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Reiki Hand Placements for Treating Others


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Reiki Hand Placement Picture

First Reiki Hand Placement

The Everything Guide to Reiki / Adams Media / Norma Medley
There are twelve basic hand placements used when conducting a Reiki treatment.

First position: Hands are placed over the recipient's face. Place your palms gently on the forehead, cupping your fingers lightly over the eyes. Take care not to constrict the recipient's breathing, keep the nostrils' airways open.

About these images: The Reiki hand placements in this step-by-step pictorial are the same pictures in my book, The Everything Reiki Book, originally published in 2004. The artwork was adapted from real photos of my daughter (the girl) and me (the hands) demonstrating Reiki hand positions.. These same Reiki pictures will be depicted in a revised edition of the book. The Everything Guide to Reiki will be available in retail markets January 2012.

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