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Hobby Ornaments

Favorite Zodiac Suns Sign Ornaments


Choosing ornaments that reflect your interests and hobbies.
Hobby Ornaments

Hobby Related Ornaments

(c) Joe Desy
Several years ago my husband gifted me with a set of twelve ornaments that represent the twelve zodiac sun signs. Oh, they are so beautiful! The one pictured here is of the scorpion. I'm a Scorpio! Beyond the visual and tactile beauty of these ornaments I appreciate that they represent a topic that I find very interesting, astrology. I studied astrology intensely for over a year in the eighties, reading over fifty books during that period. I ate and slept astrology. My husband, on the other hand poo-poos astrology but has a scientific interest in astronomy. On the flipside of each of the zodiac ornaments are tiny stars that replicate the constellation placements. How cool is that! Whenever you can find ornaments that reflect your interests, you are very lucky indeed.

What I also like about this set of ornaments is that while I hang them on the tree I think about the individuals in my family who are the various sun signs. For example my sisters are Capricorn, Taurus, and Libra. My sons are Sagittarius and Taurus, My father and husband are Virgos. My mother and daughter are both Cancers. My new grandson is a Gemini. You get the gist.

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