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My Life as a Gay Man - Past Life Regression

Share Your Story: My Past Life Regression

By Holly

Who I Was

Gay Englishman

What My Past Life Regression Session Was Like

During this regression I was watching my life as a gay man unfold as an observer outside of myself.

What Was Revealed to Me

It is 1928 in either Vienna or Berlin. My name is Bert and I am a young Englishman who has been living there for a year or so. I get the sense that I have just finished University and am having a jaunt before I am expected to get married and settle down. I'm gay but have never really been fully aware of it. I meet and fall deeply in love with a very handsome man, also English, with dark hair and eyes. He is slightly older than me, 25 or 26, and much more sophisticated. He introduces me to artists and writers. We dance together in gay nightclubs to Cole Porter and Gershwin. He loves me too and we are blissfully happy for a very short time. He is married but spends a lot of time away from his family, traveling related to his work. He longs for a more bohemian life but was raised in a very conservative environment and feels a strong sense of responsibility to his family. He feels much more guilty and ashamed about being gay than I do. He eventually breaks off our relationship. I return to England and marry. My wife divorces me years later. I have relationships with men for the remainder of my life but never allow myself to love anyone again the way I loved him.

Lessons Learned

  • I feel that we were soulmates who could not be together because of circumstances. I have not met him again in this life but I have a strong feeling that I will.

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