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Readers Respond: Reports of Angel Encounters

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Share Post: Many people believe angels are all around us. Do you believe in Angels? Do you have a convincing angel story that could turn a skeptic into a believer? Has an angel appeared before your eyes or made its presence known to you in some other way? Please share your angel encounter stories. Share Angel Story

God Answers Our Prayers In His Timing

I prayed that God would show me an angel and he did twice many years after I prayed for this. Both encounters happened when I was sleeping. I suppose angels will come to visit us on occasion when we would be most relaxed and receptive to their visitations. The first encounter I had was when I was in a dream state walking along a dark path at night. Then suddenly the entire environment setting lit up with incredibly pure bright light as if the sun itself was shining on me. Suddenly I woke up, but no one was in the dark bedroom that I could see. So I asked in bewilderment "What is it?" as if it was someone I was speaking to. No voice or words came forth, but the angel conveyed thoughts/pictures to my mind telepathically, showing me that I left the side door of the garage open with a picture in my mind and then reminding me to close the door and to lock it. So, I thanked the angel and got out of bed and sure enough the door was wide open.
—Guest Jeff

Red lights

Over this past few months when I have been at work I have encountered a very intense red light which has shone for about 4 seconds and then disappeared. When I have seen this light I have asked others present if they could see it but they all said no. I wondered if I was seeing things so I don't always say anything when it appears, but a couple of weeks ago it appeared and one of the people present with me saw it. In the building I work in it is impossible for this light to shine in. I saw it again last night but no one else did.
—Guest A yates

Death Angel

When I was twenty years old I was almost nine months pregnant. I was sitting in my bed wide awake. A vision of a ....well the best way I can explain....a bright light came into my room the vision as best I can say was like a man but his facial features were lion like and it seemed to have a bright light shining thru. I don't know how else to explain and I wish I could draw it but I'm not artistic . .42 years old now..this has haunted me to the day. That night my baby was killed by the umbilical cord. An angel took him I've no doubt at all.
—Guest Sara Scully


When I was younger I was going through a lot of things that a young 16 year old girl shouldn't have to endure; You can try to imagine. Well, my mother and I where arguing a lot and she stayed very angry because she was going through things of her on. She took it out on my little brother and me. I went to sleep that night after crying and praying to God; I prayed for hours until I drifted off to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to a bright light in my door way. It was so bright that I had to squint my eyes to look at this beautiful light, then a very tall what appeared to be a man walked out of the light to the edge of my bed walked to where I was laying kneeled down over me. He spoke my name and put his hand on my arm and started to whisper something in my ear. I could not understand what he was trying to tell me because as soon as he touched my arm I started feeling really tired and fell back to sleep. He made me feel so much comfort. I still think of my angel till this day.
—Guest Erica

Shining armor

About two months ago I was at a friends just chillin then I go downstairs and then she comes downstairs and we start talking bringing up old memories and we were bonding on a high level. She goes upstairs and I'm downstairs still. About 20 minutes later I find myself walking upstairs to her room not knowing I really was and we just start holding hands spinning in circles and between us a bright light of gold appeared I believe were angels. I think they were angels because i didn't realize to the very next day that it happened . I thought I was hallucinating but I guess I wasn't cause all of a sudden the next day changes started happening in my life immediately for the better. I wasn't shocked I was more amazed this happened.
—Guest -guest jasmine

A moment I will never forget

One early day before school I was about 13 at the time. Me and my sister were in the living room having breakfast. All of a sudden we both seen a really bright light, thought wow today is going to be a sunny warm day. We look over by the tv which was sitting right across from me and there it was. A beautiful tall elegant angel. I remember looking In its piercing deep eyes like it was saying something to me. Then it literally took its pen and wrote something down on a pad of paper and yes I was in utter disbelief. From that day on all I can think about is what this angel wrote down about me. It brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. My childhood was a somewhat traumatic time for me and right when I thought I wasn't any good my angel appeared before me. It was so amazing and yet so mysterious at the same time. I will never ever deny my lord and hopefully one day I will know what the angel wrote down.
—Guest krystol

My Worried Big Sister

I grew up with a dad who had very bad temper issues and was very abusive. I was always scared of him and always worried about what will happen next. I have an older sister who passed away while she was getting delivered. When I was 8-years-old I had a very clear dream of a girl who looked like in her late teens to 20s sitting on a swing wearing a white long dress. For some reason I felt happy. I have never seems this girl before but for lame reason I felt like a knew her and I felt safe. We held each other's hand walking across a long field of very nice grass. And then all of a sudden, I see a very bright light and we're walking towards it. I felt so peaceful with her. Once I walked into the light I woke up! But I woke up as if a had a very bad nightmare and It felt like I lost breath! I didn't know why a beautiful looking dream ended up feeling like a nightmare? My mum told me that I was walking into heaven and my sister was taking me there. My sister's spirit was worried about me.
—Guest Grace

Moped angels

I was on a moped when an SUV in lane 2 decided to turn into a drive right in front of me, that's when I screamed and hit. When I came to a lady was with me praying and I told her I was pregnant. All checked out and is good just bruised up and sore. That night she called me and said her husband is a state trooper when they seen the SUV hit me my shoes went flying he looked at her and said she is dead. I have learned the moped is trashed crumbled and I should not be here. She said I should have been under the SUV. Who moved me that day she and I now believe an angel had come that day and saved me and the baby. That lady to me was also my angel I asked the cop if he knew her I needed to talk to her he said no. That night I am so glad to have talked to one of my angels their that day. Live one day at a time and never take life for granted. God is real and so our angels. Who else would have kept me from going under the SUV with the scooter.
—Guest aliveandthankful

Angel or dream?

When I was a child less than 10 years old, I had a cabin bed with a desk underneath, I remember this thought as though it was yesterday. I was laying in bed and had my back turned to the outside, I was asleep and kinda rose up from my sleep, I turned to my right and saw a beautiful creature looking over me, I wasn't afraid of scared just kind of calm and happy, she had long wavy hair, very feminine facial features and was dressed in a blue floaty dress and blue wings, the blue was a very very pale kind of a pale- whitey colour. I had no near death experience no accident or anything so I have no idea why this happened. I thought it had been my mum dressed up as a fairy but the facial features were different and so was the hair and the hair length.
—Guest pinkunicorn

I was visited by a light being

It woke me by whispering my name softly and stroking my face. It was tall and golden bright light and radiated warmth and safety and felt wonderful. It asked me to get up out of bed and go tell a friend of mine not to go out with a certain man that night. I didn't know my friend was with a man that night but I thought I'd better do something so I found her and told her what had happened. She wasn't happy with me at all, but...what else was I to do? I have never seen anything or heard anything else like this. It happened when I was happy and in a non stress situation. I had no mental health problems and I've never seen it again. It was about 30 years ago. I was around 20 I think. It felt the way I would expect an angel to feel. I felt relieved to see it, as if I knew it. It was neither male or female. It radiated a sense of protection and safety. I really liked it and was disappointed when it was gone. I wondered if I was still dreaming and thought I was awake but when it stroked my face.
—Guest libby

Hand on shoulder

This has never happened to me before. I was sleeping on my bed facing the window on my side. I was dead asleep and as soon as "a hand" touched my shoulder, I woke up. It startled me but I wasn't scared. I got a feeling it was male, possibly my grandpa but who knows. It was a soft touch but it felt real.
—Guest Guest Alex

Bright Light

Today I was in church praying. Then I saw a bright light. I felt comfort.
—Guest Me

Baby sleeping next to me?

When I was about 7-9 years old, I couldn't sleep for some reason and I just tried to sleep. I looked on the side of my bed and saw a cute little baby sleeping right next to me. I couldn't tell if it was a baby boy or girl. I was a bit frightened because I don't have a baby brother or baby sister, I just stared at it and i felt very safe so I hugged it and fell asleep. Later then I woke up and the baby was gone. My mother told me when I was 10-13 that she was supposed to have a baby but it died because my mother was stressed from work and she didn't know if it was a baby boy or girl too. Was this my little baby sibling?
—Guest Alaina

My Angel

One of my brothers who was a huge church goer believed in helping anyone that needed help and preaching about how good God is and how much life is better when you believe. Anyways, he never got sleep because when he wasn't working he was organizing a church function, counseling someone, or having a barbecue for friends and family. he had literally gave his shirt off his back for a guy who needed it. anyways, he had a stroke & could only say 1 word at a time. Towards the end, he kept saying "home.friday.suit" he past away that Friday. A few months later, my other brother got a visit from this guy whom he just met days earlier. He walked into my brothers house and saw a picture of my brother on the wall and asked who is that? What's his name? He replied "That's my brother Ray, why?" The guy continued to say "About a month ago, that guy came to me when I was at the end of my ropes and I was going to kill myself, but he talked me out of it". He then thanked my brother and shook his hand.

Angel in my closet

One night my father locked me in my room and I was crying and hysterical. Suddenly light flooded my closet and the door burst open. Then a white figure stepped forward from my closet. She/ He was dressed in glowing drapes and seemed to calm me down. I dont remember much after that. Years after, I was planning on going to a hypnotist to see if I can try to re-live the memory to see what it was, but in the back of my mind I am secretly terrified of seeing this "angel".
—Guest P.M.

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