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Top 5 Ways to Fail Reaching Your Goals


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Obstacles and Traps
Failed Goals

Ways to Fail Reaching Your Goals

Avoidance | Negative Thoughts | Giving Away Power | Limiting Outcomes | Focusing on Future
This six-part series was inspired by a Q&A featured in my Ask An Intuitive Life Coach Column. A concerned reader wrote to me looking for help because she was feeling stuck is some major areas in her life. Specifically, she had concerns about her finances, career, and marriage. You can read Mariposa's question and my response to her to get a sense of why her "feeling stuck" and desire for change led me to offer my help not only to her, but to anyone else with similar issues.

Certainly you don’t want to sabotage your goals for life change and self-transformation. Glimpse into these five common obstacles and traps that can keep you in a state of non-motion, how better to empower yourself?

Top 5 (plus 1) Ways to Fail Reaching Your Goals

  1. Avoid Regular Spiritual Practice
  2. Focus On What You Don't Want
  3. Fight Negativity
  4. Limit the Universe to one Strategy
  5. Put Your Happiness on Hold
  6. Skip the Focus on Daily Life Integration
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