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Sexual Healing - Sexuality and Your Health

Sexual healing resources for individuals who choose healthy sexual lives or are seeking help to heal hurtful or strained relationships.
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  3. Massage and Sexuality
  4. Sexual Addictions
  5. Tantric Yoga

Celebrating Menarche
A young girl's first menstrual period isn't something for her to to dread or be embarrassed. Make her first time a special occasion.

Herbs For Better Sex Quiz
Test your knowledge about the so called "pleasure herbs" that can boost your libido, increase your vitality, treat sexual dysfunctions, promote fertility, and more!

Relieving Erectile Dysfunction Naturally
That "little blue pill" is not your only alternative to beat erectile dysfunction.

Health Benefits of Practicing Tantra Yoga and Tantric Sex
Rejuvenate your sex life and improve your overall health at the same time.

Ushas Mudra
The Ushas mudra stimulates the sacral chakra. There are two variations of this mudra, one for females, one for males.

Chakra eCourse: Lesson 2: Sacral Chakra
This page is a copy of the second lesson in the Chakra Crash eCourse. I have published it online because I've had reports of this lesson not getting through to subscribers. I believe this is because of SPAM or censorship filtering programs ISP have set up that block any emails with terms which have been determined to be sexually explicit (sex, sexual, sexuality, etc.).

Astral Sex - Healing Poll
Are you cheating on your partner if you have astral sex with someone else?

What is a Cuddle Party?
Cuddles, yes, Sexual, no. But, a cuddle party certainly sounds fun and nurturing.

A Tantric Sex Primer
Cory Silverberg, About Guide to Sexuality, says "If you are interested in the idea of sexual expression bringing you closer to a higher power, you will find much in Tantra that speaks to you."

Don Juan and the Art of Sexual Energy
Book Review - Mexico desert country is the backdrop for the telling of the mythical Rainbow Serpent story.

Sharing of the Heart - Incest Healing
Discussion Thread - "the road to healing from incest can be a long and painful path. however, it is so worth the work that is need to be done to get to the path of survivor instead of being a victim"

Focus on Genitalia
Sub-directory for Healing: From Head to Toe.

Let's Talk About Sex! - For Teenagers
Mike Hardcastle, About Guide to Teen Advice, lists 20 things you should know your body and your feelings before you have sex for first time.

Improve Your Sex Life With Exercise
About Exercise - If you need a little more pep in your sex life, why not try a little exercise? Not only will you improve your health, you'll boost your libido as well.

Yoni- Gateway to the Feminine
This site is visually "wonderful", with lots of information for women .It require a $20 membership to get to all the goodies.

Sex and Spirituality
If we have sincere spiritual aspirations, then what is the best position to take in relationship to one of our most basic instincts?

The Healing Powers of Sex
Some brief quotes in favor of sex over celibacy.

Sex, Love, and Healing
"Pelvic pain, abnormal Pap smear, problems with intercouse, or other symptoms, may be urging you to evaluate how you feel about your lover, your sex life, and your life together."

Tantric Sex
"Tantra is an ancient Hindu practice which mixes meditation and non-orgasmic sex to attain a state of perfect bliss."

Sex and Spirit
Swami Nostradamus Virato - discovering cosmic love and spirituality thourgh Tantra.

Pleasure Rut
Forget the "orgasm"...connect with the "devine: in your relationships.

Forum for your most intimate questions about sex and relationships.

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