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Dreamt I Gave Birth to Twins

Share Your Story: Dreams, Their Meanings and Messages

By Mzjackson2u

Type of Dream I Had

I am 24 weeks pregnant with a confirmed one child currently, and dreamed I had twins. In the dream I was the same. The first baby was born while I was sleep. I woke up in shock trying to figure out how to get the proper care but the cord was detached and baby seemed fine, then I felt cramping and delivered another without a cord needing to be detached. I left and went to my daughter's school to tell the teacher she wouldn't be in. Not sure why I left the babies but I returned home and took babies to hospital wondering how I would manage with 6 kids, not the five I planned for.

What My Dream Meant to Me

It just made me wonder what it meant, since I'm not that big I don't think I'm actually having twins. Then I immediately Googled it but had so many different answers I couldn't settle on one. It was weird though because I hardly ever remember my dreams.

Lessons Learned

  • The message I got was regardless of what happens I can only go with the flow.
  • It is out of my hands.

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