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Orange Aura - Kirlian Photograph

Share Your Story: Aura Photos and Kirlian Photographs

By Phylameana lila Desy

Orange Aura - Kirlian Photograph

My Kirlian Photo

My Aura Photograph

I went on a road trip with three of my friends to visit a metaphysical bookstore in a neighboring town. The store was sponsoring a Kirlian photographer and a psychic who interpreted the photos. I believe the photo was taken in 1995 or 1996.

Photo Description and Interpretation

I was really pleased to see so much orange in the photo because orange is my favorite color. Orange is the color of the sacral chakra and at the time this photo was taken I was attracting clients with 2nd chakra issues, interesting huh? Unfortunately I have misplaced the first page of a two-page print out with my auric photo interpretation. But the details from page two are:

The color seen over head is what you experience for your self now. It is the color that would best describe you. If the color is high it could mean aspirations, or what you wish to be.

(Orange: Creative, artistic would best describe you. Orange represents energy with mental direction. You are alive, artistic, perceptive, creative. Constructive self expression is important to you.)

The color on the right side is traditionally the energy being expressed. The vibrational frequency most likely seen or felt by others around you. Many times, your friends will think this is the energy that you are made of, but this is the energy that you project out into the world

(You put calm into the world. Contemplation with a pacifying effect. Unification, a sense of belonging. Blue is loyalty. Blue corresponds to a depth of feeling. A relaxed sensitivity, empathy, for esthetic experience. People see you as the calm of the untroubled sea)


  • Go with a friend when you have your Kirlian photo taken, make it a fun experience.
  • When I find "page one" which I know I kept, I'll update this story to include the full interpretation.

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