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Reader Stories: Dreams, Their Meanings and Messages


Share Posts - Readers share their dream stories and ideas about what these special dreams meant to them.

Spiritual Sight

It meant that I should or would have the ability to look at things not from a physical perspective but from a spiritual perspective also. As Christians we need to practice looking at things in that w…More

A Hole in Someone's Heart

The home in the dream belongs to a family who loves the sea. They spent most of their lives earning a living with the sea. The kitchen in my dream has no food on the table or that inviting look for t…More

Birthing Twins

Okay my dream meant to me that it is a possibility that I might be pregnant or what..But in my dream my water broke at school and they rushed me to the hospital. The hospital was full of nothing but …More

Giving Birth Dream

My dream left me perplexed and confused. Trying to have a baby in real life but unable to so far. I felt helpless as I was unable to feed or get a hold of my doctor. The baby was so small but would s…More

Recurring Burning at Stake Dream

I'm finding myself in the top of dry grass and wood with back tied and in the center of a crowded mass of people. They want to look at me, I feel naked in the scene. The people who upholds the laws h…More

I Dreamed I Had Twins

I don't know what it means. Reading the definition of what these types of dreams mean I guess I will be stepping into a new aspect of my life. What I do know is that I feel a mixture of joy and sadne…More

Recurring End Days Dream

This dream scares the crap out of me, first of all I have no idea what to think. I'm a "if you can't see it, it isn't there" type of girl. I'm not into sci-fi, and wouldn't believe a ufo youtube tapi…More

Dreamed I Gave Birth to a Baby Boy

I really don't know but I felt so sad for my cat baby. I'm very confused ATM my life is a bit of a mess I suppose that would explain the T-Rex, lol, but the rest I'm not sure. I'm often dreaming of g…More

Recurring Alien Dream

The last dream told me there was great danger hidden in the black objects which I'd always been happy to see previously. My initial feeling was happiness. Fear crept in and I knew these were very bad…More

I Love the Feeling of Flying

It feels as if I'm recalling my talents which I'd forgotten due to the hardships of life. I love the feeling of flying and am very surprised that I'd forgotten how to do it. It's as if I must fly out…More

Mother and Mother Mary - Dream Stories

In the dream, the presence of this information and disease was something I actually dreamed of recently. I mentioned to my mother in the dream I knew about this. Because I've not been well for a long…More

A Needed Message - Dream Stories

I feel like it was a needed message, and the theme of washing away these things that I think I am continually learning how to deal with. The water was symbolic of a healing, I think, and the teacher …More

Fishy Dream - Dream Stories

I am going through changes that will make Shawna land in a much happier place. A spiritual/mental remodeling and landscaping project. The fish are my talents, hobbies, and things I want to keep in tr…More

Work Related Dreams - Dream Stories

It seems to me that I have a sincere desire to find a job that combines the best of both workplaces. While that's odd to me considering that I hate everything about my current job, I can think of no …More

Recurring Falling Dream - Dream Stories

I had this dream about three times on different occasions, standing on stool and fallen from a great height afterwards. The meaning of the dream came years shortly because afterwards,I traveled abroa…More

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