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Share Your Story: What My Core Energetics Therapy Session Was Like

By Phylameana lila Desy

Why I Chose Core Energetics Therapy

I attended my first Core intensive in Iowa City with Sigmar Gerken. I was attending healing classes to learn how to do chakra chelations at the Empowerment Center at this time. It was suggested by my class instructors and few of my fellow classmates that Core would be a good experience for me. I understood very little about Core work - only that it involved body movement and shouting. Doing this work is about making energetic shifts in our bodies.

About My Core Energetics Therapy Session

By experiencing particular physical exercises and postures we bring about the charging and discharging of our energy fields. In doing so, we recognize blocks that have formed in us during our lives from our distorted views, emotions, and fears. The work is moving through these distortions and enlivening our whole being (soul). The steps taken in doing this process is not easy...... it can barely be described. After my introduction week-end to Core, I was pretty much in a space of numbness. I wasn't prepared for this process. I watched the body language of the other people in attendance. Most of them appeared nervous in anticipation of doing this work. I could see terror in some of their faces, I didn't understand why. By the end of the week-end I had a better understanding of Core, I told myself I would probably never attend another Core weekend. I was starting to get what Core was all about....and I was more than willing to shrug it off, but in truth I was terrified.

April 3-5, 1998 -The Pathwork of Chicago along with Cheri Bianco and Tom Carbone presented a Core Energetic Intensive weekend near Chicago, Illinois at Camp Algonquin.. This intensive was entitled Eros, Love & Sexuality and was led by John Pierrakos, M.D. , founder of the Institute of Core Energetics.

I think it only dawned on me as I found myself sitting in a car headed for Camp Algonquin near Chicago, Illinois, on Friday afternoon that I was ready to face some difficult issues in my life. Shadows of unspoken fears and self-torment were floating about in my mind. My brain wanted to puke. Core processing had began and we had not even arrived yet. I found myself feeling agitated and my chatty voice was spitting out words with a hint of grumpiness attached to them as I conversed with my two traveling companions. I wasn't alone in feeling this agitation. As we were being assigned our bed quarters in our cabin more than a few of the workshop attendees were vocalizing discomfort at discovering we would be sleeping on bunk beds, also one toilet and shower was to be shared by eight of us. My comfortable boundaries of privacy and separateness were gone. No where to hide!

The group of us (about 40 people ) gathered together at the main lodge on Friday evening and awaited John's arrival. The room was full of healers and mainstreamers who had traveled across the continent from California to New York to do this work. I sat on the floor with a pillow underneath me to soften the hardness of the floor as my eyes wandered from person to person in the room. Everyone appeared nervous and excited in anticipation of meeting John Pierrakos and beginning the Core process. Because this particular workshop's dynamics or focus was on love and sexuality, how we relate to our lovers/ partners was certain to be addressed. There were several couples in attendance that were given the opportunity to process relationship blocks. This work was beneficial to me as an individual as the couples' work touched on some of my own personal issues.


  • A Core weekend might best be described as a weekend of HELL. Okay... so I may be a little harsh in saying this, but the concept of facing your issues straight on during a Core workshop is a bit scary. It's a nail-biter kind of event.
  • I met a lot of really brave individuals at Core who faced some pretty tough issues.
  • On Sunday afternoon as we all were packing up our belongings and making moves to return to our homes I knew the processing I experienced over the weekend was just a tip of the iceberg. My homeward journey would lead me to much more than a house with a roof. It would be a journey leading to my Core-self.

Phylameana lila Desy, About.com Holistic Healing, says:

For me personally, doing Core wasn't a process where I was figuring out why I do the things I do.... but coming to the realization that I DO certain things that I wasn't even aware of doing. Awareness is the first step. Perhaps the reason those patterns play out the way they do in my life is not as important as "What now?" My issues that were being targeted during my Core weekend were boldly sitting on the bulls eye - glaringly daring me to take notice. Oh...BOY... did I ever notice. My choices are not as clean cut as I'd like to have them. I learned that my nature is to "reject" first, before I get "rejected." I also like to be in control, so perhaps when I experience not being in control I'll understand myself better, or not. Pretty much..... I understand that I prefer to avoid difficult situations.If I'm not able to physically remove myself from these situations, I'll do it energetically. Maybe I need to find out why I'm so scared to stick around during these times. I've got lots of more work ahead of me. I certainly don't know all the answers.

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