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Readers Respond: Ways to Use Bloodstone for Healing

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Share Post: How have you ever used bloodstones for healing or spiritual purposes? Did this focusing and grounding stone teach you a valuable lesson or help you deal with some issue? Please share your personal experiences of using or wearing bloodstone.

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All my life I struggled through school my life as I knew hurt and put a huge scare in my life a stone, not a bloodstone, but a moonstone was on my neck all of those years. As, I grew I found a bloodstone walking along an old trail. It's so pretty and ever since I had it I feel so much off. It seriously changed me. It fixed my relationship. When I was in freshman high. My life sucked and wearing the stone got me through it. Lies were said, and more scares were also created but love never escaped. When I was younger I fell in love, a person cheated and hurt me, and the only way I dealt with it I did a healing on my body. I meditated and with the stone I felt at ease. Pure and cleaned! My soul was healing and so was my life. The stone saved me from heart break. Bloodstone is the only stone in my life that calms me and makes me feel at peace and the love of my new partner, is more pleasing and makes me feel so beautiful ;)!
—Guest Daniell Hoznor

Eases "Lack of" Fears

Bloodstone helps you to become more willing to allow abundance in your life. Bloodstone kind of makes you feel like it is okay to have what you want without the guilt when you receive it. It also helps you to know that it is only a matter of time before you will get what you want. Bloodstone relieves the fear around never having enough or feeling the fear of missing out. Bloodstone also raises your self esteem and gives you confidence. It is a balancing stone, slowing those who go too fast and speeding up those who go to slow.
—Guest Whitehorse Woman

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