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By Crystal

Why I Tried to Communicate with Spirits

My father had cancer and was dying surrounded by his family at home. We didn't leave his side, he kept saying he could see his deceased brother, this gave me great comfort, soon he went into a deep sleep then suddenly he woke up and gave us a smile with his last breath. I could feel an immense feeling of loss rising up, I put my hand on the top of his head and felt energy through my hand, something I had never felt before. It was like electrical impulses running through my hand. Not long after his death I learnt how to do Reiki. Something I had never thought about before.

This is What Happened

After a lot of thought about using a spirit board I decided to use the pendulum instead, I regularly ask my father questions through the pendulum but do not always find this to be reliable. I have had many vivid dreams where I have felt he has visited me giving me a hug, pure love running through me. Due to the pendulum not always being reliable I have thought about using a spirit board, can anyone advise please, I feel he is trying to tell me something but I cant just seem to be open enough to receive his messages.


  • I believe the pendulum can be a useful tool however be careful you may just be getting the response you want by using your own vibrations.

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