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Seeing Miracles Every Day - Healing Blog

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By Sherri

Seeing Miracles Every Day - Healing Blog

Seeing Miracles Every Day

Seeing Miracles Every Day - Healing Blog


About Me and Why I Blog

My blog Seeing Miracles Every Day is about my experiences with healing through spiritual practice, self-reflection, introspection, and seeking truth within ourselves. It is my joy to share this with others. Having grown up in the Chrisitan faith, I have sought something greater while still holding on to the principle of love that Jesus taught. My own exploration of religious ideas & seeking truth has lead me down many paths, which have enlightened me, and brought out amazing healing gifts. I seek to share my own experiences so that others will venture out and allow more in their own lives.

What I Write About in My Blog

I encourage others to step outside of their boundaries to allow more miracles in their lives. I believe that we must unchain God from the limitations we, and our religions, have put on Him. In doing so, we unleash God's full power into our lives,and realize our own power. I write about experience with angels, spirit, & methods of becoming aligned with our purpose. True and last healing (both emotional and physical) come from letting go of our fears and perceived limitations, understanding that we are beautiful, brilliant, and One with God. I seek to remind readers of this.


  • When it comes to spiritual matters, always seek your own truth. Don't allow other to tell you what you should think... rely on your own experiences and feelings.
  • Don't be afraid to venture out and explore other ways of thinking.
  • Remember that Angels and Spirit are always seeking to help you... ask and allow it... find ways to communicate.

URL of My Blog


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