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Shamanic Sound Makers


Shamanic Sound Makers
sound makers

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Shamanic Sound Makers
The earliest crafted instruments or "sound makers" were used for a variety of different spiritual rituals and healing ceremonies.
  • Cactus Rainsticks - Rainsticks are made from dried out cactus stems. The sound of gentle rainfall occurs when they are turned top to bottom. They were used as intentional tools in rain-making rituals, invoking the spirits to bring rain clouds and rain.

  • Didgeridoo - The didgeridoo is an ancient Aboriginal Australian instrument. It is considered to be one of the oldest wind pipe or drone instruments in the world. The didgeridoo is traditionally made from hollowed out branches from eucalyptus trees, also from bamboo.

  • Drums and Drumming - The pounding sound of a drum can help us to take notice of our own heartbeat. It is our heartbeats that keep us alive and vital. Drumming can also be very therapeutic in getting in touch with our inner selves. A low, steady beat can create a calmness whereas a stronger upbeat can stir us into action or frenzy.

  • Gourd Rattles - Gourd rattles are made for ceremonial use as a means to communicate with the spirit world. (The parrot rattle pictured above is an Amazon Peruvian Rattle that I purchased from www.reikishamanic.com

  • Mayan Animal Whistles and Flutes - Sculpted and clay-fired flutes and whistles are commonly used by individuals during meditation or shamanic journeying.

  • Gongs - The "round" or "sphere" shape of gongs resonate with solar, lunar, and all planetary energies. In healing the sound of the gong can be used as a cleansing and clearing tool. Gongs are also used in initiation rituals for transformation or chakra opening.

  • Singing Bowls - Singing bowls are often used in combination with breathwork, chanting, and meditation for healing emotional issues.

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