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Readers Respond: Tinnitus Coping Strategies

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I'm 19 years old and i got it from no where! I don't know how did I got it, I don't listen to loud music or noises, it just came for no reason. For one month now with this tinnitus it's really killing me and I hate that I will live with it for the rest of my life! I'd rather to be a homeless and poor than this little cancer :'( I hope they will find a cure.
—Guest Saif


Hi Ya All: I have had Tinnitus/Hyperacusis and Misophonia (that's another story) for over 15 years. It all started after I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin for a blood infection it wasn't until a couple of years ago an ENT told me the drug is classified as an Ototoxin "When a medication damages the inner ear — the part of the ear responsible for receiving/sending sounds and controlling balance — it's called ototoxicity or "ear poisoning." Just wondering if anyone else has taken these class of drugs over the years? Could be the root cause. A good web-site is simplynoise.com "SimplyNoise is the best free color noise generator on the Internet". I love the brown noise. To all my fellow sufferers - my thoughts are with you.
—Guest coatbridge

Stop Thinking About It

I had Tinnitus for over 17 years and I am fine with it. I have no problem dealing with the noise. Even before I knew about it I had already learned to accept. Some times it gets very loud but still it does not bother me. If there a cure on the way that is good new otherwise, I would not spend time thinking about it.
—Guest Teshome Abrahim

Simile and Metaphor

I recently purchased a sound level meter, and took measurements of the loudest things in and around my apartment. I now have the means to measure exactly how much noise is necessary to mask this ringing in my ears. Lately, the amount of masking noise has been 85~95 dB. Understandably, I don't actually mask the ringing, because listening to sounds at those levels for a while will only further damage my ears. In any case, now, when describing this to my friends, I can say I live life as were an alarm clock blaring three feet away at all hours of every day, or that silence is for me the constant revving of a motorcycle in the middle of my living room, or that my pillow is an especially soft, giant whistle, incessantly blowing as I lay down to rest. When I can't not think about it, I switch to thinking only of it, until I am naturally distracted by something meaningful, something that ADHD for once is helpful for. But that's all I can do. I, too, miss the sound of silence.
—Guest Metaphoric

Forever noise

I cope with the ringing by using my ipod. I put my ipod on in between channels so I hear white noise. Put my earphones on and it over powers the ringing. I'd rather hear static than ringing.
—Guest Bernadette

Tinnitus Obstructs My Hearing

Thought I was starting to lose my hearing until I started reading everyone's post. I really do not know how long I have had my tinnitus but it has been getting louder lately. I am 90 percent deaf in my right ear and for a while I honestly thought the loud noises inside of our Saints games were the cause of it. I have not really had any issues with dealing with it but it does make it even harder for me to hear then before. I have always had the mentality of just dealing with everything without complaints that I really had not given it any concern until recently. I know it was not a sign of a hearing issue because I still heard it if I covered my ears up and to be honest since I am so deaf in one ear I am happy to hear out of the other even if it does come with background noise. Keep your heads up everyone, things could be worse.

Temporary Relief

i first felt this buzzing sound 5yrs. ago. I had vertigo and doctor prescribed medication but it's just gone for awhile. But then last year I got into very depressed situation when we had the Sandy storm and I felt this sound every night and drives me crazy and don't know what to do, so I search on internet about this and as I was reading all of the similar stories like I'm experiencing right now with the tinnitus, I came across to one person who've shared this site and I read & tried it and worked as a temporary relief.. and so I'm just sharing it over again maybe it'll work for you too! Here's the site : health.learninginfo.org/tinnitus.htm
—Guest Cathy

The cost of my hearing was $70

I went indoor skydiving for $70. The short time I was in there has ruined my life forever as I've suffered massive damage to my hearing. Everything is distorted and the constant ring in my head is enough to make me wanna go real sky diving and not pull the shoot. I hate hearing myself talk and others cause now everyone sounds like they're on helium. I'm in a constant bad mood haze now and have no positivity left for nothing. 70 bucks for a lifetime of misery...I cant believe I was so stupid.
—Guest Jay

Night Time Remedy

Vodka and water 4 to 6 tots, bromazepam and zopiclone at night, Drink a lot of water. Cut salt and fat.
—Guest porries

Cell phone

My tinnitus started when I was 14 after I spent hours watching videos in my iPhone with the earphones on (even though it was in the minimum volume). I don't really know if it has something to do, but everytime I spend a lot of time using cell phone, computer or TV and specially when I don't do any physical activities in that day, it seems to get worse. Sleeping helps, when I get home late from parties for example, when I lay down the ringing is louder. So guys, really, I know it seems more appealing not to sleep, sometimes I spend days sleeping only at 3 p.m... but don't do it, you have to fight it, think about good things when you're in bed (that's really important, for people get depressed because of this ringing, I have already, and positive thoughts help you sleep happily and not get depressed). So I wish to you all the best, let's all hope and pray that someday a cure will be found!
—Guest Carlos Eduardo

Think Van Gogh had tinnitus?????

Have been suffering with tinnitus since 2001 and have tried every cure under the sun. There are days that I walk around like a zombi from lack of sleep which can be several days in a row because of this condition. Like many who have written here I pray that a "real" cure is in the immediate......
—Guest Tracy

Focus on other things

I've had tinnitus for 5 years (I'm 20 now) and it has given me such anxiety. It's torture. But, you have to focus on the good in life. I often focus on my breathing and that helps me fall asleep. Also, I think, hey, I've slept a thousand other nights, what makes tonight different?! Good luck :)
—Guest Cecilia

Everyone's is different

I first noticed the ringing in my ear just after I got married 15 years ago. Initially it put me in a horrible depression. Couldn't sleep, which made it worse. It's still there, but I've found some ways to handle it. For sleeping, I place a box fan by the side of my bed near my head (my left ear is worse) and crank it. That helps drown it out and I get sleep. And sleep makes a HUGE difference. I've also noticed, at least for me, pineapple helps. That might be a fluke, I don't know. But mainly, I did my best to keep in mind that though it's a royal pain the ass, it won't kill me. Which isn't to say it's always easy. Best of luck to all of you ... I hope something does come about that can help relieve us of this.

Self Inflicted

I'm 32 years old and have had tinnitus since I was about 25. I used to have subs, multiple amps - competition grade sounds in my car - and drive long distances over a period of 3 years listening to my music very very loud (you could hear me coming a km away). So loud it shook you (Which I just loved) Unfortunately I thought that I would "only" slowly go deaf, and once that started happening I would simply turn the music down. Little did I know a ringing would start in my head that would consume my life. It is so loud now. I stopped listening to loud sounds the moment I knew I had Tinnitus, but it's grown worse. Now, as I sit here, it is louder than anything. It's like the school bell going off, sitting next to it, and it never ever ever stops. I can hear it in the shower it's that bad. Last night I broke down on my partners shoulder and bawled my eyes out. I hate crying but now I feel like crying all the time. I can't handle it, I can't ignore it, it won't stop. I ruined my life. :'(
—Guest Sir Ringsallot

Keep Aspirations on

Tinnitus is probably because of the jargon of bot being loved enough, or voices that made us feel unloved fill our ears. We dont want to hear anymore any negative. So stay away from the negative, say positive aspirations to yourself and Tinnitus will by and by subside, knowing that you are accepted and loved by yourself first ...
—Guest Guest Sana

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Tinnitus Coping Strategies

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