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Restful Tree at Bus Stop

Share Your Story: Sacred Tree Stories

By chrisandsunny

Background Story

I have difficulty in mobilization and getting around on public transport due to pain neuropathic pain chronic. I go to the markets in the city to do my shopping. Now I managed to walk free of my walker, and I suffer from pain and fatigue when I'm finished and waiting for my bus home, at the bus stop a newly constructed beverage shop is there and the smell from the trap drains is really offensive, so I was looking for rest and comfort, I felt this calm welcoming energy from this tree near the bus stop, so I slowly moved towards the tree and it felt like it wrapped it's arms around me and welcomed me to rest against it.

My Tree Story

I slowly and gently moved towards the tree and it's energy was welcoming and compassionate, I responded back from my heart with love towards the tree and now, we have a healing, comforting relationship when I need to rest while I wait for my bus, by the time the bus comes I'm refreshed and have spent time with my arms around this loving tree and we share this love unconditionally when we need to restore each others depleted energies and help comfort the pain we experience.

Lessons Learned

  • I have learned the beautiful energies and love the trees.
  • If they wish to connect with you or not as they have the same choice as us to who they feel the energy is okay for them to connect with.
  • Love them and it is given back tenfold, peacefully gently, lovingly, non-conditional.

Phylameana lila Desy, About.com Holistic Healing, says:

Thank you for sharing your story, befriending a tree is wonderfully healing.

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