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Readers Respond: Why I Choose to Wear the Colors I Wear

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Share Post: Do your moods influence the way you dress? What colors find their way into your wardrobe? Can you make a connection between choice of color and your emotions? Share Your Color Choices

The colours I am drawn to are..

I love turquoise and teal, they are so uplifting and healing too... I also love purple, pink, red and yellow....I also go for a lot of white.. a very bright and fresh colour..
—Guest Rachel

Colours Change My Outlook on Life

I have recently suffered the loss of my horse who was my whole life. My whole routine has changed and I am struggling to find a new direction. I have been staying home and making jewellery!! I noticed that I am wearing a lot of green, and feel drawn to green things like green beads when I am jewellery making, but when feeling creative I am wearing orange which is unusual for me. I notice that colours change my outlook on life, and I will now be looking more closely at what I wear and why. Interesting!
—Guest Hilary

Any Colour As Long As It's Black!

95% of my wardrobe is black, as I work in theatre as a technician and Stage Manager and need to be as unobtrusive as possible during a performance. When I do get the (rare) chance for a splash of colour it's quite a relief but also quite an strange and unnerving sight for me and anyone who knows me! :)
—Guest Dan

The Color Black

In western culture Black is often demonized and carries a negative connotation but its my favorite color. In some African cultures it signifies Power and Strength. And almost everything looks good in black. Just offering a different perspective. Cheers!
—Guest Gus

I like blue color

I like blue color because it makes me happy and complete my work successful manner. I love blue color.
—Guest manikandan

This experiment enlightened me!

My entire wardrobe consists of black and gray. I used to think it was just because i found them cool. But then I started to realize, even before this experiment, that those colors were like my mood and what I feel. I can see now, that after reading the conclusion of this experiment that it is completely accurate. Most people think I'm that annoying girl with ADHD that talks non-stop and they see me in a bright mood, but its all a mask, when I'm not around people I'm depressed and I often start actually thinking when I'm alone and i breakdown and just cry. It's gotten worse. I recently came to a shocking revelation about my past, and now whenever I think about it and start to cry and I've even almost broke down in the middle of class a few times recently. So it was helpful to see this and figure out what's going on in my life.
—Guest Ryan

Favorite colors

I have a lot of favorite combos .. usually a neutral + bright, like navy blue, charcoal grey with hot pink! Navy blue + orange or lime green, coral, or white are all nice. i also like neutral colors like tan, beige, nude, or cream - colors of the skin. And of course black is a nice base. Black + Charcoal grey + baby pink. And of course, teal and indigo!
—Guest Indigo

Why I Wear Black

I am an artist and jewelry maker, and for me black makes a perfect back ground for my pieces to "pop" out. I don't want to fade into the background when I am wearing it all! I love its sophistication in fashion as well. Think Audrey Hepburn and her pearls. Beautiful. So, as the owner of several black leggings (lol) and assorted tops/sweaters, I usually choose one or the other when deciding what jewelry to wear. I wear gemstones and semi-precious stones to fit my mood or needs, so the background needs to feel good. I do not like pure white on me, but feel better in a warmer shade of white. My favorite combo, and kind of my signature look, is a combination of black/white with red or turquoise. I sleep in a pile of deep chocolate brown with green plants around me...grounding me I guess. My natural tendencies are to choose warm colors in tops and sweaters; like buttery yellows, yellow-greens, aqua, and orange on occasion, and I almost subconsciously choose browns with these. Love grey/pink

Black always matches

Black matches with everything (I'm color blind, literally) it works for every occasion: dressed up, dressed down. It always me to be a "Tom Boy" and get a little dirty once in a while, while still maintaining some femininity. It makes my eyes stand out. It's slenderizing. It's everything I could ever need in a wardrobe.
—Guest Mary

orange for better

I better to wear shirt orange, feeling that I am handsome!yahh hahaha
—Guest chris

Shades I Wear Sum Me Up Pretty Well

I've always been creative so my colours go on mood mostly. I've always liked blue, in the last decade I've liked and wear purple, orange, recently hot pink and of course black or grey, all shades of these colours sum me up pretty well and make me feel heard because I was a very quiet child and angst filled teen. Now as an adult I tend to be brighter in shade.
—Guest tonez

My Color Choices

Ì decorate in yellow and green because it makes me feel happy and peaceful. I like to wear red, purple, yellow, green and denim. I get tired of black. I also like to wear white with silver. lately I like to wear orange and pink too. Actually I prefer stronger colors but when I want to blend in I wear grey or brown.
—Guest barbara anne

i love bright colors

Neon colors are fun to wear, they are vibrant and make me feel on top of the world. I also love white it makes me feel centered. Navy blue makes me feel empowered. But I feel comfy and laid back when I wear green.
—Guest Celia

Tingling White

I adore white. It makes me feel energized,confident and happy as though d whole world wer under my feet. It seems to make my world go round.
—Guest Regina

I wear colors that match my mood

I choose colors which feel good at a particular moment. Lately, its usually a dark color like navy, deep red wine or olive green. I feel out of sorts in hastily selected tops.

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Why I Choose to Wear the Colors I Wear

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