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Prayers And Blessings

Here's a treasured collection of prayers, blessings, benedictions, and invocations. It reveals humanity's faith in a greater source.
  1. Invocations (4)
  2. Malas - Prayer Beads
  3. Prayer Requests (7)
  4. Prayerful Meditations (3)
  5. Prayers (16)
  6. Spiritual Blessings (7)

For the Highest Good of All Concerned
Why do people use this phrase in their prayer requests?

Traditional Prayer Wheels
Learn how to use a prayer wheel as a focusing tool.

Prayers of Gratitude
Learning how to pray from gratitude rather than from a place of fear or need.

Gratitude Stories - What are you grateful for?
Readers acknowledge goodness in their lives by posting about the things they are grateful for.

How Do You Pray?
Listed below are a few of the different approaches some our Circle of Healing Light members take in offering prayers. We certainly are a very diverse group!

Prayer Rituals
Prayer rituals shared my the About.com holistic healing community.See submissions

Achieving Inner Peace and Reducing Stress With Prayer
Susan Kramer outlines a four part process for stress reduction and gaining inner peace.

Shankh Mudra
The Shankh mudra is commonly used during worship or prayer.

The Power of Prayer - Angel Messages with Christopher Dilts
Excerpt from “Accepting Grace – The 3 Aspects of Mind, Heart, and Grounded-ness”

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