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Shamanism is the spiritual practices of ancient civilizations and cultures. Shamanism is the oldest healing tradition in the world. The Shaman in history served as the communicator between the physical and the spiritual worlds through various rituals and visualizations. This tradition is observed by modern mankind as a way of returning to its roots.
  1. Native Healing Ways (50)
  2. Shaman-Style Workshops (5)

Shamanic Sound Makers
The earliest crafted instruments or "sound makers" were used for a variety of different spiritual rituals and healing ceremonies.

Rose De Dan - Animal Shaman and Reiki Master Teacher
Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is a mesa carrier in the Peruvian shamanic tradition.

A Study of Curanderismo
Bryant Holman has studied Mexican curanderismo for around twelve years and has compiled a lot of information on the subject.

A Walk Between Worlds
Explorations of the culture and healing traditions of the Q'ero people living in a remote mountain region of Peru.

Tails of a Healer
Forty-five stories collected over a span of eleven years by animal healer and communicator, Rose De Dan.

What is Shamanic Smudging?
Shamanic smudging or just smudgingis an age-old tribal tradition which has been used for centuries to create harmony and peace.

Power Songs
Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls explains what a Power Song is and what purposes it serves. She also gives instruction on using the FA note (as in: Do Re Me Fa) in our power songs to manifest intentional healing.

A Form of Prayer - Shamanic Drumming
Shamanic drumming gives access to a doorway that can be opened and closed, at will.

Why the Shaman Seeks Impeccability
The key to living in this world as a healer is to incorporate our skills and disciplines into our hearts in the most impeccable way possible. It is not enough to have knowledge or good intentions.

Shamanic Circles
This nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering global shamanic community provides knowledge, resources, and networking for individuals and circles

Sacred Colors
Symbolic color system used by the Cherokee People.

Dancing Bear Way
Shamanic practices and natural healing resources.

Shamanic Practitioners Resource Directory
Short-list of practitioners from healingartsnetwork.com.

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