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Readers Respond: Why I Choose to Wear the Colors I Wear

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Share Post: Do your moods influence the way you dress? What colors find their way into your wardrobe? Can you make a connection between choice of color and your emotions?

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My Color Choices

Ì decorate in yellow and green because it makes me feel happy and peaceful. I like to wear red, purple, yellow, green and denim. I get tired of black. I also like to wear white with silver. lately I like to wear orange and pink too. Actually I prefer stronger colors but when I want to blend in I wear grey or brown.
—Guest barbara anne

i love bright colors

Neon colors are fun to wear, they are vibrant and make me feel on top of the world. I also love white it makes me feel centered. Navy blue makes me feel empowered. But I feel comfy and laid back when I wear green.
—Guest Celia

Tingling White

I adore white. It makes me feel energized,confident and happy as though d whole world wer under my feet. It seems to make my world go round.
—Guest Regina

I wear colors that match my mood

I choose colors which feel good at a particular moment. Lately, its usually a dark color like navy, deep red wine or olive green. I feel out of sorts in hastily selected tops.


In reading thse responses, I see nothing about complexion. I have olive skin and anything with yellow in it makes me look sallow. I can wear green if it is a forest green. I never wear orange, coral or yellow. I look much better in lavenders, blues and purples. I feel better in them as I look better in them. I am beginning to wear grays as my hair becomes more gray.
—Guest maya

Colors in my life :)

Colors are very important to me! I wear red to feel energized and strong, dark blue for feeling centered, black for connecting with my inner power and spontaneity... But, color combinations are also essential. I like red and yellow. black and denim, orange and red (and yellow:) )...
—Guest Ana

Orange is fun

I wear a lot of orange because it's fun and makes me feel happy. Even my car is orange, and it makes people smile.
—Guest Ali

Pink or baby pink is very soothing!

Pink is my favorite wayback to my childhood that even during my wedding.. pink is my color motif. Then it evolves to red, the love, and all colors that most of the time black has become beautiful too:) rainbow color ..bring so much hope!
—Guest Rosario Paraiso Flores

Black is my Shade

I wear black all the time. It really feels like my color, and I normally don't prefer to wear anything else. I like to see black as the "ultimate color". It's all the colors mixed together perfectly with no white. Although I got to admit, I wish my hair was white so it would look a little better on me. Oh well.
—Guest Sarah

I wear red...

To transcend from anger to personal power. That and I just look good in it.
—Guest guest

Purple warms my soul

Pulling purple over my head, feeling a soft comfortable fabric, then relaxing into the royal shade helps me to remember to be grateful. Purple is spiritual, powerful and relaxing. I am grateful my closet is full of purple, nestled in black and oranges, with a bit of red to boot!!! Cheers
—Guest Mary B

Why I Love Wearing Black

Black empowers me. Wearing black makes me feel dressed up. I love wearing black ties with all black clothing. I stand out in a crowd as someone that is proud who they are. Even if I am in black jeans, with a black t-shirt and all black Converse, I still look dressed up for an event. Oh, and let us not forget the black shades to go with the outfit.
—Guest Seth


I am learning about my divine colors from a hypnotist. Yellow is my color, I am picturing it after using the zen breathing tecnique. It is healing my negative emotions.
—Guest Brightsoul


I choose black as my color chose because it is beautiful.
—Guest kenia

my color chioce

Green, yellow, and red shades are my favourites. Many times I prefer brown with earthly shades. I have an aversion for black and blue cause blue does not suit me. I have experienced that whenever I wore blue i had a very rough day. So there is no blue or black in my wardrobe.
—Guest lata

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