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Favorite Medical Intuitive


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Cristina Smith
Favorite Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuitive Finalists: Dr. Rita Louise | Dale Newsham | Cristina Smith | Christoper Stewart | Su Walker

Energy Healer - Medical Intuitive

Cristina Smith wins the most votes and has been awarded the Favorite Medical Intuitive Award in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards for Holistic Healing. Congratulations Cristina!
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What readers say about Cristina

~I have been working with Cristina Smith for many years on many different physical issues. Her insights and recommendations have been so helpful that I would like others to appreciate her abilities.

~Cristina is the best bio-energetic healer I've ever known. She finds areas of my body I didn't even know were a problem and heals them. I am always rejuvenated after a session with her.

Cristina says:

I am a medical intuitive, practitioner and teacher of Bio-Vibrational Healing both in person and from a distance, longtime spiritual student, Panacea Community teacher and Om Times magazine featured columnist. I love facilitating the subtle energy communities both locally and globally. My writings, programs and talks weave tales from the fascinating realms of energetic and the esoteric into an accessibly beautiful tapestry of wholeness.

Healing chose me and when it did, I accepted. I had a profound experience at the Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan, Mexico when I was 14. I received a gift -energy started flowing in my hands- and it hasn't stopped since. I was later invited to work with a team of healers as an apprentice doing the work of Dr. Mel Rees. My medical intuition skills were honed there. I worked on that team for three years and then began my own practice in the early 1990s. Since then, I have melded my two loves into a whole of subtle energy - energetic healing and the energetic changes that occur due to being deeply on a spiritual path. I am involved in the global energy medicine movement and sponsor Subtle Energy Gatherings in the San Diego region for folks who are interested in these fascinating realms.

Cristina's response to my question:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

That you can trust each person to be his or her self. Nothing more, nothing less. The better I know someone, the more I can trust them to be themselves. It has been such a relief to approach all of my relationships that way.

Cristina's message to our readers:

I am honored by your kind nominations. I appreciate that you have received benefit in working with me. Thank you.

Cristina can be reached at:

Web Site: heal-thyself.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CristinaEnergy
Twitter: @CristinaEnergy

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