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Projecting Reiki Energies into Past and Future


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Reiki energies can be transmitted into the future as well as into the past.

A few examples for projecting Reiki into the future include job interviews, before scheduled surgical procedures, and prior to upcoming court sessions. Walking into an interview, a meeting hall, a courtroom, a new school, a social gathering, or anywhere else is less intimidating when Reiki energies your sent previously greet you at the door.

Sending Reiki backwards in time is also beneficial. Simply use your intent to send to a specific past event that was troublesome. Or, focus the energies on healing your inner child at the exact moment she was injured years previously. An easy way to do this is to hold an old photo between your palms while conducting absentia Reiki. Choose a photo that was taken of you as a child around the period of time you are wanting to heal. (Tip: Place the photo inside an envelope to protect your photo from sweaty palms).

Targeting Reiki energies to be sent to the original hurt is also helpful in healing any reactive influences that resulted from that time. For example, whenever offering healing to a hurtful event in the past you are also clearing away carried-over traumas felt present day.

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