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Readers Respond: Favorite Affirmation Statements

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From the article: Daily Affirmations
Share Post: Do you have a favorite affirmation you use that helps to keep you feeling positive and focused in the Now! Please share an affirmation that works for you. (note: Your affirmation may be chosen to be featured among the Affirmation of the Day postings OR in the @ffirmation of the Day eDelivery service.)

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Confident and Motivated

i am confidence, self motivated and eager to learn new things.
—Guest halimah


I am free from the chains that held me back from receiving all God has for me. I am free from the chains in my my mind. My mind now has freedom.
—Guest Tamara

I am alive, I am here, I am living.

This statement makes me feel grounded and reminds me to live in the present.
—Guest Jessica

Healing Affirmation

I am believing God for a miracle healing for my precious niece, Donna. Thank you, Most Wonderful Father.
—Guest gertrude

peace and calmness

No matter how problems are around me, I'm always in peace and calmness
—Guest Yuko


I will not let the darkness settle into my heart mind and soul, for only the light of the Goddess'' love may thrive there.
—Guest Celeste SilverBlaze

Availability of Time

I have enough time to perform all the tasks that are important because I prepare the priority list according the time available. The sacrifice of certain activities is inevitable but it is all right as long as most important tasks are performed.
—Guest Jayantha


I want to learn at least one new and constructive thing each day. I want others to be enlightened through my learning.
—Guest Jayantha


I'm heading success while success follows me, since sky is the limit to success.
—Guest Jayantha

Enjoyable Life

I just cannot afford time to worry over anything, because I want to enjoy every moment in the life given to me by my creator.
—Guest Jayantha

The Richest

My heavenly Father is the Richest of All. Thus, His son, I myself, can be in need of any thing? I nothing Lack.
—Guest Jayantha

Favorite Affirmation

Everyone lives a life of equal value destined for success. Universal Love has Designed & Destined me for success! Universal Love fills me. Universal Love has designed a hope-filled plan and future for me, which are smoothly unfolding. I am freed & empowered to pursue my fondest dreams & happiest possibilities along the joyous opportunity strewn path laid out for me. As I empty myself of self and every pet worry, I can't lose. I move forward in calm peace. I have what it takes. I am a winner. All is well. :)
—Guest K-Anne

Invaluable Gift

The most valuable gift one can offer to another person costs nothing, just a lovely smile.
—Guest Jayantha

Power of Love

I Love all others because they all Love me. I can feel the Power of Love. My mind is filled with Love.
—Guest Jayantha

My positive affirmation

I love the life I live. I live the life I love. I am the life.
—Guest Tonia
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