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What is Light Language?


Light Language

Healing Lesson of the Day

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Light Language is used as a tool for healing, self empowerment, and co-creation. Geometric shapes and colors are used individually and within grids to reshape the aura and co-create reality. Light Language originates from Aztec tradition and Mayan teachings from Mexican curanderos. Starr Fuentes studied under a teacher named Esperanza in Mexico for three years to learn how to use this non-verbal healing therapy which uses color and sacred geometry. In addition to her teacher, Esperanza, Fuentes also trained under eight other curanderos. She translated her shamanic light and color lessons, spreading Light Language throughout the United States, Europe, Israel, Brazil, Australia, Canada, and Asia.

Caught Teaching

In a one-on-one session the recipient subconsciously "catches" information that is emanating from the Light Language teacher's aura.

There are three initial levels of training to learn Light Language, beginner (LL1), intermediate (LL2), and advanced (LL3). LL1 introduces the student to 7 shapes through meditation sequences. The LL2 student learns to read and create 49 shaped-grids. In LL3 students create 144 shaped-grids utilizing 144+ colors and 80+ shapes.

Light Language Classes

  • LL1 - Beginning Light Language
  • LL2 - Intermediate Light Language
  • LL3 - Advanced Light Language
  • TT - Light Language Teacher Training
  • AP - Advanced Principles of Light Language
  • RW - Riding the WAVE
  • EMO - The Eternal Mobius
  • MLC - Master Light Language Cube
  • TOR - The Advanced Toruses
  • Advanced Prisms
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image credit: Paul Schubert/ morgueFile

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