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Rock Talks - About the Healing Power of Rocks

Our holistic healing community often discuss crystals and gemstones in our forums. Here are links that will lead you to various ongoing discussion threads.

Opals - Ways to Use Opals for Healing
Readers share how they use bloodstone for healing..

Jasper - Ways to Use Jasper for Healing
Have you used jasper for healing or spiritual purposes?

Amethysts - Ways to Use Amethyst Crystals for Healing
Have you amethyst crystals for healing or spiritual purposes?

Lapis Lazuli - Ways to Use Lapis Lazuli for Healing
Have you lapis lazuli crystals for healing or spiritual purposes?

Jade - Ways to Use Jade for Healing
Readers share ways they use Jade for healing and spiritual purposes.

Coral - Ways to Use Coral for Healing
Readers share ways they use Jade for healing and spiritual purposes.

Apatite - Ways to Use Apatite for Healing
Readers share ways they use the apatite for healing and spiritual purposes.

Serpentine - Ways to Use Serpentine for Healing
Readers share ways they use the the stone serpentine for healing and spiritual purposes.

Kyanite - Way to Use Kyanite for Healing
Readers share how they use kyanite for healing and meditation.

Topaz - Ways to Use Topaz for Healing
Readers share how they use topaz for healing and meditation.

Bloodstones - Ways to Use Bloodstones for Healing
Readers share how they use bloodstone for healing and meditat

Rose Quartz - Share Your Experiences of Using Rose Quartz Cry…
Have you used rose quartz for healing or spiritual purposes?

How to Cleanse a Geode or Cluster?

Bloodstone and Apache Tears
Where can i find info on the Bloodstone and Apache tears?

What are Worry stones and Lodestone?
I just saw something about worry stones and lodestone, but it didn't say what they were used for. Does anyone know?

Lapis Stone for Insomnia - Forum Post 3230.1
read about healing stone, Lapis. It says it can help with insomnia. Do you sleep with it under your pellow and does it make a difference how big the stone is?

New Piece of Selenium - Forum Post 3103.1
I recently purchased a large piece of selenium at a psychic fair. it is said to clear all of my other crystals within 15 minutes...while I do find it to be an absolutely gorgeous stone, I am a little sceptical of the claims that were made...does anyone have any info on this beautiful yet enigmatic crystal?

Disappearing Phenacite - Forum Discussion #3093.1
...(phenacite)keeps "disappearing" on me. I will put it into a backpack I am using and then when I go to look for it, it is not there. I have practically turned the pack inside out looking for it to no avail. Then a few days later, I will decide to have just "one more look" ~ and, wouldn't you know it, there it is - in the pack, right where I had put it the first time.

Seeking Gemstone/Crystal for Mom-to-be
My friend is expecting a baby in the next few months and I'd like to give her a special "Mother stone"--a gem or crystal that will help her build her "mothering abilities." I'd like a stone that is traditionally for mothers...any ideas??

Hematite - Healing Forum Post #3066.7
I read on another website that hematite was also reflective of negative energies - but if the negativity was coming from you, it would be reflected back to you! Have you ever heard of that? Cuz I wanted to wear it, but if I got down, would it just make me feel worse?

Amythest - Holistic Healing Forum Post #2871.1
I bought a new amythest stone. I cleaned it with cold running water. I slept with it in my hand. I woke up in the middle of the night, my hand was numb. Today, I am all dizzy and I am never dizzy. I am mildly concerned. Can someone tell me what is going on? What can I do to stabilize myself?

Green Calcite - Holistic Healing Post #2985.1
Today I happened upon a wonderful piece of green calcite at a local gem and mineral show. It pretty much jumped into my hand. It is fist sized, seated on its natural "rock" base...

Rainbow Moonstone - Holistic Healing Post #3066.1
...maybe I am imagining things. But I seem to have a love-hate relationship with this rainbow moonstone ring I have...

Crystal Conversations
Common healing properties housed in crystals and gemstones.

Lost and Found Crystal Stories
Readers share stories about their crystals finding their own way in or out of their lives.

My Crystal Therapy Experience
Review testimonials from people who have tried crystal therapy. Find out why they sought out crystal therapy and whether or not they were satisfied with their therapy session. Read advice offered from personal perspectives or give your testimonial. See submissions

Healing Crystals and Gemstones
Readers share photos and stories of the healing gemstones that have made a difference in their lives. See submissions

Share Your Favorite Healing Gemstones
What crystals or gemstones are your favorite to use for healing or meditation?

Rock Chat Transcript
Healing Chat - Power of rocks explained by White Horse Woman. Chat Moderator: Stones77HOST

Crystal Healing Stories
Share your thoughts and uses for crystal healing. How do they work, why do you love them? What are your favorite stones?

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