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Reader Stories: Pet Reincarnation Stories


Reader Submissions - The bonds we share with our pets are very strong. Although death separates us in the physical when a pet dies the spiritual connection between us remains forever. Many people believe that our pets can choose to reincarnate and return to us in another vehicle. Readers share stories of their spiritual connections with pets that have passed, and also stories of beloved pets who have returned to them in a different body.


A few weeks ago (at least 6) my aunt's dog had puppies, one of them had fur that that is either black or brown, depending on the angle (the only pup like this). We've only seen each other 3 times (1s…More

A Sweet Soul

Hopie used to follow me around the yard when I was mowing the grass; even if it was hot. She'd take a break and go back up on the porch for a while, but always felt like she had to stay near me and s…More

I Think My Dog is Now a Cat

Since her passing, we found a cat and named her Sandy. as we got more attached to her, we found out she had all the characteristics of Brandi but, she's a cat. She loves to roll on her back and be ru…More

Black Cat Comes Back

Ten years after the death of Marie I had never forgotten her. I had other cats but they were not like her. I felt compelled to get another kitten and Tiffany came into my life - a small, black glossy…More

Reunited with the Assistance of a Pet Psychic

The neighborhood he proposed to return to is home to friends who love animals. I let them know that I was waiting for him to return. Someone dropped him off in their alley. Whomever abandoned him (in…More

Same Mannerisms, Same Voice

We do some rescue work, and brought in a pregnant mom-to-be. Her litter was born not long afterwards, and included a little gray boy with a touch of white on his muzzle and gorgeous white paws. He wa…More

Kitty Found His Way Back to Us

Even after the jaw, he wanted to eat and get loves! We found him in the back yard dead Christmas Eve morning. Won the fight though because he made it home:) St. Patrick's Day night 2012 there was a b…More

Stray Dog Acts Like He Knows Us

We could not think of a name for a dog. We both said we were not ready for a new pet right now. On this Oct 11th I was having my morning coffee and heard a noise on my deck. I looked out of the curt…More

Lady Di Reincarnates

For many months I was all alone and wanted LadyDi back. I kept telling my mom that I wanted a cat. My mom said that we already have 4 of them. But they are my grandmother's cats and don't love me. I …More

Lilly Was Esmeralda Reincarnated

A sad reincarnation. Once I had a cat named Esmeralda. She died when she was only 8 years old of kidney failure. Several years later we found a little kitten. We called her Lilly. Three years ago I f…More

Animal Spirit Connections

When my boyfriend first met Guapita, I immediately informed him to just ignore her as she'd probably just ignore him because I said, "she's just not into guys, so don't worry about trying with her." …More

Sunshine - Pet Reincarnation

In 2005 my daughter and grandson went to a shelter to find a dog. There they found a terribly dirty animal, who, when cleaned up, they were surprised to see--was Sunshine. No wait, her name this time…More

Dragonfly Spirit

After I lost Tilly to bladder cancer, I was truly devastated and felt guilty and truly alone. About 4 days after having lost her, I was alone at our home, doing laundry in the back of the house, when…More

Earth Dogs - Pet Reincarnation

He died in my arms in my massage/yoga studio in my home. I never left his side for 5 days. He tried to move and he could sit up, but not get up. I am a Reiki Master. I prayed and lit candles. Then he…More

Automatic Writing - Spirit Message from my Horse, Freya

After Freya died, I was devastated. I blamed myself, even though, when I look back at it, I don't know how else things could have played out. But I still felt depressed for a long time after. One eve…More

Dog Soul in Cat Body - Animal Communication

I was a bit flummoxed and intimated, but soon words began to spill out in my notebook and I found myself describing the dog's favourite food... which was a fish flavoured canned food, and toys like f…More

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