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Divination Games and Spirit Oracles

Divination Games for Halloween Parties and Samhain Rituals


Holistic Shopping: If you enjoy hosting Halloween parties or are a pagan who celebrates Samhain you'll want to have some divination tools on hand to enhance your experience. October 31st is the one day of year when it is believed that the veil between the physical and spiritual world is at its thinnest, making spiritual communications the easiest.

Divination is the art of communicating with spiritual entities which include personal spirit guides, angels, the Ascended Masters, your higher self and deceased relatives. Divination tools help to awaken our senses to life beyond the physical.

Crystal Balls for Gazing

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Have you ever tried Crystal Gazing? Fortune tellers of the past (and today) were typically portrayed wearing Gypsy costumes while gazing downwards into a crystal ball. Crystal balls can be used for gazing but they can also be held in your hands during meditation or channeling sessions. Crystal balls are sculpted out of many different gemstones including clear quartz crystal, rose quartz, amethyst, and fluorite. If you are planning to host a seance you'll definitely want a crystal ball for your table.

Scrying Bowls

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Bowls filled with water, glass mirrors, and other shiny surfaces that catch light are used as scrying tools for intuiting spiritual messages. Scrying involves peering into the reflection on the water or glass for messages via imagery.

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Ouija Board - Glow in the Dark

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The classic Ouija board game is probably the best known spirit board on today's market. This is Parker Brothers "Glow-in-the-Dark" edition of their ever-popular Ouija Game. Ask your questions in the dark, and be woo-woo'd by this fun oracle's answers. Be sure to read my article on Ouija Board Etiquette before you invite any spirits into your living room.
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Palmistry Hand Sculpture

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Palmistry Hand Sculpture serves as a lovely hand model which demonstrates basic palm lines a reader looks at when reading fortunes. Very nice conversation piece! This would be a perfect item to be used as a gift for the winner of one of your spooky Halloween party games or awarded as a door prize. It would also make a perfect hostess gift. Do partygoers still arrive with a host gift in hand? I sure hope so! What to expect from a palm reading.

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The Telepathy Game

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How good are you at telepathy? The Telepathy Game engages the mind, empowering the thinker to use both logic and intuition. People who enjoy the challenge of solving puzzles will love this game. 

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Tree of Life Pentacle Witch Board

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This unique witch board comes with a glass top for a smooth surface for the planchette movements. Design includes a protective pentacle symbol for protection and the tree of life. A lovely gift for your pagan friends.

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Candle Flame Gazing


Gazing at a flickering candle flame is a nifty way to invoke spirit communications. Spirits love to dance their way into a darkened room on a candle wick. If you've never tried candle gazing, you're in for a treat. You set your eyes on the flame and allow your focus to blur a bit and see what images begin to appear before you. The shapes and symbols are messages for you. There are plenty of Halloween design candles to choose from if you are hosting a party. This silver and black candle depicting skulls is cool and actually kind of spooky. 

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Psychic Tea Cup

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It might be fun to hire someone to give tea leaf readings to all your guests. But, if that isn't possible, why not invite your guests to take a stab at doing a little divining on their own. This English style Psychic Cup comes with a instruction booklet to get you started, otherwise, use my tea leaf reading instructions
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Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a good way to intuit information for whatever your purpose. The querent asks a question before the cards are shuffled and laid out. There are so many types of decks to choose from with a wide variety of artwork that many people have a collection of  Tarot decks.

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Astrology Fortune Telling Dice

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Astrodice does not require knowledge in astrology although the dice could be used as a teaching tool to learn about zodiac signs, planets, and houses. Fun divination diversion for your party!
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