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Angelic Technique for Cutting Cords

Transforming Negative Energies into Positive Energies


Archangel Michael

Healing Lesson of the Day

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Use this angelic assisted technique for cutting cords from past relationships that no longer serve you. During the process any negative energies are transformed into positive.

  1. Call on Archangel Michael to cut away any energy that does not serve your highest good.

  2. Ask Archangel Raphael to then coat you with his green healing energy where the cords had been.(This energy feels thick and cool to me. Very soothing)

  3. Then ask St Germain to bring to you his violet flame of sacred transformation and burn away from all your physical and spiritual bodies all that does not belong and does not serve you or the Light. See a beautiful violet flame surrounding you. This flame is cool and does not burn but transmutes the negative energy into positive energy.

  4. When you feel this is complete, ask St. Germain to either return the positive energy to you or gift it to Mother Earth.

  5. Now call on Michael to vacuum and take away any residue energies and to bring it to the 5th dimension to be transformed into Light.

  6. Now call out to the Universe and ask that any energy you have given to anyone, any thought or emotion or event from any time or any place be sent back into your body. Have a sense of strong, positive energy flowing back to you, into your auric field and into your personal power center, which is below your heart and above your navel.

  7. Thank Michael, Raphael and St. Germain.
The angels say when we continue to think about our past relationships too much the cords we cut can re-attach. So when you catch yourself thinking about them, stop yourself, say "Cancel and delete" and then quickly replace the thought or image with something positive, like a positive current or future relationship, or anything that feels good to you.

Archangel Michael with Sword © David Toase / Getty Images

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