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Reader Stories: Dreams, Their Meanings and Messages


Share Posts - Readers share their dream stories and ideas about what these special dreams meant to them.

What I Dreamed

Spiritual Sight

It meant that I should or would have the ability to look at things not from a physical perspective but from a spiritual perspective also. As Christians we need to practice looking at things in that w…More

Marital Separation Dream

I think that since I have no contact with her since Jan 15 2014, she may be making a move to initiating a divorce that she said she would not initiate, because she has retired military health care sh…More

Financial Concerns

I guess it has something to do with my future, and concerns about financial pressures as I face retirement.There is always the feeling of fear, but not actual panic as such. I just can't see my way b…More

End of Life Preview

At the time I thought it meant that this is what happens when you die. You go through various passage ways to get to the other side. I have read near death experiences and thought that is what this w…More

Stormy Dream

I dreamed that someone I know is having a baby. it may be sick. She has not told an one and maybe in trouble. may be trying to keep this from her mother. The baby maybe ill when born. The storm there…More

Cheating Man

That I feel like there's something he isn't telling me and that he may be cheating on me. I accused him of cheating all the time because of my past and i know its bad but I feel like he's no differen…More

Violent Cheetah

I felt like it meant I need to be more attentive and not put danger next to things I care most in depth about. I should not walk away and assume a dangerous, by nature, thing can protect the innocent…More

Gave Birth to a Baby Boy in My Dream

My dream meant to me that maybe we are ready to move on and have another baby. We are actually in the process of finding a house because a two bedroom apartment wouldn't work for three people. I woke…More

Feeling Helpless

There was nothing I could do to help her. I wake up before she goes completely under. I don't know what this dream means. I could only think that I know she's in danger and I cannot do anything to he…More

Family Dog in Dream

My mom has stage 4 cancer and right now she's trying to find a way with doctors to prolong her life. She was s told that there is no more the doctors can do for her. Is this my dog's way of saying sh…More

A Psychic's Dreams

I thought my dream was quite strange considering we have been divorced now for 10 years.I moved back to Portland OR from Michigan so my son could be by his father. I was born with a gift, psychic abi…More

Witness to a Crime

It was scary I was very nervous and why I took pictures of it I don't know I don't even understand how I just appear at a place like that and witnessing it maybe that I don't need to be near water wi…More

Snakes and Coconuts

I had a dream in which I saw a statue of 5 heads cobra in the hands of a child. And later I saw a pair of snakes in which one snake was having small snakes on her/his back. And this pair of snake was…More

Time to Move On

I'm not sure, but think I have to move on because this is the right thing that I need to do. Maybe we're not meant to be with each other. But at some point I'm still hoping that someday we will see e…More

Dark Shadow

It was such an odd dream, I can't cope with it much to see the meaning. It probably meant that there is someone watching me or something similar. All I know is that at least she didn't try to kill me…More

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