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Spirit Orbs

Pictures of Spirit Orbs


Mysterious balls of light, called orbs, will occasionally show up in photographs. Skeptics and believers have different theories on what these may be. A skeptic will say these orbs are merely light reflections from the flash of your camera or from lamps or other lighting in the room on airborne dust particles. But other people are open to the possibility that these orbs are actually light-beings (ghosts, angels, or spirit guides).

Barb Huyser, paranormal investigator and author of Small Town Ghosts, has gone on many ghost-hunting expeditions with camera in hand attempting to capture ghost orbs on film. Her book documents her explorations. Also, there are other people who see spirit orbs around them without the use of cameras. Stewart Pearce, creator of the Angels of Atlantis Oracle Deck chose to have the angels depicted as orbs on the cards. Pearce explains that the archangels have always shown themselves to him as orbs. He says the angels are "quanta light emissions formed directly from the Source."

Have you captured a spirit orb with your camera and would like to have it featured in this spirit orb gallery? If so, please upload your orb pictures along with your stories.

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