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Retire Your Tired Clothes

Wearing Grunge Clothing Can Make You Feel Like a Slouch


Donate or Trash Your Old Clothes

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Everyone enjoys relaxing in comfortable clothing, especially after a long day at the office confined in a suit or stuck wearing an unflattering or restrictive work uniform. But, are the comfortable clothing you are wearing around the house really just drab, worn, torn, or stained clothing you wouldn't think of wearing out in public? If your answer is yes, then it is time to retire those tired garments with something new or updated.

Coming home from work and putting on "tired" clothing is not going to perk you up. Wearing grungy clothes or out-dated garments is just going to make you feel less energetic. If you can afford it go buy yourself a few new "comfortable" items meant specifically for you to lounge in at home that will enliven your spirit rather than add to your fatigue. How old are your PJs anyway? Is it time to retire a tattered robe? Think about it.

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