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Readers Respond: Miraculous Angel Singing Stories

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Choir singing?

I am not religious but I have heard something singing to me. i was young and by myself walking in a large shed when I heard singing. it was just one note. But then it got louder and louder until I realised it was too loud to be coming from outside my mind. It got very loud and would not go away and I got scared it was not a nice note. it was some minor note it didn't sound happy. I started to really freak out after about two minutes and I wanted it to stop and after about two minutes it faded away. I don't know what it was but it sounded like a choir.
—Guest Tobi-Lea

Angels faintly singing

I was lying in my room awake and I always pray every night. No exceptions I pray for family, friends, and angels to watch over us. So I've heard stories about angels singing and I've had some out of body experiences that have really enlightened me. I've noticed people have taken a more liking to me and I especially see it in animals. It's like I've been enlightened so anyways since I'm very open to all this I'm lying there trying to have an O.B.E and was meditating so I'm getting deeper into it and I hear the most heavily voices. I know I wasn't thinking it up because it was the most random beautiful noise I've ever heard and I've been hearing them now and again since. The trick to doing this is tell God how much you love him and appreciate life and then lie in a completely quiet room and use clairvoyance which is seeing or hearing something out of the ordinary with ability. Pray to hear angels say I wish to hear you, please let me hear your music you are the higher power.
—Guest breanna Montgomery

Angels Singing

I’m so glad to hear others hear what I hear. It started a couple of weeks ago about two and a half months after my mother passed. At first what I could hear was beautiful string music playing behind my titnus. Then last week I hear a chorus accompanying the strings. It is the most peaceful and warming sounds. I give gratitude for it each and every day. I can hear it when I sit in silence with or without my hearing aids on. I know it is a gift from God. He is giving me love and reminding me to love myself for then I can project that to the world same as what I saw as my mom was dying. She radiated love during her last week on earth. Her spiritual energy for lack of a better description was a gift given to me for three days and shared with others. You would not believe me if I told you what I and others saw and heard. The singing is a gift from God to comfort me. I'm just starting to figure it out or maybe I never will.
—Guest GinaEs

Seamless Perfection

I have woke up many times to hearing beautiful choral singing and heavenly etheral music. With the singing, sometimes it's male voices, other times female. It can be in chorus or just one singing, but I hear it for that few seconds in that window when you're not fully in gear with the vehicle which is our body. One time I heard a chorus of praise where I heard the echoes like singing in a church. The singing and music leaves me with the certain feeling it is all an eternal praise of God. The music is atmospheric, joyful and has no repetition, but seamless perfection and ever changing newness.

My Heavy Heart Was Lifted

3 years ago I woke around 4am one summers morning, I got out of bed and walked outside with my dogs to let them have a wee. Living in the country we had no neighbours for about a mile so all you'd hear at that time was the birds, but while walking in the garden with the dogs I suddenly heard loud singing as though loud speakers were all around me, it was so intense as beautifully written in 'Three Perfect Notes' in this forum. As it continued for 2 -3 mins I didn't feel frightened, just confused of how it was so? but my normally heavy heart started to feel lifted, I felt so comforted I just wanted to fall to my knees and cry. Since I have searched for others who have heard it too and looked for the singing in recordings, so when I 1st heard this song by Elly Goulding I immediately recognised it in the backing vocals, I was stuck to the floor with the same feelings from that morning. Listen to the Ooo's and the Ahh's - this is how Angels sing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miOEmyjpLkU
—Guest Wendy

Angels singing in French

oui la vie oui la vie oui la bon I do not speak French but that is what the Angels were singing.
—Guest Daniel57

Angels singing "Oh Father"

I particularly remember this time well. It was 02/02/10 at 0530hrs (I documented the date and time so I would not forget the times). I heard Angels singing in a dream "Oh Father we lift up our prayers', while they were singing I was praising the Lord saying over and over again, 'Oh Father Lord of Lord and King of Kings, Father of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Angels singing in the background, their voices sounded like a fine metalic low/high tone echo, it was beautiful and in harmony. The Angels also said to me that when I pray I must lift up my hands so they can carry my prayers to the Father.
—Guest Rosina Randall

Angels All My Life

I have too many experiences with spirits or Angels to detail them all in this forum....but I can share one or two.First of all...when i was a kid, i was in bed over my aunt's house and an angel floated in the window...it looked like a man and woman....long straight hair like a native american, a long gown etc.It motioned to me to come to it and I almost did but stopped when I saw clearly that it had 3 eyes. so I laid down and it floated over and kissed me and i fell asleep as if I was under a spell. After that, I never stopped hearing a male and female spirit around me, morning noon and night ...and they would do things like knock on my bedroom door and open it while I had friends over (and freak my friends out). One day a friend and I were in my livingroom talking, and he expressed a deep disbelief in angelic beings, and as he spoke, a spirit drew a black line down my friend's face and it scared he and I to death. I have many more stories but no space left to write.

My daughter and I hear singing.

Sitting at home today, Feb. 18th my daughter was playing quietly in the den with a collection of Fancy Nancy stickers. I was picking up her room and putting away clothes. No media was on and the house was quiet as we were both involved in our tasks. Beautifully a voice or voices filled the house sounding like, "ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhh." It was perfectly pitched and so soothing I may have just kept at my organization of my daughters clothing had I not heard my daughter sing in her childlike, 4 year old voice trying to match the beauty of the song. I smiled in realization and walked to my daughter. We were both smiling. I asked her if she had heard something and she said, "yes, I think it was an angel."
—Guest Michelle

wife and I heard angels singing

i admit i didnt used to belief in a higher power but my wife and I got sucked into the dec 21 2012 thing but that night we experenced somthing i never imagined when we layed down to bed that night we heard the most beautiful chior of angels singing from the sky it gave me goosebumbs and vibrations in my head as if their song touched me now i experence this sensation whenever i meditate
—Guest brandon

wake in shock

I was asleep last night and waked up in shock .. I heard singing .. right in my ear . and it was loud .. it was not the tv and everyone else was asleep. Then I look over to my opened closet and the hanging clothes started moving .. like a breaeze passed through them. cannot remember the song and I heard it many times that night, but it was when iI was asleep then Ii would wake up and I would still hear it. It did not last for long but all I can remember now is the faint pretty voice.. it's so hard to describe.. does it mean anything ?
—Guest tyler

Amazing Singing I'll Never Forget

On the morning of December 22, 2012, I was awake very early, as my mom was in the hospital with my 2 sisters at her side. Due to living so far away, I was not able to physically be with her, but knew her last breath would take place shortly. My sister notified me of my mom's death early in the morning and shortly thereafter, within minutes, I heard the most amazing singing. It seemed like the sound was coming from my living room ceiling and totally enveloped me and the room. The singing was an experience I'll never forget. Some people think it was angels singing as my mom entered heaven; others think they were singing to let me know everything was going to be okay. The sound was more amazing than any choir I have ever heard. I hope I experience it again some day.
—Guest Marilyn

3 Angels Sing Joy to the World

I am 15 years old.I was in my room with my window open I saw a man ride by my house on a horse I waved at him and I heard him say hey. As I sat down I heard the most beautiful set of notes and 3 Angeles singing joy to the world it has touched my inner soul so much. I had and still get a over inspiring feeling deep down in my body it sounded like it was coming from the heavens. I hope god may touch you as he has touched me Hallejuha
—Guest James

All for the Glory of God

At the time in my life when God brought me back & saved me from killing myself, I carried a lot of pain, hatred & anger in my heart. It was a time when God was healing me and dealing with those past things in my life. So for nearly 2-3 months, every single day in the early hours of the morning, Jesus used to come to heal my heart. So the next morning when I wake up, I wouldn't know where all the pain & anger went, i would only feel total peace and remember that angels were present as well. I was curious & asked the Lord to reveal to me. So this one morning, my soul woke up when Jesus came. He knelt beside my bed & put His pierced Hand into my heart. Behind Him were many angels who were singing praises to Him, I don't remember all they sang but one sentence remains in my heart. They sang 'Whatever happened has happened, all for the glory of God!'. That time, hearing that while watching Jesus smile like I never sinned, was all I needed to know & hear. Today I'm forgiven & fully healed!
—Guest Bab

Angels Everywhere

I too have heard angels sing, have had many, many encounters with the kingdom of heaven. God is revealing his spirit to his bride, and others in this hour especially, preparing people for his return. we must not confuse heavenly things with counterfeits that too are taking place now, be careful to God's word and make sure that whatever heavenly experience you are having lines up with his word, because Satan is very clever, just don't allow your beautiful experiences like mine to other things, be careful of horoscopes , mediums and test all spirits as the bible does warn, Satan comes as an angel of light too, but only to spread his lies, but yes angels are revealing themselves in big ways today, give glory to God only and not the angels, they are only messengers here to serve us and God. this is only the beginning many more things will begin to happen in the heavenlies, we are living in some exciting times, all glory to God.

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Miraculous Angel Singing Stories

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