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Readers Respond: Reports of Angel Encounters

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Share Post: Many people believe angels are all around us. Do you believe in Angels? Do you have a convincing angel story that could turn a skeptic into a believer? Has an angel appeared before your eyes or made its presence known to you in some other way? Please share your angel encounter stories.

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My son and his angel

In my home we are not religious by any means. One night I was putting my son to bed and he started telling me that the night before Jesus brought an angel to him because he was scared. He said "she was so beautiful and her wings were so big they almost touched my walls." He said she sang to him and layed with him until he fell asleep. He then said Jesus came back to get her and he brought her back to a door with him where they started to sparkle and then went through the door. Ever since my son has been obsessed with Jesus and angels. He prays to an angel often and prays for Jesus to come back. The other day he was crying because he said he keeps praying but he doesn't think Jesus can hear him. He said that he keeps praying for him to come back because they make him feel so happy. I acknowledge what he says but I don't push it. I just let him talk about it when he needs to. Not sure what i should do, he gets genuinely sad when he thinks Jesus can't hear him. He is only 4yrs old.

Angels Are Amoung Us!

Found this sight while searching for answers. My 15 yr old grandson and I were putting up garage sale signs several blocks down the street. When I got back in the car to head back home I looked at Dawson, he was looking out straight ahead and asked if he got stay the night. No sooner than he asked the question while driving, in a flash of an eye, I saw Huge white Angel Wings encompass my windshield and at that very second Dawson shouted "Grandma did you see that"? I said yes I saw Huge Angel Wings covering my windshield...he said no Grandma I saw a ball of fire. We were both shocked as to have seen two different things? We are strong believers and have experienced many miracles but who is ready for something like this. No trees fell no storm, why Angle Wings in front of me covering my side of the windshied and fireball flash for him? Can someone help me to understand this ? AwesomI could actually see the inner wing with all it's brilliance and feathers. Huge! Gone as fast as it came.
—Guest dlapaust

Angel At Night

My family and I were going thru a terrible experience back in 2006 and to make long story short I had a chair next to my bed one night I was sleeping and I woke up looking towards my chair and there was a little girl dressed in all white with a hat on. She had beautiful glow but all of a sudden she walked away. I could not fall back asleep. I was terrified,but to this day I know she was an angel watching over me.
—Guest Eduardo B

We never forgot

I’ve never told this story. When I was about 7yrs old I was left at home alone with my nephew who was three at the time. We were playing in a back room when something scared us. I don’t remember what I saw or heard but I knew I had to get out of that house or we were going to die. I clutched my nephew tightly, both of us screaming and crying, and ran toward the front door. Just before reaching the exit I saw a tiny ball of glowing white light hovering just above our front door. I stopped dead in my tracks. I could not take my eyes off that ball. Suddenly it started getting bigger and bigger. Eventually we were totally engulfed by the light. The next memory I have was floating inside this light. It was the purest most beautiful, soft light ever and I was transfixed by it. It felt so good. I can still fell it when I think about that day. Inside the light there was no sense of fear, pain, or worry. Somehow I knew everything was ok and we were going to be fine.
—Guest Palmetto, FL

Being touched on back while asleep

Last year was the worse of my life. In six months I lost my brother-in-law, my younger brother passed away, I had my adult son and family removed from my house, and I divorced my absent husband. I have cried years of tears at unexpected times. When I went to bed I prayed longer and harder than ever. I ask the Lord, thru tears, to please give me a sign he was walking with me. About 3:00AM, I awoke to warm hands on my back and sit straight up. I was alone in the house and believe it was God giving me a sign he was with me. I was not afraid, just irritated someone laid hands on me. Then it hit me who it actually was and drifted off to a peaceful sleep.
—Guest KC

Beautiful Bright Light

I've never experienced anything like this but it was amazing. Every night I will say a prayer "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, guard me Jesus through the night and wake me with the morning light. " and it actually happened to me when I woke up out of no where and seen a beautiful bright light filling up my room. I thought maybe somebody turned on the light but I remembered the light in my room is very dim and then I thought about my window but I keep the blinds closed all the time. I soon went back to sleep with a great feeling and a sense of security.
—Guest Brishauna

Morning Sun Angel

It started with me keep seeing a figure at the end of my bed. I also kept seeing purple, green, and white balls of light in my room at night. One night I had just lay down. suddenly i was outside staring at this woman who had long black hair. Her wings covered the whole of the sky. She was massive. I asked her what she wanted, shouting at her. She smiled and she told me she was the angel of the morning sun. she flapped her wings three times and my body went all funny. I was back in my room. I could see myself lying in bed, I was on my ceiling. i was fighting an fell back into my body.. i straight away researched the angel of the morning sun and I found sculptures of her and pictures. it was 1000% the same angel. I'm still freaked out to this day as I had never heard of her before and also didn't believe in this type of thing. Could anybody tell me why this happened to me? Would be great.
—Guest i saw a angel. wasnt dreamin

bright light

I sat in the garden with my 7 year old son, suddenly I could see in the corner of my eye a very bright light. I looked to the left and down and the bright light was on an ornamental angel in the flower bed. Then suddenly the light disappeared. I have looked on the Net and it says I was visited by my gaurdian angel. Does anyone else know what this means. Thanks.

Reaching Out

I was four years old. I was in my brothers room crying. This is when I heard a sweet voice called me. I looked up towards the foot board and saw a woman with long hair lying on her right shoulder. She had on a white flowing cloth with light blue trimming surrounded by a white mist. Her arms were extended out with her palms facing upward as if she wanted to embrace me. She whisper towards me "come with me, I love you", in Spanish. I kept looking at her when I heard the bed room door starting to open. I screamed as I saw my mother walked into the room. She ran to the bed and lifts me up into her arms and ran out of the room. She sat down and started praying over me and kept pouring a sweet fragrance onto my head. I was not afraid of the lady but I do not know what happen between the time the door was opening and when I started screaming. We moved out several months later. However to this day I know I have someone watching over me and was protecting me for something else.
—Guest Just Stay Here

God Answers Our Prayers In His Timing

I prayed that God would show me an angel and he did twice many years after I prayed for this. Both encounters happened when I was sleeping. I suppose angels will come to visit us on occasion when we would be most relaxed and receptive to their visitations. The first encounter I had was when I was in a dream state walking along a dark path at night. Then suddenly the entire environment setting lit up with incredibly pure bright light as if the sun itself was shining on me. Suddenly I woke up, but no one was in the dark bedroom that I could see. So I asked in bewilderment "What is it?" as if it was someone I was speaking to. No voice or words came forth, but the angel conveyed thoughts/pictures to my mind telepathically, showing me that I left the side door of the garage open with a picture in my mind and then reminding me to close the door and to lock it. So, I thanked the angel and got out of bed and sure enough the door was wide open.
—Guest Jeff

Red lights

Over this past few months when I have been at work I have encountered a very intense red light which has shone for about 4 seconds and then disappeared. When I have seen this light I have asked others present if they could see it but they all said no. I wondered if I was seeing things so I don't always say anything when it appears, but a couple of weeks ago it appeared and one of the people present with me saw it. In the building I work in it is impossible for this light to shine in. I saw it again last night but no one else did.
—Guest A yates

Death Angel

When I was twenty years old I was almost nine months pregnant. I was sitting in my bed wide awake. A vision of a ....well the best way I can explain....a bright light came into my room the vision as best I can say was like a man but his facial features were lion like and it seemed to have a bright light shining thru. I don't know how else to explain and I wish I could draw it but I'm not artistic . .42 years old now..this has haunted me to the day. That night my baby was killed by the umbilical cord. An angel took him I've no doubt at all.
—Guest Sara Scully


When I was younger I was going through a lot of things that a young 16 year old girl shouldn't have to endure; You can try to imagine. Well, my mother and I where arguing a lot and she stayed very angry because she was going through things of her on. She took it out on my little brother and me. I went to sleep that night after crying and praying to God; I prayed for hours until I drifted off to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to a bright light in my door way. It was so bright that I had to squint my eyes to look at this beautiful light, then a very tall what appeared to be a man walked out of the light to the edge of my bed walked to where I was laying kneeled down over me. He spoke my name and put his hand on my arm and started to whisper something in my ear. I could not understand what he was trying to tell me because as soon as he touched my arm I started feeling really tired and fell back to sleep. He made me feel so much comfort. I still think of my angel till this day.
—Guest Erica

Came for my baby

22 years ago I was eight and a half months pregnant. I was sitting in my bed and what I think was like a half man half lion Angel w a bright light Shining thru it came into my body and my baby never moved again they induced labour the next day. I knew he was dead. I know whatever it was it took him .
—Guest Sara Scully

Three angels in a dream

They sang to me telling me that I would be OK and that I needed to exert my talents I was then instructed to a library where a man showed me many things it seemed liked days but it was only seconds
—Guest michael d. guerrero

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