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Readers Respond: Tinnitus Coping Strategies

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My Old Friend

I cannot remember when I didn't hear the constant ultra high pitched tone. I've been told it stems from past aural trauma (tank and artillery firing in the army, sitting in front of the trumpets in stage band). The ringing is absolutely constant; I cannot remember quiet.
—Guest Rick

Cannabis Helps Sometimes

Although cannabis (marijuana) is illegal in most places it seems to sometimes work well sometimes and sometimes no.
—Guest bud

Be careful cleaning ears

What I found out at night helps is to put your radio on low static like running water or a talk show but on static.
—Guest david

Suffering lately

I'm suffering severe buzzing noise at my ear all day long, but worse is very severe during my bed time and hard to fall me a sleep. Bu,t reading some sharing words coming from same persons who suffer this kind of illness help me to ease my worrying that would end in worse case.... hope one day it will gone.

Keep busy

Thinking about it is worse. Yes, it's hard not to but having the volume a little higher while cooking, or music playing in the background helps throughout the day. It sucks, but there are so many people that suffer from this. Stay positive and don't let it run your life!
—Guest Michelle

I have to cry

It was about 4 or 5 months before my ear started ringing, first I ignored it all but then I felt that something is bad in my ear.After this my life became hectic. I couldn't concentrate on my studies, neither could I play. I was very upset because of this disease. I consulted many doctors and ENTs about this but I got no relief. 1 very famous ent Dr. Brijendra Shukla suggested me to have audiogram and several other tests of ear in that he said I could not hear sounds of high frequency by birth(left ear).
—Guest Tanmay Mishra


Had this since my car accident 10/14/2011. I now go to a Nerou-massage Therapist, three times a week and they work on the nerves of your ears and head, so far it has diminished some of the loud ringing.. I hope this goes away soon, though I am going crazy, because it keeps me up most of the night.
—Guest Susan

I wish someone could help

25 years ago I worked in the mail room for FPL and that awful machine has missed up my ears. I have always with me loud crickets sounds.
—Guest yvonne

Ears are Fine, Head noise is Terrible

I don't know when it started, but it got worse over a period of years... what I first noticed was that I couldn't hear a phone ringing that elderly friends could hear. I hear a constant forrest in my head, cicadas, crickets, bees sometimes a lawnmower will start, and I can close my eyes, and hear it all around me, the same noise in the same spot always, just somtimes louder than others. My ears are fine, but anything I "understand" has to be louder than the forest critters in my brain. Masking doesn't work, my brain masks any soft noise. It is never gone, but is louder at times. Occasionally I can't sleep, because of the loudness, and I can understand the devistation of some others that can't cope. I only get there rarely, and just cry for quiet. There is no quiet in my world, and any communication has to be louder that my brain noise. An audiologist suggested $3500 worth of hearing aides, that MIGHT work to retrain my brain, but maybe not!! Wish there was help, but won't give up HOPE.

Acceptance is Key for Me

I have had constant ringing in my ears for years and years. While it can be very loud (and sometimes are much louder than others), I am still able to hear sounds from outside my body very well. I try to think of it as my spirit guides whispering in my ears, always letting me know that they are there. Or as the energy from higher beings that registers in my inner ear. In this way I am able to relax and accept that the ringing was a positive signal in my life. Plus, I think the relaxation itself does lower the pitch of the sound a bit. All the best to those of us who experience this sound all the time. Try to find peace with it -- one less battle to fight in life, which is a good thing.

I cannot cope anymore :(

I'm 19, I've suffered with episodes of tinnitus since before I can remember. I've had a permanent 2 tone ringing for the last 6 months. I was born hearing impaired and I think my tinnitus started when my eardrum ruptured as a child. I am so desperate for just a moment of silence. I really think I'm losing my mind. My tried and tested methods of distraction are completely rubbish now and nothing I've tried eases the ringing. It's a comfort to know I'm not the only one feeling this tortured.
—Guest Jessie

deaf and tinitus

I was born with nerve deafness.. severe in my right ear.. but i'ts funny that ringing is perceived in my left since it is my left ear that works best. The ringing like a high pitch electrical ringing doesn't bother me. It is just the one constant sound among all the other ever changing sounds around me. It is louder when cold fronts come through or I take some sinus meds. But it never stands out until a situation like a power outage. I dislike hearing only the ringing. I prefer fan sounds or other sounds with it, no one sound. I prefer many sounds together. Earplugs can't help.. then I would only hear ringing because the sound is inside, not outside. I have a friend who just began having the ringing, she finds it debilitating. I don't let her talk that way because I believe the only way to cope is to find a way to coexist with it. Hers has a chance to one day go away, mine is different. My advise is to find a way to accept it. Since I accept it, it does not hurt me.
—Guest cynthia

I pray one day a cure is found

Hi, I have suffered with chronic tinnitus after a fractured scull base from a fall. My life seems totally devastated now. The only thing that keeps me going is hope. My tinnitus varies from just noticed to intense screaming, especially if i drink a beer the night before. Nobody is interested because they don't understand. I pray one day a cure is found for everyone. I found after a good meal it can dramatically reduce.

Ringing never stops

Three weeks ago I woke up with loud ringing in my ears and dizziness. No help from my doctor who dismissed it as a viral infection. I found out from various websites that I may have Meniere's disease - vomitting, nausea, dizziness and vertigo associated with Tinnitus. The website Remedies for Tinnitus Cure have testimonals from sufferers that claimed to have been cured of the ringing and the other symptoms. My husband discovered Lipo-Flavonoid, a vitamin supplement that claims to be effective in helping with the problem, even though suffering for 20 years. I am taking Lipo-Flavonoid for the past five days and sometimes the ringing is less intense and confine to the left ear. You can buy it online or from the drug store. Just google Lip0-flavonoid and Tinnitus cure. Hope this will help me and all of you. God bless and good luck.
—Guest Doreen F.

ear problems

I am also suffering from ear problem the last year. I got treatment but no benefit. I need fan to sleep at night.
—Guest meena

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