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Steady Strides - Vision Board

Share Your Story: Vision Boards

By Phylameana lila Desy

Steady Strides - Vision Board

Moving Forward - Making Steady Strides

Steady Strides - Vision Board

My Vision Board

What I Wish to Manifest

I want to feel balanced. My belief is that life is a constant healing journey. My desire is to make steady strides in this personal journey of mine at a comfortable pace. I do not wish to feel stuck OR feel rushed. I want to appreciate this good life. I NOW ask the universe to help guide me along a healthy and insightful path, also allowing sufficient time for fellowship with loved ones and personal relaxation.

About My Vision Board - LOA Stories and Pictures

I already knew about the law of attraction several years before The Secret made its big splash in the media through both the book and movie. Before I had ever heard about "vision boards" I already had a manifesting scrapbook, which is based on the same theory as a vision board. I had even written a how-to article for creating a manifesting picture book.

The first thing I pasted into my scrapbook was an abundance check which I had made out to myself for a whopping amount of cash. I filled the rest of the pages with magazine clippings representing the things that I wanted to manifest. Almost immediately I began getting things. It was actually kind of scary because there were a couple of things in my "manifesting book" that I wasn't sure I really wanted. For example, in my mind, manifesting a brand new car might mean also getting burdened with expensive car payments. I experienced some anxiety about getting things that might also bring me debt. I suppose that sounds funny, but that was my mind set, this worried me. I began flipping through the pages and removing some of the more expensive objects.

I resisted the idea of switching from my picture book to creating a vision board for a very long while. I figured my manifesting scrapbook worked just fine. And it does! Eventually I gave in to the impulse. My vision board is in place on the wall above a chaise where I often read or meditate. My habit remains creating individual "scrapbook pages." But, now I post my themed pages on the vision board so that they are in constant view rather than closed up inside a book.

I am sharing two images. The first image is scanned copy of a page I created representing my desire to "stay on my spiritual and healing path in a balanced and steady manner" and the second image is a digital shot of my vision board that is hanging on a wall in my home.

Lessons Learned

  • It is okay to "want" things. This was a big hurdle for me to leap over.
  • I use to keep a large envelope stuffed with old clippings that had been removed from my scrapbook. These were things I had already manifested. I don't do this any longer, but in the beginning, it was helpful to see the old clippings as reminders that manifesting can and does work!
  • I also remove clippings of items that I've changed my mind about wanting. It is good to revisit your vision board routinely to make sure the images still match your desires.

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