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Golden Tarot

Reader Reviews: What is Your Favorite Tarot Deck?

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By David

Golden Tarot

The High Priestess

Tarot Card Decks

Name of Tarot Card Deck: 

Golden Tarot

How long I've owned this deck: 

1 year

My Review 

The Golden Tarot is one of my absolute favorite decks that I own. Each card is a collage of lesser known medieval/early Renaissance artworks, put together into Rider-Waite based images. The collages are made so seamlessly that I didn't know they were collages until I read the booklet! Kat Black, the creator of the deck, says that "These images speak to me of a truth that is timeless, and hope that flowers even in the darkest conditions." And she's right. The images do hold deep meanings within their details if looked at closely. I find it easy to create my own meanings of the cards because each card has its own personality.

Because it is based off of the Rider-Waite deck, I recommend it to readers who either enjoy said deck, or are looking for something more interesting and beautiful to add to their tarot collection.

My favorite card from this deck 

My favorite card would have to be the High Priestess. Looking at the card, we see the priestess sitting in her throne with a leopard. I like it because of the way she seems to be guarding her book, herself, close to her. Her head is tilted introspectively, and there is a sense of peace throughout.

Who would benefit most from using this deck 

Beginner / Novice Reader

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


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