was so fucking real - it was actually me and asked people where I am. One answered England Whiteshire. I walked around touched people and me it was real thing-- lasted for 5 mins!!!
—Guest G

So very scared

I was in bed struggling to sleep tossing and turning then all of a sudden my skin felt like pins and needle like a tingly sensation then I just felt my body lift up from my bed. I started spinning over my bed, I see people around my bed. I can remember thinking oh God help me, what is happening and who are these people. They were looking at my bed and then I looked like I could see myself laying in bed, I remember I kept hitting my arm on my wardrobe door and feeling it then I managed to get myself down back on to my bed then just ran through to my sons bedroom really frightened my son said mum your making so much noise whats wrong i just said please let me get bed with you. I laid there for few minutes trying to understand what just happened. I must have fell asleep then all of a sudden I woke up back in my bedroom. I just could not believe it what was that all about. Never felt so frightened in all my life.
—Guest cathie d

Aways Awake

IM ALWAYS HAVING THIS DREAM OR EXPERIENCE. I'm asleep. But awake. I see my room, see my lady. But I can't wake. I always have to call to her so she can wake me. She says I never say her name clearly but mumble it. I have seen myself fly over my block. I seen into neighbors yards from above . Am I tripping?
—Guest Mark Espinoza

False Awakening or OBE?

I have had many lucid dreams and done plenty of research. I dreamt I was at a wedding with my mom. My husband was mad at me so I flew in the air saying you can't catch me. I "woke up" and my legs started floating. My children were next to me in bed as I floated to the ceiling. I looked down and could see them and my bedroom exactly how it is. I got frightened and screamed, and this time woke up for real very scared. A few days later I felt the familiar vibrations and humming of sleep paralysis. I looked down at my legs in my bedroom and they were floating in the air. I quickly wanted to wake up and did. I didn't sleep well after that wondering what is going on.
—Guest Jill

Enjoyed floating as child

I shared a bedroom with younger sister and slept closest to door. I may have been 6-8 years old when I realized one night that I was floating near ceiling (assumed I was in my body, so never looked down). With hallway night light glowing dimly I wasn't afraid. I gently floated into my parents' bedroom, saw them sleeping and willed myself to float back. No other memory till I woke up next day. I enjoyed it so much, I would will myself to float at night, up near the ceilings and gently down the hall. I simply had to encourage myself to float and was successful on several nights spread out over the next year or so. I never told anyone as it felt like a special, wonderful gift & I knew people aren't supposed to be able to fly. Even now 50 years later, I recall how I looked forward to my night floating. It helped I felt I controlled my experience. Now I might find it scary.
—Guest Galee


I was in the bathroom and I turned on the water to wash my hands, it was scolding hot and I screamed. Suddenly I ran from the bathroom, then felt confused. When I ran back to the bathroom I saw myself still standing in front of the mirror and I went back in my body. WTH!!!!
—Guest Lisa

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Out of Body Experiences

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