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Reader Stories: Spirit Orb Photos and Stories


Spirit Orb Gallery - We have all gotten photos back from the film processors with what appears to be light orbs or streaks of light. Some people believe that the orbs in them are depictions of light beings (spirit guides, angels, ghosts, etc.) whereas other people scoff at this idea, insisting these mysterious orbs are actually light reflections of mere dust particles. Look at the photos and stories that go with them and decide for yourself.

Spiky Orb

I am stumped - personally never seen a large, silver/grey, spiky, foil type looking orb and it's high in the sky - then in 2nd pic, stumped me that there are at least 2 near me & the ground that are …More

Moon Orb

This photo was captured as I left my daughter's home where we have been blessed with a newborn. She has been named after my grandmother who is in heaven. Her name is Stella which means "Star." I have…More

No One Can Explain It

Very curious and No one can explain it---Appear at night with any camera w/flash. Are not visible with naked eye or flashlight or any artificial light source other that the flash. I have pics of sing…More

Weird and Exciting

All I can say is : WEIRD AND EXCITING. I just can't understand logically how a glowing figure came up. It was such a good feeling day and no deaths or any other wierd things happening in my family li…More

Orbs with Faces

It seems when I concentrate nothing really shows up. But if I put a strong thought into a different idea while snapping a pic they show up. It is as if they know what I want to do. Also if I take th…More

Orb with Transparent Blue Hue

After examining this photo I discovered that the blue anomaly was transparent. You can see the curtains behind it which are sheer curtains as well, you can see the yard through the window. I waited a…More

Angels Are with Us Every Day

I know that this is my husband, and he was wanting everyone to know even though we knew he wasn't feeling good, his death at age 55 was totally unexpected! I feel like he knew that my Grandson would …More

School Spirit

This school burned down so long ago and so many orbs are hanging around. It must have been a special place.This was the second school built in Murrieta, California around 100 years ago and was very …More

Orange and Blue Spirit Orbs

The orange one I actually saw move through my camera lens, like a balloon filled with water. The blue ones I took, were in the evening (they all seem to appear mostly in the evening), I felt I was bu…More

Used a Ouija Board to Conjure Up Ghosts

We used an ouija board and got some good responses. We all got a whiff of a sweet smelling cigar and were taking pictures the whole time. In four of the pictures there were some objects that may or m…More

Ex-Girlfriend's Face in Orb

Face pics of my ex-girlfriend, dad and brother. We actually took 3 total pictures but deleted the other two. We originally just thought that it was a reflection. I really, really, really wish I had t…More

The Tuhoe people of Aotearoa

These diamonds are moving, look at those two bright ones, and the colours that are appearing in photos lately. My husband actually has a video of coloured diamonds moving, they are beautiful. During …More

Spirit Prompted Photo Shoot

These are the very 1st orbs I have ever snapped in photos. I've always believed, and got my proof! One of the photos shows my brother's face, one photo shows a baby in the womb inside the orb, which …More

Trio of Orbs

I have lost several people in my life lately and I wonder if they were confirming that they were okay. When someone passes we tend to go through all kinds of feelings. The helplessness is probable th…More

Hawaiian Spirit Orb

We came upon a burial site which also had petroglyphs on some of the larger stones. Everyone thinks the big stone in the pic looks like a turtle head, which is a powerful totem (amakua).I snapped the…More

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