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Readers Respond: Pros and Cons of Ear Candling

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I like ear candles

It seems to me that there are ppl that troll the Internet looking for ppl talking positively about something and then waste their time calling them idiots, which is dumb. About the ear candles, i like them. I know lots of ppl that have used them. I just used one 20 mins ago! It helped my bad earache that I've had for days and the ringing I've had for years! I have met ppl that say blowing cigarette smoke in some ones ear will relieve pain and pressure. I'll stick with the less second-hand method of ear candling, but it is proven that smoke has anti-bacterial anti-fungal and anti-viral properties as well as everybody knows drying properties. So, it may be the smoke not the vaccum properties that are relieving the pain and pressure, either reason I say that if ppl have been doing it for hundreds of years and it's not hurting anyone why not try it?

ear candling gives relief

I am a firm believer in ear candling. I am a severe allergy suffer and my sinus were totally blocked. I had my ears irrigated at the drs office which was painful and so was introduced to ear candling. I now do it when I suffer from allergies and it takes away the swelling in my face and I get immediate relief with my sinus pressure. It has helped me so much. What does a person have to lose from not trying it and may just find many benefits from trying it!
—Guest melody glamm

Ear candles work

I love using ear candles. My ears seem to get very plugged up and there gets to be a lot of pressure. Using ear candles helps me SO much. They also IMPROVE my hearing because after I use them my ears are no longer plugged. If you use them and your ears still seem to be plugged up, you may need to use them again! And the kind that you can buy at any health store, do not drip wax, so you're safe.
—Guest UtahGirl

Doesn't work! Hurt Ear!

I used the ear candels in both ears. In my right ear hot wax dripped into my ears and burnt it! I recommend that everyone read and listen to the recommendations to not use these. I can not hear out of my right ear and now have to pay to go to a doctor. Hopefully my ear is not permanently damaged. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!
—Guest Jamie


I did the ear candling Friday night. My left ear is still clogged. Any help? I tried peroxide Sunday and it didn't help. My ear kind of hurts today.
—Guest Laverns3

Works for me

I have had this done many times. When I was a kid, my mom used newspaper rolled up tight. Candling is much safer. Afterward she would put some olive oil warmed by the fire and let it set overnight. The next day she would cleanse the ear with a small amount of peroxide, I loved the sounds it made. Kept the earaches away and the times with mom were memorable ;) No Q tips!! it all comes out. p.s. That is earwax at the end of the candles!

Ear Candles

I am a massage therapist and learned the procedure of candling from a 20yr veteran therapist at school. The importance is lighting the candle, that the smoke appear out of the smaller end, put it in ear, blow away excess smoke and be certain there is no smoke leaking from the ear. This assures the "vaccuum" effect. Also, I do not cut the ash or candle as it is burning, I believe that takes away from the power of the flame. In this process, on several clients and family, wax is always apparent in the candle. My daughter produces a lot of wax, and requests candling regularly, as does my son. They say they feel better after having it done. I have noticed, if you are a side-sleeper, the side that is up, is the side that produces more wax in the candle and usually the ear that brings that has caused the initial complaint. I have never had a negative response to candling. Yes, the amount of wax varies from person to person, but that is the beauty of being an individual. Katherine
—Guest Garden Oasis Massage

Tested the candles

I tested Wally's ear candles. 100% beeswax and unbleached cotton cloth with a plastic tip. Here is what I found. The first candle I felt nothing and could barely hear any sounds while it was burning. I attribute this to the fact that I found the tip of that candle that was in my ear was not completely open from being smashed in the package.However when I opened up the candle after dousing the flame it was full of a whitish powdery substance. The second candle I burned I made sure the hole was open at the pointed tip of the candle. This time I could feel warmth in my ear and hear the flame burning. When I removed the candle and opened it up there was a good bit of whitish powder and also orange waxy substance. The third candle I burned was not placed into my ear at all. As it burned I noticed smoke coming out of the tip that was not burning. After it burned down I doused it in water and opened it up. Surprise! It was also full of whitish powder and an orangish waxy substance. ~NOT EARWAX
—Guest doda

lifelong believer

I've had ear candling done frequently since I was 3 years old. I suffered from severe ear infections and strep almost monthly for years until my dad took pity on me and started looking for a more permanent solution for my pain. Whenever I'd feel an infection coming on he'd sit me down and candle one or both of my ears. It's always helped relieve the pain and pressure associated with these issues and I would be better usually by the next day. I can't say that they're a cure for everything that ails you, but what's the harm in trying if the benefits can be so overwhelmingly good?
—Guest mercy


I have a friend with tinnitus and I've helped her with the candling a couple of times. There is always a lot of residue in the candles afterwards so we decided to try burning one without putting it in her ear to see if we got the same results. There was only the whitish colored residue inside and not the dark, hardened, brownish stuff like the wax that was inside after being inserted in her ears. I agree with the person that said to send residue to a lab to determine what it actually is, but there appears to be two distinct types of wax and my friend feels relief after having the candling done.

Works for us

Whether it is in the mind or not my husband and my daughter definitely benefit from using the ear candles when they have a cold. He suffers from earache as soon as he gets a cold and sometimes nearly completely loses his hearing. The candles work for him. My daughter suffers from sore throats and ears. The other night after crying in her bed for a while a candle relieved her of the pain and she slept all night. They may not be scientifically or medically proven but if they work, don't knock them!!
—Guest Ali

White candle does not make red wax

My family use ear candles; our candles are made out of white wax - white wax does not turn red when it melts! When we check to see inside the candles after use there is definately a red wax residue. I have had one ear with a wax build up and when I do both ears there is always far more wax in the bad ear's candle than the good.
—Guest Mary

No risk procedure

My Dad just had ear candling done because of vertigo and wax build-up from wearing hearing aids for many years. I saw what came out of his ears, AND IT WAS NOT SOOT OR CANDLE RESIDUE. It was a reddish yellow wax. The person who did the procedure used a fire retardant cloth that covered his face, hair, and shoulders. The flame was no where near his head. Afterward,he could hear in the worse of his 2 ears WITHOUT HIS HEARING AID, and 2 days later, he is still not dizzy from the vertigo. Don't knock it if you don't try it!!
—Guest bugaboo

Worked on Vertigo...

I helped harvest wheat this summer for the first time. I came back home and experienced vertigo. The doctor gave me steroids and medicine for the dizziness. Within two weeks, the vertigo came back. The doctor said more than likely I had some debris in my eustachian tube and it will just have to work itself out. I decided to try the ear candles. I did not see alot of wax, but did see a speck or two of dirt. I do not know if it was already in the candle, or if it was indeed from my ear. But I have not had any problems whatsoever with vertigo since then. I am a true believer!!!
—Guest kelleygirl

If It Helps, Why Not?

Whether or not the debris is from the ear, or from the candle is not as important as whether or not the procedure relieves pain and pressure. Do any of us believe everything we hear advertised? Ear candles are not a cure all, nor even a substitute when serious medical intervention is required, but, obviously the experience has been positive for many people on this post, including me. Risks? Yes. But there are simple ways to greatly minimize these risks. Each must decide for himself if these risks are worth taking. Personally, I keep ear candles and oil on hand for those after hour earaches when doctors are scarce. When properly done, I have consitently found the technique to provide comforting relief from ear pain and pressure.
—Guest jmt

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