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How I Found Out I Was a Walk-in Soul

I had been having trouble for the last six years identifying with my life. Everything seemed strange and unfamiliar. People who have known me for years say I'm not the same person. I went from being a very feminine woman to a man trapped inside a woman's body. I now like all things that men like and people say even my mannerisms, facial features and voice have become masculine. I don't remember my past, my childhood. People who have been in my life for years are strangers to me. I now am attracted to women like a straight male. My food, clothes, hobby preferences have all changed.

My Walk-in Story

I have no idea why I chose this life path. I'm wondering if I did choose it or if it was forced on me for some Karma thing. There are no perks that I can see. I now HATE my life. I want out. I am a man and I'm trapped inside this woman's body. Perhaps I mistreated women in my last life and now I must suffer being a woman when I so loved being a man. I think my Walk-in status is a punishment and wasn't a choice. All I want is my former body and former life back. LET ME OUT!!!! I feel like I'm in a prison.


  • I don't really have any advice to give. But I must say, if you wake up one morning and suddenly everything has changed as if you no longer are in a life or body you recognize, then you probably are a Walk-in. Especially if people that have known you for years say you have completely changed and even they don't recognize you any more. Even my views on religion, politics and life philosophies have changed.
  • People said the old me would never in a million years think and feel as I do. I'm now the polar opposite of what the original soul was like that was in this body.

Additional Comments

This body I'm in has been going through extreme stress & trauma for over a decade. I think the soul that was original to this body couldn't handle the stress any more and wanted out. This body didn't have a NDE, accident or organ transplant. I just woke up one morning and found myself as a Walk-in.

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