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Music Therapy

Music and sounds can be incorporated into many types of healing modalities, such as meditation, massage, hypnosis, etc. Playing an instrument or listening to music in of itself has therapeutic benefits.
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Shamanic Sound Makers
The earliest crafted instruments or "sound makers" were used for a variety of different spiritual rituals and healing ceremonies.

Humming Proven to Help Clear Your Sinuses
Why humming can reduce the chance of sinus blockages and sinusitis flare ups.

What is a Didgeridoo?
Learn about the didgeridoo and how one musician has implemented its blow tones as a form of therapy.

Sound Healing
Listening with your heart and soul is the key to sound healing. Are you open to fully listening to bring about healing?

Sound Therapy with Gongs
In healing the sound of the gong can be used as a cleansing and clearing tool.

Sound Therapy with Singing Bowls
Singing bowls used as healing tools have a rich history among shamanic cultures.

The Healing Sound of Music - Music Therapy
Healing isn't about science. Healing is about people. And real people are experiencing very real results from the healing power of music.

Heart Connection to Sounds
Certain sounds can have a healing affect on our emotional being.

Making Music With Your Hands
With your hands serving as your therapist you can vent heartfelt emotions while playing the notes on the musical instrument of your choice.

What Makes Music Relaxing?
Why does music affect our emotions? In our stressful lifestyle, how can we use sounds and music to calm and relax?

Power Songs
Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls explains what a Power Song is and what purposes it serves. She also gives instruction on using the FA note (as in: Do Re Me Fa) in our power songs to manifest intentional healing.

Guitarist Freeman jazzed about music therapy
July 13, 2001 - USA Today Health - Guitarist Russ Freeman has donated a portion of tour sales from his new CD Life in the Tropics to the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA).

Music Therapy & Biofeedback
Sound and imagery play an integral role in assisting the clients to achieve their physiological objectives.

Dream Singing - Experiential Dream Exploration Through Song
Therapeutic process done in a group dynamic where the dreamer sings his dream and with the help of a facilitator and group song interaction brings the core message of the dream to conscious awareness. Article by David M. Pierce, C.Ht.

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