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Reader Stories: Spirit Orb Photos and Stories


Spirit Orb Gallery - We have all gotten photos back from the film processors with what appears to be light orbs or streaks of light. Some people believe that the orbs in them are depictions of light beings (spirit guides, angels, ghosts, etc.) whereas other people scoff at this idea, insisting these mysterious orbs are actually light reflections of mere dust particles. Look at the photos and stories that go with them and decide for yourself.

Share Your Orb Photos

Nightly Visitations

Nightly visitation and interaction with what I believe to be a one specific spirit orb. It has a very distinct details and 3D features. It seems to appear approximately at the same time and place, bu…More

Nature Spirit

After taking the photo I took another one and the orb didn't show up in the photo so it's either very smart or just doesn't want its photo taken or both!!!???Maybe it's a nature spirit??I have other …More

Orb with Trail

I have tried many time to recreate the photo but I cannot get the same affect. And I have never seen a picture of me come out like this. You can clearly see a trail following a little orb beside my h…More

Orbs in Abandoned House

We bought an abandoned house in remote West Texas. After tearing out the walls, ceiling, etc. I set up a temporary bedroom and took this picture of it. Actually, I have always had a strange feeling a…More

Forgiveness is the Path to Peace

My husband died in 2005. He was cremated and buried at that time. I had a small urn with some of his ashes to keep with me. After 8 years I concluded that his urn and ashes were keeping me bonded to …More

Halloween Orb

This orb on this picture is so beautiful and big. Love it. I am not sure who it can be. From all of my orbs pictures this one is the largest and prettiest. My second picture was taken in Prague. It w…More

Accidental Snapshot

It's totally cool. I've never seen anything like this one. Let me know what you think. It was daytime, no lights were on. The pic is in front of a see-through red curtain that divides my front room f…More

Arizona Graveyard Orbs

All the pictures we took right before and right after had no orbs in them at all, but only the ones from the graveyard were covered in them. This graveyard is home to people who picked cotton in my t…More

Private Cemetery in the Catskills

I do not know if it is a pic of the relative. (female).The orbs may be a section of the cemetery that had a bunch of old stones piled and not standing. Old thinner stones like I have on my property. …More

Wookey Face Orb

I have taken countless pictures with orbs but I always say it's dust, bugs, flare from the camera, but with this picture the face doesn't look familiar to me but he seems to have very clear features …More

Powerful Orb Behind Daughter

This house burned down to the ground 2 years ago under strange circumstances. The experiences and hell I was put through while living there was not fully understood until I was homeless after the fir…More

God Sends Spirit Orbs

There is a special reason why they are at my door every day... God sent them here. Someone has a mission to finish, jib to do' It might be me?? My feelings about this is simple. This has been going o…More

Home for Christmas

My dad passed away 4 years ago in the same place the photo was taken. He was a Christian man and knew where he was going through his faith in Jesus Christ. He was diagnosed with bile duct cancer and …More

Beautiful Love Orb in the Woods

Me and my husband were new in our relationship during this time, deeply in love. Maybe it was the energy from the both of us. Also, my father had just passed away a year before but never met my husba…More

Cat Spirits

We can actually make out a cat's face silhouette in a photo where she is above my head. There is another photo where there are strange lights around my head - they actually look like legs or tail of…More

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