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What is a Reiki Circle?


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Reiki Circles, sometimes referred to as Reiki Shares, are gatherings of Reiki practitioners to practice Reiki as a group. Some Reiki circles are exclusive, open only to trained Reiki practitioners. An exclusive Reiki Circle is a gathering where practitioners can let their hair down a bit. These circles are meant as occasions to socialize with other Reiki healers, support each other's paths as healers, and to exchange Reiki treatments with one another.

Open Reiki Circles are invitational types of gatherings which allow the general public to come and experience Reiki in a group setting. Public circles are mainly intended to bring awareness to Reiki and to help educate anyone who is curious about learning about Reiki. These gatherings also help to promote Reiki practitioners in the area. Many regional Reiki Circles are scheduled weekly or monthly at the same time and place. Attendance may be free, by donation, or require a small fee($5-S10).

Reiki Circle image courtesy of Judith and Baruch Lustig - Reiki Club for Seniors
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