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Our trees are nature's best shade and shelter, as well as a source for our paper, furniture, home construction, and more.

Are You a Tree Hugger?
How committed are you to caring for the planet? Are you doing everything you can to nurture the earth and doing your part to ensure leaving a cleaner and healthier environment for generations to come?

Tree Photos - Sacred Space Gallery
Our Sacred Space Photo Gallery features some really nice photographs of trees. My favorites include "Peaceful Tree" and "Sugar Maple Canopy"

How to Hug a Tree
Although some trees, like people, are more huggable than others, they all need a hug now and again.

How to Communicate and Commune with Trees
Trees do want to connect with us but keep in mind that they have a unique energy.

Sacred Tree Stories
Have you shared a moment with a tree you'd like to tell about? Please do!See submissions

Tree Spirits
Joan Klostermann-Ketel's book, Humani Trees, is filled with a gallery of tree photos depicted as "human characters."

Birthday Trees
Which tree are you? Which tree does your birth date fall under?

The Celtic Tree Oracle
I own a sizable collection of intuitive card decks. The Celtic Tree Oracle book and card set by Liz and Colin Murray is among my top ten favorites!

Salute to Our Trees
Honoring our trees for the life energy they give our planet. Tree Links!

Amazing Amla Berry
All parts of the Amalaki tree are used in various ayurvedic herbal preparations offering a wide range of benefits - article by Rama Kant Mishra

Signs of a Healthy Tree
With the best of care trees can still become sick. Vanessa Richins, About.com Guide to Trees and Shrubs, offers some things to look for when assessing whether your tree is healthy.

All About Tu B'Shvat
Tu B'Shvat, the fifteenth day of the Hebrew month of Shvat, is the New Year for trees.

How To Check A Tree's Health
From Your About Forestry Guide - "A tree health inspection sheet is an evaluation tool that calls attention to health changes. Here is how to do it."

Trees and Healing
There's much medicine in trees but few know it or do not believe it.

Tree of Life
Inspirational poem written by Sue Kelley Benjamin. Enjoy!

Community aggregator site for people who love trees.

History of Arbor Day
The "arbor" in "Arbor Day" comes from the Latin, arbor, meaning "tree." But the word that denotes the trellising structures known as "garden arbors" has a different origin.

The Healing Power of a Walk in the Woods
Forests and trees in general are great therapists!

Magical Properties of Trees
This is a market for magic wands made from various types of woods. It also gives the healing properties associated with over a dozen trees.

a tree needs healing
How to give healing energies to an ailing tree.

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