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11:11 Lightworker

Share Your Story: Lightworkers

By Nivia

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker

Ever since I was little I noticed a strange significance about me. It sprouted around age 10. I suddenly had a strong fascination in healing powers and to assist the dead. I felt a strong connection to God, and my parents never went to church and had mild beliefs. Every time I look at the sky, I feel as though that's where I should go. Then it came together when I researched why I suddenly saw 11:11 every day, each night. I did my research and there it was, my exact ways explained. Every time I dreamed, they were strong and beautiful. They left me pacing and pondering. I talk to God every day, and he always respond as

About My Light Path

As a lightworker I always seem to make people feel better. To make them laugh when they cry. When a friend or stranger cries, I immediately run to them, enemy or not, and help cheer them up. I'm the sunlight in the dark sky. People always seem to come to me first, whether I'm their best friend or not, with there issues. I feel my path is not to physically heal, but to heal the mind. I always seem to know what to say,


  • Don't be afraid to use your ability.
  • Discover your path my realizing what you seem to feel to do a lot. It's in you.
  • Always ask God for help to find your path. I ask for a dream to understand, and he answers me. As lightworkers we have special connections with it.

My Special Talents

The gift of helping people's emotions.

Never having enemies.

Predicting the future through dreams.

Manipulating dreams more often than most people.

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