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Self Empowerment

Self help resources for individuals who believe in co-creating their lives. Pull your boots up by your boot straps and push yourself beyond the limitations of FATE.
  1. Body Images (17)
  2. Co-Create Your Life (85)
  3. Crone Power (15)
  4. Develop Your Intuition (85)
  5. Holistic Approach (1725)
  6. Innerwork Therapies
  7. Letting Go (92)
  8. Random Acts of Kindness (28)
  9. Stress Busters (25)

About Mirroring
When we try to understand what our teachers are showing us in their mirror reflections and we take steps to accept that part of ourselves or heal that particular issue shifts will happen.

Breaking a Bad Habit
Readers shsre their successes and challenges in breaking a bad habit

How to Break a Bad Habit - Readers Give Advice How to Break …
Have you had success breaking a bad habit? How did you do it?

Healing Tattoos
Did you get a tattoo that is associated with healing in some way? Share a photo and tell about why you chose the tattoo.See submissions

Ten Healthy Actions to Get Yourself out of a Funk
Take action - don't let that funk you're in get the better of you.

6 Steps to a Healthier and Happier Life
Six easy ideas you can use to bring balance and harmony into your life.

About Mirroring - What Are Our Mirror Reflections Trying to Teach Us?
By shifting our perspectives and attempting to understand what our teachers are showing us in their mirror reflections we can begin to take baby steps toward accepting or healing those wounded and fragmented parts within ourselves.

Listening to Your Guiding Whispers
You can build great wisdom and genius by spending time each day in grateful communion with your inner voice.

Hurdles To Wellness - Benefits Of Sickness
An overview of obstacles that may be blocking your path to wellness. Your Healing Guide shares her ideas on why some people seemingly struggle with chronic illnesses while others outwardly win the battle, pulling themselves out of sickness into a state of wellness.

Lack of Availability Creates Isolation and Blocks Opportunity
Has your availability has become nonexistent? Or has your comfort zone becomes too restrictive?

Cutting Cords - Releasing The Ties That Bind
Experiencing pain from an estranged relationship or troubled marriage? Try the exercises given here to gently release the cord attachment to free yourself of continued feelings of sadness or separation.

The Coven Abuse Self-Help Index
Help from a Pagan Pagan psychologist for anyone suffering mistreatment in an abusive coven

The Power of Now
Essay by former minister, Dennis Diehl, on living in the presence and finding happiness.

Energy Junkie Quiz: Are You a Psychic Vampire?
It is important not to prey on other people's energy or become a vulnerable victim to the so-called psychic vampires. Few psychic vampires seek out to suck us dry, most of them do so unknowingly. Each of us have psychic-vampire tendencies that sometimes needs to be put into check. Find out if your energy boundaries are blurred by taking this quiz

Herbs For Better Sex Quiz
Test your knowledge about the so called "pleasure herbs" that can boost your libido, increase your vitality, treat sexual dysfunctions, promote fertility, and more!

Be Happier - Adopt Amberisms Into Your Life
My daughter's optimistic remarks as a child were so innocent and refreshing they would help our family see things in a brighter light. Amber could easily turn our sadness and irritations into laughter and calmness.

Can Time Heal
Essay by Cheril Goodrich questioning the concept that time heals all wounds.

A Tool For Self Empowerment - Dowsing
Dowsing is the process of using a tool such as a pendulum or rod to discover things that cannot be discovered using our everyday senses.

A Whole-Self Approach To Time Management - Me Time
Serge Prengel, life coach, suggests that "Me Time" needs to be scheduled into your regular routine to balance out your life.

Fall in Love with Yourself First
Here's a Self Love Ceremony suggestion from Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, the Wedding Goddess.

Happy UnBirthday to You
Why not consider today your UnBirthday? Do something special for yourself!

Our Internal Map of Reality
Our beliefs are based on how we were raised, how much love we received and what we experienced as a child. These beliefs can be reprogrammed by breaking free of our self-imposed limitations.

Personal Empowerment
How powerful do you feel? Readers tell how they tap into their strengths and empower themselves.

Life Coaching Experiences
Readers tell about their life coaching experiences.

You Are a Beautiful Work-in-Progress
Self acceptance is powerful. Simply put, it is up to each of us how we view ourselves, and, largely, how others see us too.

Celebrate You!
Do you ever take a moment to acknowledge your personal accomplishments? No? Don't you think it is time?

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone
It is good to go out and explore more things, go to new places, and meet different people.

Friend Your Mirror
Get intimate with that person looking back at you.

Just Say No
In order to turn a habit of never saying no around is to begin by saying YES to yourself.

Sacred Space Photos and Stories
Readers share details about their personal sacred spaces.See submissions

Mirroring Stories
What lessons have you learned from the mirrors in your life? A mirror (spiritual teacher) could be your mother, your boss, a neighbor, or even a stranger.

Fitting In Has its Own Risks
Do you know the risks of fitting in? Trying to fit in just to please others isn't usually the best choice.

Superheros - Connecting with Your Strengths
Readers tell about their unique talents and inner wishes.

Top 5 Ways to Fail Reaching Your Goals
The title of this article is absurd, but the information will give you positives actions you can take to, indeed, reach your goals.

Clustering Exercise
Writing technique that can be used for uncovering unconscious root causes of your problems.

Get Your Ducks in a Row Before Reacting
Everyone has made the mistake of being over-the top reactive at one time or another.

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