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Readers Respond: Tinnitus Coping Strategies

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Share Post: Do you suffer from ear noise (ringing, hissing, or crackling) associated with tinnitus? What have you found that helps ease the distraction and discomfort from ringing in the ears? Can you offer any relief suggestions or coping strategies? Share A Tip


Try a garlic clove wash it down with water. Drink Kava tea or kave capsules.
—Guest Ashcan

Qigong for Ear Relief

This may help, worth giving it a try (cec.sonus.ca/econtact/9_4/saario.html). I am trying this myself. It does give instant relief but the sounds come back again. I think the body has amazing ability to right itself again. Never say never. Mine started after 2 bouts of flu recently with high fever.
—Guest jennifer

Try lipoflavonoid & lemon water

I was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease after a sudden hearing loss in my right ear & some strange loud roaring noise like a fire truck was inside!! That was last May. I thought my Happy life was over. You go through many emotions at first, what doesn't kill You makes you so much stronger. The tinnitus gets so bad sometimes at work I can't hear what anyone is saying! My pharmacist suggested I try lipoflavonoid for at least 90 days or more. I drink lemon water all day as well. This increases the blood flow to your ear. It for the most part has kept my tinnitus sound to a very minimum. I too am so hopeful of that cure for all of us that suffer from this dreadful disease. Keep Meniere's research alive by sharing & helping others to protect others. A percentage is from genetics. Protect all those you know & love.....
—Guest KB from SC

coping strategies

I'm not certain I have tinnitus, but I have had a badly stuffed head for 5 days and my ear ringing started yesterday. I had been having trouble hearing out of my right ear and it got to the point where I felt like I couldn't feel my ear. I found that taking Allegra, an antihistamine, helped tremendously. I felt my ear again and when I swallowed I felt inside my ear and I could hear from the ear as well. The ringing is less, although not gone and I will continue to take Allegra daily until my head clears up.
—Guest Rebecca Lake

Pressure on Jawbone

I have ear noise or ringing irritating "white noise" the only thing I have found that helped me personally..... was by a massage therapist who I just happened to tell about this Noise! She says "Oh here" sticks her gloved two fingers in my mouth.. and pushes down at the very back of the inside of the last piece of bone running at the back of the bottom of my jawbone!!!!!!!!!! Within 30seconds of hard pressure.. no kidding instantly.. Gone after almost 2 years of suffering! and having frustrating conversations with doctor after doctor! She explained to me how to do it, so when it gets bad. I just press and hold whallah! :=) I hope this helps got to go the right ear has started agh! Good luck!

Cell Phone Started It, Computer Continue

It all started with smart cell phone, had severe vertigo, then ringing of ears. I stopped using it, and continued using my laptop and desktop. Laptop made my ringing of ears worse, I stopped using it. Now just desktop and still get ringing of ears. I spend lots of hours on computer, and when I lessen my use by few hours, ringing of ears lessens. Electromagnetic fields causes ringing of ears. We need really good quality devices to block the radiation. When will it happen, people already starting to get cancer in brain from all of this. I seen videos.

Sharing My Story Helps

My tinnitus started 2 week ago. I was so nervous I got sleep then in the morning I hear noise in my hear from my right ear I thought is my brain. I was focusing just for this noise. I couldn't work or sleep. It changed all my life but it doesn't stop just in this ,it goes to the left ear but sound different. It is like buzzing or fly in my ear, a very deep sound doesn't stop until now. I am suffering so much from this strangest sound in my ear I did some searching. I found a lot of cases like me that just the good thing to see all this people sharing their story. It makes me feel better because this sound drives me crazy. I can't focus what I do in my life with noise I just need a little peace, I hope healing for the all.
—Guest elen


Try to take a deep breath and then block your nose and seal your lips then blow into your into your mouth till you feel your ear drums have popped out. Try it a few times it may help.
—Guest Bin

Notch Therapy

Residual inhibition, temporary tinnitus relief (good to give you some sense of control over your tinnitus). Notch therapy, promising long term treatment for certain types of tinnitus (noise induced) http://www.notchtherapy.com/ Just found this notchtherapy site, it's new, but God bless people like this.
—Guest Bilbo Baggins

Playing Guitar Gives Me Relief

My tinnitus showed up after the fourth rear car accident, at slow speeds. The ringing was very minor after the first accident, and increased after the 4th. Since it began 10 years ago, I have had only 32 hours of "absolutely no tinnitus at all" I tried different methods to ease the intensity and nothing made any difference. I have just learned to live with it. I ride motorcycles and play the acoustic guitar, and that gives me relief. My heart goes out to all that live with the constant annoyance, and I hope something to reduce if not eliminate the scourge.
—Guest elwin

Ring in the ear

I'm 13. When i got sick I stated to hear a ring in one of my ears. So one day I popped my ear drum by blowing my nose too hard and the ring stop. So now I keep doing that so i don't hear it. I still hear but I don't hear the ring. I hope they find a cure for this.
—Guest esteban benavides the 3

Tinnitus Relief

Tinnitus is phantom sounds so ask doctor about simple retraining therapy.
—Guest Ree Carr

Some things that helped

Had some tinitus in the 90s along with gall bladder problems. Got off wheat, caffeine and did several gall bladder flushes (lemon juice and olive oil, etc.) After 3 months, I beat the gall bladder problem and helped the tinnitus. Until 2005 when BOOM cars became popular. I'm back on the no wheat but it doesn't help. May have to get off the caffeine etc, and probably move. Meanwhile, I distract myself in the daytime and meditate or take a little helper (IB usually) to sleep if I have not worked out enough to collapse. Tougher noise enforcement helped, of course, but how do we stop all the construction, vehicle, etc, etc noises that are causing this in the first place? 60 million people have this problem!!!
—Guest Fogey

Not so bad

I have this noise for over four years didn't think much of it till I started to read about it, IT HELPS TO SLEEP WITH TV ON, I leave it on timer but if it's a bad day I take a sleeping pill. Not the best thing, but it helps.
—Guest cristina

Worse when driving

I got ringing of the ears 15 years ago after finding out my husband 58, years, died in the airport of a heart attack. I think the shock did that, it doesn't go away. When I drive it gets worst, also I live high up, at 2,500 it gets worst.
—Guest norma

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Tinnitus Coping Strategies

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